Be careful what you wish for

Irish Savant – irishsavant.blogspot Feb 25, 2020

Harvey Weinstein pictured at court recently with a walker. Is he a broken man? Or was this just an attempt to elicit sympathy from the court? As a few days before he had been spotted moving around without the aid of a walker. Click photo to see that story.

Harvey Weinstein is living testimony to the truth that physiognomy is real. The guy looks what he is. Not only is he hideous inside and out, a bully, coward, grasping, degenerate, crooked and disloyal, and he’s hastened the weaponising of Hollywood against traditional Western culture and values. Now as he faces time in the Big House there won’t be many sympathising with him, certainly not me.
But be careful what you wish for. Because his case dramatically ratchets up the subversion of our legal system in that the most fundamental Western judicial principle, that of innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt, has been demolished. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. admitted as much: “This is a new day, Rape is rape whether the survivor reports within an hour, within a year or perhaps never. It’s rape despite the complicated dynamics of power and consent after an assault. It’s rape even if there is no physical evidence.”
Conviction in a criminal case on the basis of uncorroborated verbal testimony has, or had, been anathema to our legal system. In fact traditionally no prosecutor would even bring a case on such a basis. But that was then, this is now. And as L.P. Hartley noted, the past is a foreign country. In this new country TPTB have acquired legal precedent to come after you based on uncorroborated testimony. Think about that. Think of the power that gives them. What if  they want to take out – and of course they do – some rising figure on the political right like Nick Fuentes? Just magic up some whore who claims he raped her. Based on the Weinstein precedent Fuentes would be convicted. So he’s out of the way. Now who will we take out next? You see how this can be used? Bad law is often introduced in response to a public outcry. Hence the prevalence of false flags by TPTB. Think 911 and the Patriot Act. The fact that Weinstein is a deeply unsympathetic figure blinds the public to the dangers inherent in his conviction.
You could argue that guilt by accusation has already been enshrined in case law. Happens all the time with the charge of racism for instance. But the Weinstein case means that an immensely powerful figure can and will be jailed because some woman says he should be.
I’m reminded of what (((Norbert Schlei))) said on the passing into law of the 1965 Immigration Act, the one that destroyed America and for which he was the chief drafter: ‘And now let the floodgates open’.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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  1. They tried to get Assange on a trumped up rape charge in Sweden…..But Assange was ahead of them.If he hadnt jumped bail he would probably be suffering in the American Gulag….perhaps forgotten.Under no circumstances should the elites be allowed to send him to the USA…..a fate worse than death….REMEMBER America is SUPPOSED to be a democracy…..
    What about his own country…Australia….the elite there have left him to his own fate….A CRIMINAL NEGLECT OF AN AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN!…..

    All Australians have managed to do is slow down the invasion…..the invaders are still arriving in numbers.
    All you have to do to verify this is to watch “border patrol series” on television…..inadvertently the media reveals what is really going on!!.
    The (((((mayors)))) of two major NZ cities are currently being investigated by the police for “financial irregularities”……one of them…Dalziel has already got “form”…..She is noted (when she was an MP in central govt) for declaring an amnesty for illegal third world immigrants.

  2. As soon as I saw him using the walker…it’s becoming standard practice for these aging perverts to employ the ‘Ken Dodd’ tactics of looking like they’re on deaths door to try and elicit sympathy and leniency.

    And yes, this case does set a dangerous precedent.

  3. Savant,

    Do I feel compassion and sympathy for Weinstein? Well, I have to say yes. He never ‘forced’ himself on any of these women, well, not like the late Kirk Douglas did to Natalie Wood. He didn’t rip at their clothes, taking off their panties and having sex while they shouted no and rape. Weinstein offered the girls a deal, a deal well know in the film industry – “there are thousands of pretty, young, girls, desperate for a shot at the big time, what makes you any better, or different” would have been the reply given to whatever young girl (who has now screamed rape) looking for a start in her career.

