The Truth Echoes through Eternity but there are None so Deaf as Those who Will Not Hear

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Feb 27, 2020

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Nothing happens without a reason and if it’s a big deal that’s happening, like the strange case of pandemic sexual perversities and gender confusions, as well as all manner of dysfunctional behaviors getting VIP treatment, ahead of all NORMAL lifestyles, there is a reason. On the face of it, it seems irrational that tiny demographics would get such precedence over everyone else. The truth is that powerful, invisible forces are acting through human agency to bring it all about.
Most people USUALLY don’t look deeper into things. If anything… they look at them, through them, or around them. In order to understand how certain forms of behavior have become preeminent in our lifetimes, you have to employ the knee bone, leg bone, ankle bone analogy. Unfortunately, for anyone to even be able to enter the conversation, it is a requirement that they have a preparatory education in Occult History and related curricula. You have to have an idea, at least, of the background and intentions of the larger forces in play. Because “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”
There is a state of war that has existed on the invisible planes for an extended period of time. This is a blind however because this war was lost a long time ago. It has been over since its inception but… the appearance of this war continues for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. There is the appearance of ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ and our own life experiences shows us that there are Good Guys and Bad Guys, at least according to our judgment of events. All of us have memory of people who have helped us and people who have hurt us. It gets more complicated when you consider that some whom we might call bad (at the time) were actually good because they hindered us in our efforts to hurt ourselves and others… and some we considered good could well have been responsible for bad consequences coming back on us.
The whole idea of Good and Bad, is an eternally fluctuating dynamic, where the parameters and borders are always shifting and changing, according to cultural mores, personal dispositions and WHATEVER.
Let’s just say that there are two main groups, with diametrically opposed perspectives, on right and wrong. One group is engaged in an effort to free humanity and the other group to enslave humanity. It is a game is what it is and it is going on behind the scenes at all times and is the invisible directive for most of what happens in manifest life. These forces are in ALL the corridors of power. They are Uptown and Downtown. They are in the sybaritic and libertine playgrounds of the super rich and in the ghetto alleys of the desperate and despairing. The ENTIRE MOTIVATION for the drama is, THE HUMAN SOUL. You can think of it as a competition, or a contest. There are rewards for both sides.
Vast swaths of time pass. Cultures rise and fall. There are wars. There are times of plenty and times of want. There are great and small natural disasters. The scale of human misery is incalculable and the one side works to intensify this and the other to ameliorate it. All our petty little lives come and go on this wide game-board and we are subject, according to our dispositions, to both of them by larger or lesser degrees. In times of material darkness, those termed EVIL ‘appear’ to have the upper hand. Back and forth the pendulum of human events moves, just as day follows night, just as the seasons circle. There is an ebb and flow. There is a bio-rhythmic swing of upward curves and dips. It is a natural pattern of supernatural origin.
At certain points, few and far between, comes an apocalypse. It is in these times that the truth of the matter is revealed, to those so inclined or empowered to see it. The majority of us are too deeply caught up in the dream web to see much else, BUT DEPENDING ON THE FORCE OF AN APOCALYPSE… people are awakened, whether they will or no and THIS PARTICULAR APOCALYPSE is a Great Apocalypse so… it is going to intensify and continue to intensify, until the supreme orchestrator is satisfied that every effort has been made to reach the reachable. Depending on your willingness to SEE, on that depends what you will see and that means ‘portals’, ingress and egress to all sorts of planes of being, IN BOTH DIRECTIONS.
As we said in the beginning, ‘nothing happens without a reason’. It may puzzle you as to where the power is coming from that is promoting such an epidemic of sexual dysfunction and depravity. It is coming from the invisible astral regions, where a certain group has consolidated and been entrenched for a long period of time. They are resident in EVERY AREA OF LIFE. They are in the minds of the lawmakers and those engineering social trends. They are in the minds of legislators and educators world wide. They are responsible for the kinds of teachers that are being hired to pervert the youth. It seems to have the force of an enormous steamroller and it is operating in EVERY AREA OF HUMAN ENTERPRISE. It is operational in your daydreams and your dreams at night. It is a powerful influence in your thoughts and feelings, while you are engaged in sexual activities. They LITERALLY feed upon the discharged fluids and they have grown very strong.
