Bernie’s Buy-Back Gun Scheme

Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News Feb 26, 2020


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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

8 responses to “Bernie’s Buy-Back Gun Scheme”

  1. Another superb video from The Bro…..beware of Greeks bearing gifts…….also beware of Jewish politicians promising the world……
    Guns are the only thing standing in the way of a complete Jewish takeover…..and THAT would be a disaster.
    America is a democracy in name only….it is actually a Jewish Oligarchy….much like Britain and France.

    The Jewish prodooced TV show “Madame Secretary” starring Jews….including the Madame herself who is actually a Jewish blue blood (or green blood if you’re an Icke supporter)….has now made Madame Secretary….the president of the USA….wow!….you cant help wondering if these actors momentarily at least,believe they are actually the people they portray in the series….
    The whole thing is an absurd nonsense……but Americans in their droves will actually believe it….
    Watched in short bursts it can entertaining from a comedy point of view…..the fuzzy headed token Muslim played by a jew is hilarious but he is easily eclipsed by the Bull Dyke Lesbian,who no doubt,is a lesbian in real life.

  2. CIA whistleblowers have said, the plan is in 2 stages
    first disarm the people
    then bring into action the Fema camps for all dissidents peaceniks antiwar types
    and even those opposed to homosexual perversion.
    This is the plan.Keep your guns and thankyou Brother nathanial

  3. Why are Jews like Sanders, Schumer, Bloomberg, & Co, obsessed with destroying 2nd Amendment Civil Rights, disarming citizens, taking their guns ?

    Because that’s what conquerors do to the conquered. After people are disarmed they are easy to arrest, imprison,execute, hang, put in front of firing squads, any atrocities the conquerors want to commit.

    40 to 100 million Christians were murdered by the Bolshevik Jews after the Jews murdered Czar Nicholas, his wife, and children, and seized power over the Russian government. That exemplifies what to expect when Jews rule over Christians.

    Just like the destruction of Christianity, the destruction of 2nd Amendment Civil Rights is a Jewish operation.

  4. This video is his BS. Go and have a long look at Bernie Record on Guns. He is a senator in Vermont which has No gun control. Ernie is not in favour of Back ground checks.
    I’m no Bernie fan. I’m Trump all the way.
    Go and have a look at Bernie Voting record on Guns.
    Bernie ain’t taking the Guns.

  5. This “buy back” idea sounds like what happened here in New Zealand after the mosque shootings in March last year. Most folk exchanged their assault-style rifles for $$$ gladly, but those who refuse to play along are being prosecuted.
    Meanwhile the NZ police are now armed to the teeth. It doesn’t seem to have helped. Shootings were a rarity here not so long ago and NZ was a relatively peaceful, easy going place. Now we hear police sirens every five minutes and gun related incidents are commonplace.
    Yup, great idea this gun buyback scheme (sarcasm).

  6. Knaper is 10 times smarter, wiser, better, more trustworthy, decent and honest than Sanders or anyone in either the Democratic and Republican stables, and exactly why he would never qualify these days for the President of the United States.

  7. stop falling for this cartoonish k*ke twat…when will you septics learn!

  8. I mean Sanders..not Bro Nathaniel