    Let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we? There is the legal definition of rape and then there’s what I see as the definition of rape and realistically the correct definition. The legal system defines it as ‘having a sexual encounter, with another, without their consent.’ My definition is ‘having a sexual encounter with another before an agreed financial agreement has been decided upon.’
    You see, that’s really what rape is. And this case has proven that definition without any shadow of a doubt.
    Who was it who brought all this up? Was it not Rose McGowan, the failed actress, who got a part in the popular ‘Charmed’ series? She was, most certainly, incredibly willing and happy to do whatever it took, with Weinstein to get her foot in the door of Hollywood and the TV industry, but sadly, she never amounted to more than a 2nd rate actress. She ‘changed’ her mind, years later, from doing sex acts with Weinstein. What she really said, under all the BS that she did was “Harvey Weinstein said he was going to make me a star. He didn’t. He lied to me. I’m not the success I thought I would be. Therefore my previously consented to, sexual intercourse with him, is invalid because he never fulfilled his side of the contract. That makes it rape.”

    That’s the reality here folks.
    And as to the article, well, when added with what I’ve just mentioned, it makes any sexual act, with a woman, by a man, an incredibly dangerous thing to do. If Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. states that: “This is a new day, Rape is rape whether the survivor reports within an hour, within a year or perhaps never. It’s rape despite the complicated dynamics of power and consent after an assault. It’s rape even if there is no physical evidence.” then it sets a deadly precedent for man.

    “It’s rape even if there is no physical evidence.” Yup, there we go folks. Even if no sex took place, this gives women carte blanche to accuse any man, of rape, at any time, even if they never had sex. “What, don’t be stupid?” I hear you say. To me if rape requires no physical evidence, as stated, then that’s exactly what it means. It means that a woman can accuse any man of rape, regardless of the sex act having been committed, because they don’t need physical evidence. All they need is the accusation and nothing more.

    And now women wonder WHY the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way – men opting out of relationships with women and marriage, remaining single, not procreating and focusing on earning money and improvign their career) philosophy (not a movement) is growing so huge? And women wonder WHY management and male staff no longer wish to mentor women and/or be in any situation alone with a female colleague in the workplace/at a work event?
    Well, this is all part of the agenda. MGTOW is a natural reaction to toxic feminism. TPTB knew this. This therefore means men and women stop having relationships. This therefore means that babies aren’t being born. This means that the already destructive 1.5 average western birthrate (2.0 needed to maintain the population) will drop even further, decreasing the population growth rate, even more ONLY, of course, within the west, among the native, indigenous, Caucasian population.

    All of this nightmare scenario is working to bringing about the destruction of the white race and their western civilisation. And we all know just (((who))) is behind this don’t we? Weinstein, a member of the tribe has been ritually sacrificed to the goyim, something the tribe hates to do, but if that sacrifice is to be done, then you can guarantee that the result to the goyim will be catastrophic. And as I’ve just shown you, it is.


  4. My thoughts entirely… when I saw him using the walker…trying to elicit sympathy. However, it’s not been unknown for some wanna-be actress to offer sexual favours in order to further her career! And then, perhaps, further down the line say she was coerced in to having sex or, indeed, raped. I think, to some extent – guilty or not – he’s been used by the legal system, or whomever, as a scapegoat/patsy in this case! Still, he could have 25 years in prison to think about it!

  5. Harvey is producing quentin quarantino, until this goy virus starts chilling..

  6. Harbinger , you are so right it is fantastic . If a man is going to have SEX with a Woman he must let her sign an Agreement, saying that she is willig to have Sex with him . That she is totally willng to do it and that she is not a victim in an way at all .
    It has become BLOODY dangerous to have Sex with Weoman . They will Blackmail you before you realise it . DISGUSTING . Ist another NAIL into white Peoples Coffin ……. …….

  7. These women must be REALLY desperate!!!. or have no self respect.


    His appearance is as disgusting as his behaviour….the very definition of ugly…..

    Okay….check your Nazi propaganda for…a comparison… does the tribe manage to produce such repulsive creatures?…..
    Dave Icke would suggest that they are Shape Shifting Lizards…..You could attempt to verify that by dropping Weinstein on Komodo Island,Indonesia……using CCTV you could monitor ( lizard) any attempts by Weinstein to copulate with the locals.

