Love in the Time of the Hadron Collider

Visible Origami – February 18, 2011

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I’m fond of saying that physicist have proven that the universe is thought born and that everything we see, touch, hear, taste and smell is composed of mindstuff. I’ve long had an image in my mind of science, cyclopean and with its one eye turned toward whatever corporate profit and physical comfort demand, lurching up the highway of discovery and comprehension and forever ignoring the basic principle of what all of its venal, marketplace oriented discoveries reveal, It moves relentlessly toward an unbridgeable gulf, where eventually it stands on the ledge and looks across to the other side where it sees the poet, the mystic, the philosopher and itself, waving and smiling back at it from the other side.

Here is yet more unneeded proof of something, those of us so inclined can accept, but which those of us not disposed toward will argue away, because it interferes with their insistence on being the only determinant of what is real and what is not. The irony of this is that the ones arguing are not real but only temporary personality projections upon a permanent screen. I hate to say that it amuses me to hear people discount what they can’t see but it does. In dark ages, science acquires a certain comical swagger for making things you can squeeze out of tubes, in order to process the contents through other tubes that process the contents into waste products. They’re also inordinately fond of their ability to develop things that can kill large numbers of people very quickly.

When science and industry get together you eventually wind up with a perfect shit storm of catastrophes and the periodic end of civilizations. Like the arrow on the map says, “You are here”. There’s no good result when money and science get into bed together because all of their offspring turn out to be bloodthirsty troglodytes that eat their makers, which is certainly fitting but… they also eat everyone else too.

So people are making much about the Hadron Collider and how it seems to imply that the universe is permeated with an attractive force much like what we call love but generally define as anything or anyone we want, until the novelty wears off. It shouldn’t be such a big surprise that Love is the supreme engine of life and the most valuable possession in the world. The difficulty with love as an object of desire is that it requires sacrifice to reach the places of greatest power and mystery. You definitely have to pay for it. Of course, if you didn’t pay for it you wouldn’t have the capacity to contain and operate it in any case; not on the most desirable levels. The thing is, you pay for everything, no matter what it is.

Most children possess magical Love until puberty sets in and replaces it with pedestrian love. Once it’s been replaced you can’t remember what was there before it, most of the time. I should point out that Love is conscious. The Love you feel, when love it is, is conscious of itself and of you, even though you may think it is just one of a variety of emotions that you experience in the process of being alive. Love is different than anything else. It is also a science and a power of unimaginable force. We’ve got no concept of its real nature. It’s like the forces of nature. We can marvel at the power of a thunderbolt but we have no real concept of how much power is contained there. We see some small part of the ocean and we think we’ve got some idea of its magnitude. Scientists observe a law of Nature here and there and think they have some grasp of what is available. They think they’re pretty smart but mostly they are dumber than a bag of rocks because not only do they miss the best part of everything, they pervert whatever they do discover for the interests of those who want to sell you something that either hurts you or you don’t need.

Cosmic love sends us emissaries every now and then so that we can get a little insight into some small corner of love and it doesn’t take very long for the moneychangers to crucify them or grant them some other similarly suitable attention. This is why, most times, those favored by Love keep their abilities under wraps and work on the quiet. These aren’t most times and I suspect we’re going to be seeing a few things shortly. After all, if Love is the be all and end all and it is, well then, it’s bound to be in the thick of it somewhere.

Love is the integral essence and mindset of the consciousness that holds it all together. It enjoys experiencing itself so much that it divides into millions of reflections so that it can rediscover itself in a new mirror without end. Everyone wants to know, “How come if there’s a God he’s so hard to find or how come he hides all the time”. He/she is not the one who is hiding. The divine is everywhere in plain sight, here in the kingdom of the blind.

Civilization and all the things that pass for it, are the camouflage that conceals what we really are from each other. We spend our lives jumping through hoops for temporal authorities who have supplanted the indwelling authority with an external monster that feeds on fear. Fear and Love displace each other and cannot occupy the same space at the same time. I suspect this is a cosmic principle and a scientific fact and I suspect the reason that we aren’t all fully aware of it is because someone is making money off of the concealment of this truth.

It is the possession of Love which makes us divine and the lack of which that makes us something a great deal less. Of course, the whole thing is set up the way it is; is designed the way it is in order to create endless opportunities for Love to demonstrate its power. The world takes Love and attempts to turn it into a commercial item that can be sold as an unending conveyor belt load of unreasonable facsimiles, which disappoint without end. It’s new and improved and the same thing only different and it’s all potato chips and soft drinks, light and crispy and frothy with carbonation. It is love enhanced and made available as a disposable commodity, for all the disposable entities, whose value is constantly reduced by the drive to raise up the temporary as a God of desirable mortality for everyone who has lost their way and intends to keep on going for as long as it takes. Since it can’t be found there it can literally go on forever.

A great deal has been said about Love over time. Most of the great art in every field has been motivated and inspired by it. The most important thing about love to be aware of is that it is conscious. It is aware of itself. It contains the universe within it and is the sole reason that it exists at all. Of course it holds it all together and is attracted to itself in uncountable ways.

The world of the moment is what happens when Love is preempted by dreams of material splendor and control. For the world to be what it is there must always be some portion of this present. It is up to the individual soul to choose what it favors as a goal for its existence. You can have anything you want but you should expect it to turn into something else as soon as you possess it.

So, it doesn’t surprise me about the Hadron Collider and I don’t expect any of the other things we find out to surprise me much either. That’s because I’ve never had any problem believing that Love is all the things the poets have attributed to it and ever so much more. It’s not just conscious, it’s nutritive and it has a memory as well. It’s also omniscient so it knows everything everyone has thought and said and done in public and in private and it has a way of rewarding its friends and punishing its enemies. Yes, Love has enemies and most of them have to do with money and power, both of which seek to possess a value equal to love. That’s another thing that makes me laugh.

People ask me what I expect to happen in the near future. Basically I expect Love to awaken from its dream of life and become conscious within the hearts and minds suitable for the occurrence. I expect what’s been hidden to be revealed and I expect those lording it over the rest of us to flee in all directions and try to pull the Earth up over them so they can hide from the sudden appearance of a light that was not in their calculations the day before. I expect things of a rather fantastic order and I expect them fairly soon but maybe not that soon in human terms but soon enough to be soon.

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