“One More Tiresome Apologia that Redeems itself Somehow in the Process.”

Visible Origami — March 10, 2020

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I hesitate to do this, especially since I mentioned it recently but… maybe I’ve never explained certain things exhaustively enough? Right off the bat, I KNOW that no matter how much you explain something to certain people, it WILL NOT take. There are reasons for this. One reason is that they are stupid, or chronically fixated; same thing. This is the case with religious fundies. Another reason is that they DON’T WANT TO UNDERSTAND. Their point is harassment, period. Another reason is that understanding you is not the cardinal issue. They prefer that you understand them. They want to be doing what you do but they are not equipped to the task so, metaphorically speaking, they believe that if they come into the room where you are speaking and speak at the same time that you are speaking, they will have become your equal, or perhaps be mistaken for you. It is a little like air guitar, karaoke and lip syncing, all at the same time.
Recently I had someone say that I did not have children and so I did not understand; attended by a slur, which said, “Well, none that you know of.” I disabused this person about my offspring and this was summarily ignored and the statement repackaged like one of those bundles of toxic housing loans that our banks sold off overseas in the previous decade. Then another person took a statement I made and restructured it, until it bore no resemblance to what I had said and then accused me of saying it. I took exception to this and correctly pointed out that it then delegitimized everything they had said. It was similar to what is called the ‘fruit of the poisoned tree’, concerning evidence obtained illegally and all following evidence is then tainted as well. This person assumed a kind of, “so what?” posture and went on to; “then what about this? And this? And this?”
Another person called Lady Nature a bitch because she was ignoring the cries of some child somewhere for a bowl of rice. This is a metaphorical child. I am not saying this child did not exist but if this person was familiar with the child, the child would have been fed and no longer crying. Right? When I hear things like that, it doesn’t move me a wit. I do find it rather coincidental that I had just been talking about KARMA. I had mentioned, “as you sow so shall ye reap.” Similar has been stated or echoed by other great souls in greater states of grace than I. It is an inflexible law, so it stands to reason that the squalling child had likely denied some other child a bowl of rice in some earlier time. Karma is surgically precise and does indeed operate to “the last jot and tittle”. The thing is, people are not satisfied that there are laws in this universe. They are even more outraged that the laws do not perform as they, in their omniscience, feel that they should.
Of course, should I encounter that child, I would give it a bowl of rice, regardless of any previous crimes. There are countries where a good portion of the residents look upon suffering as the result of Karma and pass right on by. I do not operate like that BUT… I know what the law is. Some people do not like the timeless poetry of existence. Quite often, people are angry because their lives are not what they had hoped it would be and they need someone to blame. They cannot blame themselves because; how could it possibly be their fault?
What I am getting at here is that you cannot win with people of these types. For a much longer time than I should have, I used to try to reason with the unreasonable. It got me nowhere. Then I evolved into artfully crafted insult. This didn’t work either but it did give some satisfaction. Then I started telling people to take what was useful and ignore the rest. Then I got where I am today. I’ll give the person so many chances, telling them I will tolerate it for only a limited time and then I will ban or block them. Sometimes I just do it by imperial fiat, with no grace period and that’s that. I don’t lose any sleep over this. I don’t care what they think and I never think about it again.
The thing is… one only has so much time and it makes no sense to waste it arguing with fools. You never see a person possessed of a degree of wisdom who argues. They understand that there is room for more than one perspective and that both can be right about what they see from where they are standing. In a way it is a little like Rashomon.
There are other laws, which may not be laws but which also ALWAYS occur, such as, everyone is not always going to agree with you, NO MATTER WHAT. I’ve no problem with life being as it is. Some people simply cannot come to terms with it. There are various reasons for that; selfishness, arrogance, self will run riot, ignorance, bullheadedness. Somehow they have convinced themselves that they have all the answers, when they have no answers at all. Some try to club you with Bible scripture. Some try to shout you down. Some hurl insults, which have no impact, when the recipient denies the receiving. As Buddha said about such things; “If someone brings you a gift and you refuse it then, to whom does the gift belong?
I don’t like that people suffer. I really don’t and I endeavor to do all I can to reduce that by ADDRESSING THE IGNORANCE THAT IS THE CAUSE OF ALL SUFFERING. If people don’t listen and refuse to educate themselves… then LIFE WILL EDUCATE THEM. Spoiling your children is the worst injury you can visit on them BECAUSE.,, the world IS NOT going to treat them like you did and they will develop permanent Prune Mouth. They will live their lives chronically dissatisfied and make it Hell for anyone who has the misfortune to be around them.
