Joe McCarthy Was Right About “Commiecrats”

The Real History Channel – Feb 27, 2020

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  1. My dad always said he was a great man, he warned of communist infiltration
    by means of what was called ” Soft Socialism”
    He was secretly breifed by Constantin Volkov who got a few documents to the west by means of J Edgar-Hoover before Kim Philby had him murdered.
    My father knew Trevor Stokes who always said Kim Philby was an obvious spy
    but was protected by Lord Rothschild.
    I suppose you could say that Joe Mc Carthy was an earlier version of Assange
    getting word out to the people and warning them.
    My cousin went against family wishes and joined the army, and went to iraq
    no one speaks to him now, like many of the men who took part in the illegal war
    they are war criminals, and disliked by all

  2. He called it .

  3. @ Bill.

    “My father knew Trevor Stokes who always said Kim Philby was an obvious spy
    but was protected by Lord Rothschild.”

    Yes I think Philby and colleagues were clever but foolish cats-paws that never really understood they were just being used to help create the “Cold War” narrative. Apparently when he, Burgess, and Maclean got to Russia – suspicious events in themselves – they were constantly monitored by Soviet agencies. Philby IMO was a champagne socialist who hadn’t got a clue about the real world.

    WRT to McCarthy, it seems to have become a right of passage virtue signalling sort of thing to knock him. I understand Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” was an attempt to equate the detection of communist infiltration with the “witch hunt” meme. I recall studying this play in English Literature many years ago. (Incidentally another cultural marxist infiltration into the education system in England.) Unsurprisingly, I now discover Miller was Jewish.

    IMO though, communism is just an outer onion skin of the banking/financial syndicate.

  4. (I should have said “rite of passage”)

  5. The witches of the middle ages, were accused of poisoning wells and cattle
    they used spells to make people ill and killed folk whenever they could
    they had hook noses, and they the women ran the family
    they were jews.
    Gypsies often called “Egyptians” were no such thing, they are a wandering tribe of theives
    they tell the children as soon as they are old enough to understand, thata gypsy stole the nails they were going to use to crucify christ, and ever since god gave them permissions to steal. they get out of paying taxes and revere gold ( latinum of the Ferengi)
    because they too were jews

  6. A very enlightening book written by Major Jordan entitled, Major Jordan’s Diaries, tells of how America gave away everything plus the kitchen sink to the Russians during WW11.
    There is a youtube video of his claims as well. The story basically makes the point that Harry Hopkins ran the American – Russian Lend-Lease which cost the American people trillions of dollars and all with the knowledge of FDR.