All would have been lost long ago, if this (these) group(s) were not countered by another group. You should not see this as some battle between the forces of Good and Evil, although it certainly is. It is better to see it as simply for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION, as a series of TEACHING MOMENTS and a scenario where the outcome has NEVER BEEN IN DOUBT, except… of course… in the individual mind, WHERE THE BATTLE FOR POSSESSION OF IT is taking place. God is triumphant over all lives, things and conditions; over Time, Space and Causation. If you are in alignment with the Supreme Being… nothing more need be said or considered. This is what I would (and do) call, ‘a fait accompli’. If there is confusion otherwise. If there is uncertainty… well, that is your affair and what the Purpose of Demonstration is all about in the first place. You get it or you don’t. It WILL come round again and again and again and again ad infinitum… until you do get it.
Pedophilia is a big deal because it involves Satan’s biggest delight; the despoliation of innocence. It is rampant in the higher orders of Religion, Politics, Entertainment, Finance, Education, Law Enforcement and many another. It is a rite of passage for the ‘downwardly mobile’. The idea is to fuck life up beyond all recognition and to put the righteous and God fearing up against the wall and see what they are made of… see if they have… The Right Stuff. That is what it’s about and that is all it is EVER about and your soul is the currency. Of course… that’s all an illusion BUT… IF YOU CAN BE LED TO BELIEVE IT… there you jolly well are, aren’t you?
Obviously, lines have been drawn and the internet has put the whole world before all of our eyes and is also the chief engine (manifestly) for revealing the truth and exposing the lies and there are large camps of people, engaged in the one or the other and they will all be rewarded for their efforts. Observe how few of us are involved in higher efforts of revealed truth, liberating the human mind, inspiring the human heart. HOWEVER, a single drop of Truth, is like Cosmic Holy Water and can dissolve unbelievable amounts of darkness. Also remember the principle of REVERBERATION. Truth echoes through everlasting. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all else will be added unto you.” The degree of intensity that you employ in this regard, determines the speed of your arrival AND the strength of your position. NOW… NOW is the appointed hour!
There will come a time… and scripture is full of admonitions to this end… when the hour is upon you! Too late then, to fill the air with protestations of not being ready, or excuses for not having done the due diligence. How best can I put it? GOD IS NOT IMPRESSED. You see… God knows he has all eternity to play with. He knows all about forever and ever AMEN! He has no problem sending you over to wardrobe to be suited up for a whole new series of lives, after which, hopefully… you’ll be ready next time. Right.
YOU HAVE TO PROVE your sincerity and your passion MUST BE ON DISPLAY. As soon as you make any sort of an indication “YO LORD! Can I come with you?” He’s going to throw the whole works at you. If you’re still standing (unlikely) but you get back up, well… Every case is different. You might get knocked down OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I did, but sooner… or later… you will be taken at your word because… by then… your word will have the necessary level of integrity present.
It’s not like out there in the (snicker) real world, where you can bullshit your way through H&R, or trade on your lineage or connections. None of that plays with God. I’m laughing right now just thinking about it. Listen… my friends; GOD IS REAL! Do I have to say more than that? Do I have to elaborate on the meaning of it??? Get up and get on with it or… fall back into the couch and change the channel.
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2 responses to “The Truth Echoes through Eternity but there are None so Deaf as Those who Will Not Hear”

  1. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all else will be added unto you.

    ” The degree of intensity that you employ in this regard, determines the speed of your arrival AND the strength of your position. NOW… NOW is the appointed hour! “

  2. The author’s depiction of the “game” is mind numbing. Life after life after life contending with “spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places”. My god, I’m not impressed either. And after 1.2 billion incarnations when one finally gets his proverbial shit together, slays the evil in the “heavenly places” whilst never uttering a discouraging word…would God be “impressed”? How could omniscience be impressed with anything? Of course I’m just dealing with the opinion of a human whose default will be contradiction. Far less contradiction is contained within, “I don’t know.” Your occult “trick bags” will just reveal more of the same. One more story, concept, allegation, etc Chasing the shadows of conspiracies in a vain attempt to explain the world we’re in. And chasing these shadows like a dog after it’s own tail perpetually hinders understanding. So spin more tales of karma and the lack of “injustice” in the attempt to explain the “conspiracy” of negative force itself and the alleged prime mover who instigated it all.
    Looking at the shadow perpetuates its hold on you.