People carry on about Peace. Peace is a fiction. There are rare times, in other yugas when conditions are very much better than now BUT WE ARE NOT IN ONE OF THOSE TIMES… YET. LIFE IS a struggle for balance… a tug of war between opposites. Balance is NEVER stationary scales. It is scales in motion. We DON’T get that stationary thing because life would end then. There is a reason Golden Ages don’t last. There is a reason nations rise and fall. There is a reason that some people are Evil and some Good. We need Evil people, they make us better and give us something to work with. People DON’T GET THIS!!! Be grateful you are as you are OR change it! Remember, there but for fortune goes you or I. As for peace, make peace with yourself and carry it with you and you will bring peace wherever you go.
The world is the way it is for a reason. This is a boot camp… a preparation zone for points onward and upward… or downward and WE LEARN by choices made and roads taken. There would be no poetry to life and none of the magnificent examples and statements made in a life, if it were not for the way thing are. Stop complaining and do something about it~! But first… first fix yourself and become an example of what you hypocritically whine about, but don’t perform as an improvement upon.
I don’t have the time, nor the inclination to bend myself out of shape to suit a handful of malcontents. Certainly I am not your problem… am I the reason your life is a failure? Certainly you can’t improve on what I do, or you would be doing it. Wouldn’t you? Have at it if you think you can do better because I will be the first one to study and emulate you. I ALWAYS seek to learn from my betters.
So… this posting is a way of saying to you few, Put up or shut up. The time you spend seeking to ineffectually harass me, could be better spent accomplishing what you feel I do not accomplish. Right? Meanwhile, if you are going to criticize me, at least use the truth and criticize me for something real, rather than things that don’t even exist. On that account you would even get my attention. Only a fool does not pay attention to accurate criticism. The problem is that there isn’t that much for you to find, not by this time, so you have to make shit up.
It doesn’t matter how in depth I seek to portray my position on President Trump. People who hate him are irrational and THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY THEY HATE HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE. Or, as is often the case, they hate him for being successful and SMARTER THAN HIS ENEMIES. Oh how they steam when they can’t make their aspersions stick and when they accuse him of their own crimes and only serve on exposing themselves. Yes… Trump is a badly drawn persona but his instinct are spot on and he really is trying to help people. Meanwhile he is carrying on the same unfortunate traditions as his predecessors. Maybe you would be better served by studying why that is. Yes, his incestuous affair with Israel is appalling. BUT… if those working to unhorse him get their way… YOU WILL RUE THE DAY! My PRIMARY reason for voting for him is A CONSERVATIVE SUPREME COURT and the Abortion travesty. They have taken that too far.
I try to be a realist and pragmatic. For long periods in my life, one could hardly accuse me of that BUT, I have learned. That is what I do. I learn. I improve. This is one of my primary objectives. I REALLY DO aspire to a finer awareness and a new and improved state of being. It captures my thoughts completely. Why are you not doing the same?
Obviously I commit errors now and again. That’s life. Everyone does this. It is what you do in the aftermath of errors that is the compelling feature. What are your real intentions? These are what both define and convict you and don’t imagine that these are not seen. We shall all come before the judgment throne, sooner or later. One is better served preparing for that inevitability than by wasting their time slandering and seeking to abuse another. It will get you nowhere. I’m immune to this sort of thing and so is anyone else in this line of work. You HAVE TO BE. Why am I even bothering to tell you about it then? Do you really not know? Hopefully you tumble to the answer one of these days before you find yourself somewhere else and that… will have nothing to do with me.
Why I KNOW that I am headed in the right direction is that I don’t personally set my direction. I proceed by intuition and inspiration and I have also FORGIVEN everyone who has ever harmed me and will continue to BUT that is not so evident in reverse. Anyone wishing to comment at any of my locations ONLY has to be relatively sane and not acrimonious or nasty. I cannot offer more.
End Transmission…….

Today’s Song is; THIS IS A TRUE STORY- Bad Dog’s and Barbed Wire

It was a dark and stormy night. The branches of the trees scraped against the house siding and the windows. The electricity had gone down and the room was a fiesta of scampering shadows, tossed by candlelight. Visible had been informed earlier that he had received the Bulwer Lytton award. He credited this esteemed recognition to polishing his chops at Pocketnet.


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  1. I like looking through the window of your mind. Another point of view blows away the cobwebs. Nice thoughts you have.

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  3. Nattering nabobs of negativity, as a speech writer for Spiro Agnew once put it. Surely you all recall! The alliterative force alone silenced naysayers! Peace on! Les. We’ll have fewer corporatized souls with whom to argue within months, if not weeks.