Why Suicide Solves Nothing

Empirische Jenseitsforschung – YouTube April 13, 2013

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  1. And what happens if, here on Earth, one is being severely abused and tortured and the pain is unbearable and there is no escape, and the only way out is suicide? Are there no extenuating circumstances?

  2. “Why suicide solves nothing”, can make for a simple bit of word play. When “nothing”, the bleak void of nihilism becomes unbearable, “solve it.” Ah yes, but only divinely inspired suicides are permissible. Take the man who could allegedly raise the dead, walk on water, give eyesight to the blind, and feed an entire party with a couple of loaves of bread and a fish. He acquiesced to “suicide” on the cross. This man in the video is talking to phantasms in his own mind.

  3. Fraid not Chasmick cos you must never give up hope in God. He suffered and died to redeem us. Suffering is good for the soul as they say. It’s not easy of course to suffer but it’s not easy to get to Heaven either. ‘Work out your salvation with fear and trembling’ as St Paul tells us.
    If there is no escape then offer the suffering to God in atonement for our sins.

  4. I have lost a few people through suicide and I won’t deny that suicide has played a part in my life and what really annoys me, are people who say stupid things like “suicide solves nothing.” And they know?
    And to veritas above, the suffering of Christ was minimal, to what many people after him suffered. I wonder how those in the Weimar Republic, post WW1 felt? You do know that the suicide rate was incredibly high don’t you? You do realise the hell that they suffered? And they were God fearing folk, who most certainly were taught that those who take their own eyes are ending the gift of life god gave them, yet many still committed suicide. Their lives, were a living hell.

    The reality is, that suicide will increase. It will increase by a hell of a lot. When there is no hope there is no life and people will end theirs. I have lost a few friends through suicide and it saddened me greatly. However, I knew, overwhelmingly where they were and what frame of mind they were in to kill themselves. Most were caring, kind, compassionate people. All of them, sorted out all their financial affairs, cleaned their apartments, got rid of everything, before ending their life. One even went to a hotel and left a note, on the bathroom door telling the maid not to come in and to alert the police.
    I’ve been where these people have been and all I’m going to state is, it takes a hell of a lot of bravery to actually end your life. I couldn’t. I stopped. I thought about many things while committing the act and ended up calling an ambulance who came and took me to the hospital. This was when I was a teenager. I was in a very bad place.

    This world is going to get very bleak. Already the fear porn of the Coronavirus is being promoted. Added to that Greta Thunberg’s climate change fear porn campaign along with all the climate change nutters inhabiting the streets of London. The wars in Syria, conflict possibly rising against Russia and China with the west……I have to state that, well, the only thing I could ever think that would fix this mess would be the return of Jesus, but he’s not coming back.
    I’ve realised that the only thing, one can really do is try and live as best as possible. One should make plans to leave the cities, get out to the country. Get out to the peace and quiet and off the grid. They should arm themselves and better, find like minded people and build a small community to protect one another when tshtf. And that’s coming.

    And really, please people, I’ve had enough of all this heaven crap. None of you have died. No one knows what’s after life. No one knows if there’s a heaven or a hell. “But I’ve seen videos on You Tube where people have been clinically dead and srpung back to life, talking about bright lights, hell, Jesus…..” yes, I’ve seen them too. I’ll believe it when I see it.
    For all we know, we simply go back into the ground or end up as ash particles in the air. A human’s life is their life to do with what they will. It’s no one else’s choice to tell them what to do with that life, nor how to behave. It’s simply a case of understanding choice and consequence. We all die. That’s guaranteed. If some people think that checking out earlier is best for them, that’s what’s best for them.

  5. Good on you, Veritas, that is the Christian, Orthodox doctrine – the only salvation is following the WAY of the Cross.

