Bad Decisions Have Spread Coronavirus

Paul Craig Roberts – Feb 25, 2020

The coronavirus was spread throughout China by travel associated with the Chinese new year. Now the virus is being spread throughout the US by travel associated with spring break.

The coronavirus escaped from China, because governments and airlines waited too long before they stopped flights in and out of China. The US government and airlines are waiting too long to stop domestic flights in the US.

Government carelessness is also a contributor to the spread of the virus. President Trump agreed that the US passengers who had been quarantined for weeks aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan who were free of the virus would be flown to the US on two chartered planes, but the 14 Americans who tested positive for the virus would remain in quarantine. However, State Department officials and a top US health official instead flew back the infected Americans on a plane with uninfected passengers. It is entirely possible that the health passengers were infected and now are spreading the virus.

In Europe the virus is now spreading from Italy, because European Union officials refuse to implement border controls. By refusing to take sensible actions until the situation is out of hand, governments then resort to widespread mandatory quarantines.

The virus appears to be an engineered bioweapon that escaped from the level 4 lab in Wuhan. My understanding is that the development of bioweapons is prohibited but nevertheless is done in a number of countries. The fact that governments are complicit in the illegal activity means that they cannot acknowledge that the virus is man-made.

To prevent future escapes, publics must demand the cessation of bioweapon research.

Globalism is also a culprit in the spread of the virus. The interdependence that globalism creates means that there is constant travel across national borders that serves to spread illnesses globally.

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Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

10 responses to “Bad Decisions Have Spread Coronavirus”

  1. Jewish PsyOp. Jewish shill.

  2. These arent bad decisions as if by a mistake of bureaucracy, this is a deliberate way to spread this virus to kill us. The governments and WHO are filled with traitors, they are the enemy. They have control of the Police and Military, we, the people who should have control of what is being done in our name, are in fact powerless. So if this virus is the cover used to activate 5G towers, we are being attacked. We can try to organise and fight back like Yellow Vests in France, or let ourselves be picked off. Either way, it could well be the end game, we will be culled and our hope has to be the Creator and his promise of intervening when it is clear no human flesh can continue to survive. Heck even the bees are 75% dead according to another post on this site.

  3. almost as if it’s being spread deliberately……
    but governments wouldn’t do that to us
    would they ????

  4. While I certainly respect PCR, I just as certainly do NOT accept the mexican beer virus
    hysteria. In fact, haven’t seen ANY real proof that this is any different than any other flu hysteria, or that there really is any such “virus”. There has been alot of attempted stampeding of the herd, but just that. What statistics there are PROVE (in my own little
    mind) that it isn’t as virulent (or deadly) as hyped. I also realize that people believe
    what they want to believe, even the so-called scientific “experts”. I am also cognizant
    of politicization; despite Trump wanting to throw 2.5 billion at it,(which is enough to keep
    every man, woman, and child in the US in paper masks for at least a year) senator Chucky and mad-dame speaker say it ain’t enuf. I’m skeptical by nature, true, but this
    alone seems like a familiar hustling, such as sars, west nile, swine, h1n1, lots more…

  5. @ Henry H:

    Patrick, yes it is a Psyop by the Globalist Rothschild Central Banksters to cause a Global Economic Reset/Crash to remove the Usury Fiat Currency Monopoly money system and replace it with a digital electronic crypto-currency (like Bitcoin) Blockchain Ledger technology that the Globalist Central Banksters will bring forth as the solution, since they created the problem under the Hegelian Dialectic (PRS – Problem-Reaction-Solution, one form). The Covid-19 future pandemic will be the cover for this Financial Reset, so as the Banksters avoid blame. PCR is not a shill, he just calls it as he sees it, but avoids blaming the JEWS ( Rothschild AshkeNazi Khazarian Mafia Illuminati Banksters) because his career would be finished, which is what he wants to avoid – no income, no life.

    And as Henry H says there is also a 5G connection to the Covid-19 epidemic. Wuhan where this virus started from was also rolling out 5G just a month or two before the virus was found. Now is the Covid-19 epidemic also a cover for the ill effects of 5G technology. 5G besides causing flu-like symptoms, also causes skin and body cellular damage. Thus you feel like you are being cooked like a turkey in a microwave. 5G also penetrates your brain to cause mind altering effects of thought suggestion and Mind Kontrolle (MK-Ultra – Nazis/OSS/CIA). Thus people can be pacified like sheep, controlled and even have thoughts implanted in the mind, like an Alien Saviour coming down from the sky that will save humanity. Interestingly, Pope Francis, an AntiChrist, is believed to be infected. (Detect possible death by brain haemarhage and then come back to life as a Global rescuer – Head wound, Book of Revelation). For more info on these points and cover-ups, read the latest The Freedom Articles by Makia Freeman and Jon Rappoport’s blog – NoMoreFakeNews.

    PS: I forgot to mention the forced vaccination agenda, as well as spreading more fake news, red herrings to obfuscate and confuse us, as well as the Agenda 21 / 2030 goal of depopulation and transhumanism to turn us into defunct humans or part robot hybrids to destroy our Souls!

  6. Death rate of 1 in 75 is no worse than flu

  7. Roberts is not a Jewish shill. Get real.

  8. This video is worth watching:

  9. Virus is not spreading from Italy, we just happened to make more than 4000 tests on people while France only 400 , let alone Germans or Spanish. Virus it’s likely to be already in all eu but other states are handling it as a standard flu. Who knows whether they are right or not in doing so.

  10. Man-made virus. Have you noticed that stocks are tumbling? The collapse was in the pipe 6 months ago. Now they can blame the virus, now they can reset the markets, now they can slash global living standards, now they can bring in more draconian laws, now they can restrict movement and will save huge sums of money on state and private pensions. Yesterday in the Daily Fail they said: “Doctors will decide not to treat the old & only treat those ‘worth’ saving.” Motive, motive, motive.