Zionist elements developed deadlier strain of coronavirus against Iran: Academic

Press TV – March 5, 2020

An American academic and analyst has suggested that “Zionist elements” in the US or Israel have exploited the global coronavirus epidemic to create and spread a deadlier strain of the virus in Iran as a form of “biological warfare” against Iranians.

“I believe that what is going on is, under the cloak of the alleged coronavirus epidemic, that biological warfare is being conducted against Iran by Zionist elements who are taking advantage of the situation,” said James Fetzer, a retired professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota.

“This is why Iran appears to be hit so severely; in other words, the coronavirus is being used as a smokescreen to conceal the fact that the real enemies of Iran are deliberately targeting the Iranian people,” Fetzer told Press TV on Thursday.

Fetzer said a more aggressive type of the new coronavirus might be spreading in Iran. “I encourage Iranian scientists to examine the virus to see if it is, or is not, the same as the virus that is alleged to be causing such harm around the world,” he said.

“Almost certainly, in my opinion, this is in fact a plot to damage Iran,” he added.

Iran on Thursday reported 591 new infections and 15 new deaths from coronavirus. That brought the total number of confirmed cases in Iran to 3,513 while deaths have reached 107 since the outbreak began in the country on February 19.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday dismissed US offers for helping Iran in the fight against coronavirus, saying the Americans should lift bans on Iran’s access to medicines if they are really genuine in their humanitarian claims.

Despite the sanctions, Iran has mobilized all its resources to fight coronavirus with authorities saying that hundreds of people have been released from hospitals over the past days after recovering from the illness.

The World Health Organization said Wednesday the mortality rate among reported cases was 3.4 percent, revising upward previous estimates.

But there is likely significant underreporting around the world and the disease’s true lethality will only be better understood over time.


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  1. Henry Kisenger admitted that BIo Lytton laboritories developed the AIDS virus
    to kill off the homosexual problem
    In the same way, as almost all Virus labs are israeli owned often through front companies registered in the USA or France, developeda virus reclaimed from bodies dug up after the 1918 flu pandemic. This was being reset to attack palestinians, but at the last moment they realised that many jews share the same DNA with palestinians, thus killing of many of their own.
    Jews are stupid they just dont learn, they developed the Stuxnet virus to attack iran
    then when the computers were down intended to attack Palestine and iran simultaneously
    but the virus went rogue and attacked japans Fukishima, causing massive massive damage, Israel said they would go to war with japan rather than pay reparaions
    and did not even offer an apology

  2. Disgusting Devil’s creatures from darkness they are, and I’m not referring to the virus.

  3. It is no coincidence that Iran is being hit harder than any other nation with the virus, that “Zionist elements” control so much in the way of biological-warfare toxins, and that they are determined to either control or destroy Iran.

    The Korean movie Parasite is a terrible movie if one is looking for any virtue, hope, or decent humor, but in many ways it reveals, that no matter what people do, they can only carry on their parasitical deceptions for so long, and then once there is exposure all hell breaks loose.

  4. Alright guys, as an Iranian who lives in Tehran. I’d like to share my view and understanding of the situation:

    Zionist News Empire has been consistently focusing on Iran more than anywhere else, however their biased coverage on Corona virus in Iran is very obvious. For instance BBC has multiple Instagram pages for various countries. You can check their number of posts since the last month, you’ll be shocked to know that they have made more than 850 posts on BBC Persian Insta page! This is while their Turkish, Arabic, Russian and even default English pages have had at most a couple of 100 posts. In some cases even less than 10 posts. You can head there and count yourself for empirical evidence and this is not limited to BBC… you name them!

    For example BBC posted a news piece on Corona case in Tenerife island and then in the second paragraph there was something about Corona in Iran! No mention of China! : )

    At first they made a huge psychological push to prevent Iranians to go for parliament elections, even though the turnout was lower than previous years, by all standards 48% is still great in comparison to European participation. There are some great things happening in Iran in the fight against Corona that shows positive moral of people however those never make news, instead they focus on negative things and magnify them 10 times! They are constantly generating fake and negative rumors. This is indeed to put pressure on people.

    In the international scene, they want to show that Iran is the hub of contamination in the region, and that all neighboring countries should be scared of Iran. They said it all started in the city of Qom, the truth is the first doctor who detected this virus was in Qom, this does not mean it was the starting location for the virus to spread.

    Right now the test for Corona virus in Iran is “free”. IRGC and military both have created kits for detecting the virus in mass numbers. This is while apparently the test costs about 16$ in China and very very expensive in US, just look it up! They hide the news in other countries, however the International Health Organization has confirmed that Iran’s reported stats are real and nothing is hidden.


    The virus itself is not that deadly, however there is so much focus and sensitivity on it that makes it appear crazy. Still ~3% fatality is not something for negligence, elderly and weak people are prone to this. There is no panic in Iran, however some hidden hands are pushing for panic in some cities. I have not yet seen chaotic people rushing for shops like we have seen from other countries. The demand for masks and detergents have increased and there have been cases of corruption some amassing millions of masks and gloves but they were arrested. Basij now is making millions of gloves and masks per day.

    They don’t report that the price of masks in Saudi Arabia multiplied by 17…

    I have no doubt that our enemies are trying to benefit from this opportunity as much as they can. Not sure if James Fetzer is telling the truth or not, the effect of such news though is in line with our enemies objective to cause panic!

    And finally here is the official numbers in Iran up to now:

    4747 Corona Positive
    124 Killed
    913 Cured

    In fact some types of Influenza this winter killed ~120 Iranians.

  5. Wasn`t there an incident in israel, where teachers and pupils visited some sort of display, and were shocked to find South Korean tourists were also visiting. The israelis kept their distance, but were told to isolate themselves. Isn`t payback/karma inevitable?

    btw, Fetzer does not lie. The only beef I have with him, is his insistence that abortion is permissible up to the third trimester. Abortion, in my opinion, is murder. If these women do not want children, there are ways of preventing pregnancy..

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  7. Oops…my above comment was supposed to go here:

    While I’m here, I might as well make myself useful:

    “According to Kennedy, 76 million American children have been mandated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to receive the vaccine, providing Merck with an annual revenue of $2.3 billion. When you crunch the numbers, you realize that the cost of using Gardasil to save one life is $18.3 million.

    Meanwhile, compensation paid by the Vaccine Court for the death of a child maxes out at $250,000. Put another way, $18.3 million is being spent in an effort to save one life from a disease, while the U.S. Health and Human Services values human life at just a quarter of a million dollars per person when a person dies from using a government recommended vaccine in that effort. ”


    The Speed of Crash as Shown by Elliott Waves
    On March 5, 2020 By jackyukon

  8. Russian sinologist Nikolai Vavilov about COVID-19: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nDIc7_8dVk