  6. Harbinger – how about you being nailed to the cross like The Master for hours then let me know if your suffering was minimal. By the way He did not die but survived the ordeal. thus no suicide.
    How is this known. Well the two thieves had their legs broken to hasten death through asphyxiation before sunset on Friday as was the custom by the Pharisees, saduccees etc. Christ’s legs were not broken and indeed to test if he was alive Longinus pierced his side with his spear and blood and water flowed (it does not flow if your are dead!).
    You obviously have a lot to learn and understand. the trials a person goes through while on earth is what they themselves set which is neither more or less than one can stand. it will happen many times.it is a way of before reaching perfection which means many lives here to achieve that. you much to learn – time to begin.

  7. Lonnie , March 1
    Who really believes what he is saying, I would say only if one choses to believe, however I would tell you what I believe, when one dies, the breath of life returns to God, that a nice way of saying, one dies, the soul goes to sleep and the physical body returns to the earth. I know it sounds simple, but it is simple. Lonnie

  8. You have to wonder about this truthseeker website that puts up all these articles about suicide and life after death, are the editors thinking about suicide, or the readers? Is this topic popular and truthseeker wanting to sell more ads, but no advertizements. Hmmmm.

    The title “Suicide solves nothing” is patently false. Suicide is how the suffering being stops suffering. Suicide is a ticket out of hell, but if reincarnation is true you then get recycled back to earth – back to hell.


  9. Yes, who knows what becomes of us when we die.. Heard of a lady who died, leaving behind two little sons. After some time, she returned in another body, and, eventually, made her way to where she had lived previously, and there she encountered two elderly men, who were her sons. I like that story..

    Another is about a young couple who were walking home. The woman asked the man who it was who had passed by them, a fisherman who was soaking wet. He hadn`t seen anyone, so she described the man. When they got home, he showed her a group photograph. She pointed to one man. It was his uncle who had died in a fishing accident..

    Someone once told me that I would see those I`d cared about again, so, Harbinger, I believe you will, one day, see your friends again..

  10. Tresmejistus,

    Were you there?
    Did you watch the crucifixion?
    We all know the answer to that don’t we?

    We know there is a lot of BS written about WW2. We know there’s a lot of BS written about much of history, but we are to believe that the son of God walked the earth to die for our sons.
    As I get older and far wiser I question everything and now am staying to believe that the story of Christ is also 100% BS like most of history. I am not denying his existence, but from what I can tell, he was a revolutionary and one of the many to see the wrongdoings of Jews and they killed him for it.

    I have learned a lot, thank you and still am but I’m sceptical off everything and beginning to see that the story of Christ, is very possibly a fabrication, made up by Rome, in order to maintain their control through their made up religion.

    And the time Christ suffered on the cross paled in comparison to the horrors, inflicted on Germans after WW1 & 2, again at the order of Jews. And then there was the horrific suffering, starvation of Ukrainians and then cannibalism we know as the Holodomor – again Jews.
    I just don’t get emotionally wrapped up as you do in incredibly questionable history. I also have no master, for I am no slave.

    If there were no Christians (or Muslims for that matter) we wouldn’t have a Jew problem. That’s something you should contemplate.

  11. I so love people who believe that Peter Rabbit and the Mad Hatter are real. I wish the Bible fairy tales were true (well, some of them), but it is so ridiculous. But debating it is futile:

    The problems with debate
    To what end a debate of the existence or non-existence of God/Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah? Are you going to be able to prove that this entity exists or do you really expect me to prove it doesn’t exist?
    I cannot prove a negative and since no one, regardless of their faith, has ever proved the positive, I simply ask questions demanding explanations of the fallacies of the doctrines. I never get reasonable answers.
    The burden of proof is on he/she who posits the supernatural claim, not he/she who questions and refuses to believe such a ludicrous claim.
    I propose a public test.

