White Nationalists Fund Ugandan Children

henrymakow.com — March 6, 2020 

Jewish supremacists accuse “white nationalists” of being racist. But my readers raised $2000 for James Mubiru, left, so his children could attend school. (They have been unable to attend for two years.) White nationalists want everyone to thrive in their own countries among their own people. Illuminati bankers and their agents, like Fidelito Trudeau, promote Third World migration to disenfranchise the founding people of the West and replace them with their grateful “diversity” toadies. They, and not white nationalists, are the true racists, and the true haters. As First Commenter KS says below, they are attempting “soft genocide” because the Cabala is all about genocide.

by James Mubiru — (henrymakow.com)

My dear friends, I mean those who are very concerned about my family’s welfare, I am constrained by the Lord’s Spirit to tell you that IT IS SUCH A GREAT MIRACLE HAPPENING IN MY LIFE whereby I now see my children already back to school.What a great miracle to us!!
My sincere gratitude goes out to all those who contributed, to see that i have a great turning point in my life and my family. What a great relief to see my family happy!! and above all seeing all my children getting back to school!!
Thank you my caring dear friend Henry for all your efforts in seeing that my family life gets better. Please, thank you very much.
Now remaining with resetting our small family business for the daily income, then others plans will follow gradually.
To those who have not yet known, I have a divine call from God. I repeat, I have a divine call from God to spread HIS TRUE WORD to all those ready in heart and mind to embrace it.
I mean those with broken hearts and contrite spirit.
The divine Mission or Ministry will involve family or home fellowships being set up here in my country, UGANDA.


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  1. Sick of the racism shown by government my family joined the National Front movement
    some years ago, this was mainly ex servicemen and families, but sikhs west indians and other ethnics were welcome to join, in fact anyone concerned about the countries future,
    the government kept smearing the national Front, but i found several members would volunteer to go to Africa to dig wells, although why they did not do this themselves i never understood, they wanted to help the infrastructures of these countries so the people had something to stay for