The Out-of-Body Experiences of Ms. Zürcher

Empirische Jenseitsforschung – Aug 21, 2019

3 responses to “The Out-of-Body Experiences of Ms. Zürcher”

  1. I come from a long line of psychics.
    My grandfather was a member of churchills Black Team.
    My father taught in the front room of where we lived the best methods of astral projecton to top MI 6 agents.
    A freind of my father Frank Hyde demonstrated in the London US embassy how he could stand there with them and put his mind in the secure room and recount what was written on documents there, the americans were horror stricken.
    I myself have been to various planes many times and even spoken to the souls there
    from those in absolute torment, to the contented ones in tthe higher areas.
    Some high ones i am forbidden to visit as i cannot reach that hieght.
    Empedocles the Grek philosopher said the real Original sin was the killing and eating of gods animals e g Thou shalt not kill, ” a kill ” refers to an animal, if it was a human it would be thou shalt not commit murder

  2. “Thou shalt not kill”

    or cause to be killed.

    Karma will take its toll.

  3. To ; no name. “If Thou shalt not kill” refers to the killing and eating of Gods animals, does this rule apply to the animals. For example, is a lion, tiger or hyena not allowed to kill and eat animals? Or is it ok for deer’s zebra’s or other herbivore’s to be torn to shred’s in the most agonising way as long as “man” doesn’t get involved?