    The Test
    If we expect to prove the existence or non-existence of a supernatural God that displays the superlative traits of a true God –It doesn’t even have to be all five. I will concede the trait of Perfection as it, among the other four, would seem redundant, but I will insist on the other four; Omnipotence; Omniscience; Omni-benevolence; and Omnipresence.—, we must find a way to test the supernatural theory:
    1. The test must be live-streamed around the world.
    2. I am to be legally exonerated of any crime as I did not make the supernatural claim but I will be ecstatic to administer the test. I will probably have trouble keeping a straight face when it doesn’t work as I find anyone who would volunteer for this insanity to be stupid enough that they deserve their fate and the world will be a better place without them.
    3. Sufficient doctors must be on hand to confirm death of subjects.
    4. Doctors must be removed, forcibly, if necessary, if they try to revive the subjects.
    5. We will require a transparent chamber which can be completely sealed.
    6. We will require 10-15 human volunteers who have professed their faith in a living God with the ability to restore life, who keeps his word to answer the prayers of those with even the faith of a mustard seed.
    7. The volunteers will be given a chance to opt out at the last minute.
    8. The world audience must be warned that what they are about to witness will be the most PTSD inducing spectacle they will ever see, or, on the other hand, the most awe inspiring faith affirming event ever.
    Here is the procedure for the test of Burden of Proof:
    1. The tank or chamber must be large enough to comfortably allow at least 20 adults to sit or stand.
    2. The tank or chamber must not only be sealed and airtight, but must be soundproof as the audience will be traumatized enough watching the faces of the volunteers as death nears without having to hear the final screams, gurgles and gasps as the gasses begin to work.
    3. The test subjects will be led to the chamber but before entering will be given the option to stop this insanity. Those who decide to continue on will be allowed to enter the chamber and get comfortable.
    4. At this point, the procedure will be reinforced to the subjects and they willed be given one more chance to opt out. Enough of them will continue to make this a certifiable proof event because, in my opinion, anyone choosing to continue on is certifiable, themselves.
    5. Deadly gasses will be forced into the chamber and all Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen will be evacuated.
    6. Once it is apparent that there is no life left in the volunteers, about 20-30 minutes, the chambers will be vented and the doctors will be sent in to evaluate the status of the test subjects.
    7. Once the doctors have pronounced all of the test subjects the subjects will be thrown out, willy-nilly on a large tarp on the floor outside the chamber. Not to worry, God will fix everything. Won’t he?
    8. After another 20 minutes to observe this pile of flesh to insure that no life sparks yet in any of them, large prayer groups around the world will join hands and will faithfully pray to their deities to restore the gift of life to these, the FAITHFUL followers of the various Gods. Raise the up as Jesus did calling out to Lazarus and the daughter of the ruler who had FAITH! Matt 9:18-26

    John 14:13, 14 “And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
    “If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.”

    When, after a couple of hours, the rigueur of death begin to set in it would probably be a good idea to call it a ‘wrap’, but some folks are going to say that God can raise them up even after they start to rot, so cover them and keep praying. Better idea would be to bury them without embalming and let God just open their caskets for them when he decides to prove his power.
    I promise you this, if those volunteers suddenly erupt from their graves and face me unblemished by death; I will fall to my knees and become the most pious of all Christians! But I don’t mean just one. If he is a real God and not just some sleight-of-hand trickster, they will all come forth and proclaim his power to the Earth!
    Can anything be fairer than that?

  12. The crucifixion is Jewish fiction, no Jew ever died for you and Jesus never existed. This is a proven fact and the tale of Christ in the Gospels is FICTION. The worst part is all these non-Jews got believing in this tale of blood redemption by a Jew and now these Jews have taken over western society.

    Jesus did not die on a cross, he did not suffer because he did NOT exist.

    Millions of humans have suffered worse than the Gospel story of the Jewish savior.

    Many have suffered horrible deaths because they did not believe in the Gospels.

    Any Christian who hold’s up this Jesus suffering as superior to human suffering is a damn fool because millions literally were hacked to death for failing to believe in the Jesus fable.

    All these fools who argue in favor of the Gospel sacrifice have no idea the game here, the story starts in Genesis and you are made to feel guilty for being born and must get sin free to get to heaven. Well … SIN ISN’T EVEN REAL YOU DAMN FOOLS!