    You’ll notice that Weinstein is not YET in prison…he is mounting his appeal from a hospital.No doubt all of this with the acquiescence of the elites of NYNY…who are ALL 101% Jews……this grotesque Jewish specimen is too high profile to do a runner to Israel……keeping in mind there were VERY suspicious events surrounding the autopsy of the ugly corrupt Jewish brute Maxwell. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree… now we see his disgusting repulsive daughter being the subject of investigation.How will the elites manage to get her off?.
    The timely intervention of a global crisis leading to massive conflict might do the trick…..a war in EASTASIA perhaps.

  8. Here, where I live, young people are getting together and having babies, it`s nice, and the children always come first in any argument.. I pity those who make a big deal over something so natural..

  9. These prosecutions would never have happened under Bush Clinton or Upyourbumma
    maybe… Trump really is draining the swamp ?

  10. What was Weinstein’s biggest problem, his genitals? Going from what I’ve read, they weren’t your typical lunch box, and I’ve seen the line: “They looked mutilated.” To the average woman, this is going to be a shock. I am not saying they all watch porn, but some must have watched some good representations of perfection and then you fold in their own personal experiences and what do you end up with, expectations! On top of this are all sorts of grey areas and every woman will have different limits to what they’ll do, what their expectations are in any given situation and keep in mind that this looks like socialising, drinks, dinner, hotel rooms ect, this was really about business and these women were all looking to advance their careers and then some funny genitals slipped into the script.

    I am not saying Weinstein wasn’t preditory and that hedidn’t rape anyone. But there is a truth here, some women would put up with being raped by a guy with regular genitals if it advanced their career.

    I can’t stand these women who wait years, or decades to blurt out their cliams, true or false.

  11. Kelvin Ballsaker,

    You’re completely barking up the wrong tree. Did you not read the article? I will write the most important part:

    “This is a new day, Rape is rape whether the survivor reports within an hour, within a year or perhaps never. It’s rape despite the complicated dynamics of power and consent after an assault. It’s rape even if there is no physical evidence.”

    Now read the above please. There are three insane situations having just been established:

    1. There is no time frame for a rape charge.
    2. Even if the woman consents she can change her mind after the act.
    3. No physical evidence is required.

    It means, one day, you could get a knock at the door, with the police then charging you with rape, arresting you, imprisoning you, taking you to trial, because some woman went into the station, who you don’t know, never met before, but said she was at a party back in 1982, at wherever and you forced yourself upon her sexually. No witnesses are needed in a rape allegation and its her word against yours. Added to the fact that she may sue, then this means women can now f*ck men over, they normally would through divorce, but because of MGTOW and men abstaining from marriage, the door is rapidly closing for divorce.

    This is giving women carte blanche to accuse men they’ve never met of rape and steal their finances and assets when the man is completely incapable of establishing an alibi, for where he was 40 years ago, when the alleged rape was to have taken place.
    You don’t find it odd that this is now happening, right after the Brett Kavanagh incident? That was some lying trollop trying to advise a high profile man, but it remained in the news for quite some time. More so, on her accusation alone, totally screwed up, transgender witches appeared on the msm, staying they were casting curse spells on Brett for raping the woman.

    This is about driving a further wedge between the sexes and criminalising procreation. Whack job feminists are even promoting that all male to female sex is rape and a violation of woman. And even worse, some even more insane vegan feminists in Spain, went around suoermarkets, smashing eggs because they said the chickens never consented to the sex with the rooster.

    And Mr Jew is behind all of this madness.

  12. I remember when month ago
    I read the title of an article that
    said (I can’t remember the exact
    words) that Weinstein made a film
    (or documentary) critical of IsraHell
    and that this was the probable reason
    why they got at him.
    You know that Hollywood is full of
    such people and they can do whatever
    they please as long as they behave

  13. Harbinger, you are 100% correct !!!