The Future of France

Irish Savant – Feb 29, 2020

An ex-colleague of mine retired about twenty years ago to Marseilles. He loved the climate, the cuisine – and the diversity. He loved the rich tapestry of multiple cultures and ethnicities. A city of communities… like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky. Maybe. But if so that was then and this is now. And the past is a foreign country. The city is now estimated to be the most diverse (i.e. the lowest proportion of White people) in France. The diversity has been celebrated in countless articles and TV documentaries, in speeches by politicians, sermons by clerics.
“Despite” this diversity the city has by now become a dystopian hell-hole. Crime is almost out of control, whole swathes of the city are no-go areas for Whites, including the police, while housing is segregated rigidly along ethnic and religious lines. The media coverage has been fascinating. All reports follow the same format. Heads shaking in sadness, they ask how this multiculturalism success story could have gone so wrong. They soon find explanations. The ‘vulnerable’ (I just love that!) suburbs suffer from lack of integration, domestic violence, poor educational achievement and high unemployment. Why? Well the fault does not lie with the suburbs’ inmates. It lies with the state and with, well, others.
The analyses would be comical were they not so dangerous. Non-sequitors and self-contradictions abound. To provide but two example: Police exacerbate the problems because they’re a) an intrusive presence or b), nowhere to be seen. Then, exactly as happens in America, Whites moving into vulnerable areas represents gentrification. If they move out it’s White flight, and that exacerbates segregation. The presenters plaintively ask ‘What does it mean to be French?’ Well, not being African or Arab for a start. Because the French don’t see them as French and neither do the Africans and Arabs.
As I said in this post about another apparently successful multicultural society consumed by inter-ethnic conflagration. “But the tragedy should be seen primarily as a case study in failed multiculturalism, which as a concept and as a practice is inherently flawed, riven with fractures and fault lines, just waiting for a spark to ignite an inferno. It’s nonsense to suggest that multiculturalism can work in perpetuity simply because it worked for a period. Multiculturalism works. Until it stops working. At which point you tremble for what’s to come.
People lamenting the demise of multicultural success stories such as Yugoslavia therefore completely miss the point. The remarkable things was not that the country collapsed in an orgy of inter-religious and inter-ethnic slaughter rather that Tito managed to hold together such an inherently combustible concoction for so long. And I remember seeing a Belgian priest tearfully tell an interviewer that Rwanda had been his Order’s ‘most successful mission’. Until, that is, the unfortunate incident regarding the Tutsi genocide.”
I lost contact with my former colleague a long time ago. I hope he’s ok but I have my doubts. He was the kind of guy who saw the good in everyone, never the bad. The problem is that there are a lot of very bad people in Marseilles and a naive White man to them is like a gazelle to a lion. The big question is whether Marseilles represents the future of France as San Francisco represents the future of America.
My opinion? It does.



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  1. Remember the French are fighting our battle
    the battle against NWO totalitarianism.
    My wife is French and she has relations involved in the yellow vest movement.
    A British politician in New Labour, John Prescott said quote ” There are now too many people in the UK for all to get an old age pension, the cake can only be cut so many times
    the day will come soon when the pot will run dry and paying pensions will cease”
    The yellow vests are primary complaining about Government people trafficking,
    when there and not enough jobs for our own why import in masses of new comers ?
    In the UK massive spying operations have stopped our own yellow vest demonstrations
    but we support the French in every way possible

  2. Not if the Jewish oligarchy is overthrown and the media is owned and staffed by the French….

    Keeping in mind that throughout WW2 jewish owned nightclubs continued to operate…..odd dont you think…almost as odd as the stop order on German troops enabling the escape of the British army at Dunkirk….


    Take for example Bomber Harris responsible for decimating German cities…..HARRIS is USUALLY a Jewish surname….like the Jewish actor Richard Harris….or Rolf Harris.
    Within the German high command there were no doubt crypto Jews…..WHO ordered the destruction of Coventry for example.
    Would a close relative of Himmler REALLY contemplate marrying an Israeli….or would a jew in Israel REALLY consider marrying a non Jewish German.

  3. A great article which scares the hell out of me as i am powerless to stop this agenda.

  4. Because multiculturalism was such a failure with the riots in Notting Hill they renamed it the Big family, after further riots it was called Big Sky Thinking, then later the name changed again, its just like Global Warming became The world Heatup and is now called Clmate change.
    A rose by any other name, is still a rose whether it smells or not
    but Government people trafficking and climate hoaxs, still stink.
    The public want neither, and changing the name of something does not make it different
    you can cal homosexuals and pofters Gay all day but it does not stop it being a perversion
    My father and grandfather went to 2 world wars to keep out foreigners, both came back broken men physically and mentally, to find the jews they fought the wars for
    now owned the country

  5. Nosmo king above makes the point that the French are fighting Britains battle….yellow jackets etc.
    This is in marked contrast to what the appalling British media says about them….IF IT MENTIONS THEM AT ALL.
    The British media implies that the French are cowards or “surrender monkeys”…..the reality is ….it is the British public who are the cowards…..
    They didn’t use to be,but they sure as hell are today.Thats why they have the parasitic Windsors still sucking blood out of the taxpayers…..AND WHY THE DIVISION OF WEALTH IN BRITAIN IS ALMOST FEUDAL….certainly the greatest in any OECD country….AND THE COWARDLY BRITISH PUBLIC ACCEPT IT……”mustn’t grumble” as the English peasant is instructed to say….by his betters.

  6. Kampala Harris supports Biden….


  7. So by implication, bad immigrants all went to France, Germany and Sweden. The good immigrants went to the UK, MI6 terror patsies excepted. Many years ago when France suffered nation wide riots, the ringleaders were using special phones using a military grade network that wasn’t French. Remember Gladio, of course you do. The British and American are desperate to destroy the European utopian dream that was real in several EU states prior to the designed financial collapse of 2008.

    There must be quite a few people in France and other EU states who are involved in bringing down their own countries and the EU project. Take the staged Nice terror attack where, so say, 80 people were run over by a pristine white truck without any blood on it, no blood on the driven surface and no blood around the fake bodies or in the blankets covering them. The bodies were still their in the morning and I didn’t see a single bird take any interest.


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  9. Hitler let the British army escape at Dunkirk as he still belived we woud see sense
    and assist him against the jew run soviet Union
    General Patton in the USA and several in the British royal family such as Edward VIII were negotiating for this, rememeber the treaty with Neville Chamberlian ? that the UK would stay out of the coming war between russia and Germany.
    Chamberlians secretary Archibald maule ramsey wtote the book which is online,
    called ” the needless war” dont foget hundreds of peace suports and hitler suporters were secretly rounded up and not seen again, A Tower of London Beafeater said they were all shot at dawn on Churchills orders and buried under the Tower lawns

  10. to REALIST
    why dont you reveal your national ID and CV so we can judge and evaluate your IQ and fighting spirit..?

    maybe youre a dumn f*ck useless septic tank with a chip on his shoulder…