US to Sell Pegasus Tanker Jets to Israel, Allowing Its Fighters to Reach Iran’s Territory

Tim Korso – Sputnik News March 5, 2020


Tel Aviv repeatedly threatened that it would take any necessary steps to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. In turn, Tehran repeatedly denied seeking to build them, despite declaring the destruction of Israel as one of its goals.

The US State Department has greenlit the sale of eight KC-46A Pegasus tanker aircraft to Israel along with spare parts and supporting equipment for $2.4 billion. If the deal passes the US Congress, Tel Aviv can expect to receive its first jets in 2023.

The State Department also noted that the aerial tankers will not only boost Israel’s national security posture, but will also be of great help to the US itself.

“[This sale] supports the foreign policy and national security of the United States by allowing Israel to provide a redundant capability to U.S. assets within the region, potentially freeing US assets for use elsewhere during times of war”, the State Department announced.

Although US officials have claimed that the acquisition of KC-46A Pegasus tankers by Israel “will not alter the basic military balance in the region”, the move will drastically boost Tel Aviv’s ability to confront Iran on its territory.

Currently, the top jet in Israeli hangars is the F-35I Adir, which is capable of traveling some 2,500 kilometres, with travel distance one way between Israel and Iran being around 1,800 kilometres. This means that the jet is limited in its ability to land strikes against Iran, such as its nuclear sites, unless it uses long-range missiles or has a back-up in the form of aerial tanker such as the KC-46A Pegasus (or external fuel tanks, which are still in development and can hinder F-35’s stealth capabilities).

While Israel has several fuel tanker jets in its hangars, all of them are converted jets that were not originally designed for that purpose, such as the Lockheed Martin C-130H transport and civilian Boeing 707, which are 60-years old and have long been out of commission. Needless to say, these improvised aerial tankers have limited capabilities to survive in hostile airspace, unlike the new shiny KC-46A Pegasus, which will become the first jet of this type supplied by the US to Israel.

With them, Tel Aviv will actually have the capability to fulfil its threat of going at great lengths, literally, to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Tehran, however, has repeatedly denied striving to acquire such weaponry, citing its incompatibility with the Islamic religion.



5 responses to “US to Sell Pegasus Tanker Jets to Israel, Allowing Its Fighters to Reach Iran’s Territory”

  1. “The US State Department has greenlit the sale of eight KC-46A Pegasus tanker aircraft to Israel along with spare parts and supporting equipment for $2.4 billion.”

    The US State Department has greenlit the gift of eight KC-46A Pegasus tankers to Israhell……………..
    Cut the BS

  2. The Russian can see US stealth planes, so it follows that China and Iran can. Nothing wrong in letting Iran defend itself. Remember, an Israeli F35 was damaged by a 40yr old Syrian rocket. I think Israel will get a bloody nose and some. I know this site is scrutinised by the SIS geeks… I hope Iran uses its Soviet era (big & dirty) nukes on Israel.

  3. Iran/IRGC is awaiting the approach of Satanyahoo’s wartoys to take care of it in the appropriate way so Satanyahoo-crap never return.

    At the same time it gives Iran all the rights to defend itself by all means at their disposal.

  4. @Carl Jones

    Nice sentiment but remember being able to detect a stealth aircraft is one thing but track and strike quite another. The Syrian strike was a fluke. Recall Israel has already flown over Iran in stealth aircraft and the top Iranian general had to resign when he failed to inform the Ayatollah that Iranian airspace was penetrated.

  5. Flying Gas tanks should be easy to detect and take out. No need to wait until the attackers enter Iranian airspace full of gas! As soon as Iran detects refueling operations, they shoot down both the fighter jets AND the tankers. And voila! We’re off to the races.

    Russia will have its hands full on its own fronts, as will China.

    In my world, March 8 2020, is at the center of a HUGE paradigm shifting period for all of humanity. This coming week resonates intensely with the Grand Cross Eclipse of August 1999 and what I call the Pole Shift Eclipse of May 4 2000.

    It is a Maximum stress point involving the uniquely distinct energies of the Planets and their interactions with life on Earth’s biosphere. For me, the visible material world is just as holy as the invisible spiritual world. Whatever you refer to as “spiritual” also has a manifestation of some sort in the physical realm. Without the Sun, Moon and Planets, we wouldn’t be here to witness anything at all, let alone create anything durable in space and time.

    It certainly looks like Mr. Apocalypse IS coming and the Age of Aquarius will be ushered in, kicking and screaming… no matter what {smiles}

    It’s time to decontaminate The Planet! No delays are allowed by Uranus.
    The first thing to do is to stop the planet killers from making things worse, by all means necessary.