Generation “Z ombie” – The Illuminati Generation – Feb 26, 2020

At least boomers have a recollection of truth. 
L.C. Vincent laments the plight of young people today.

by LC Vincent ( 

Generation “Z”, (b. 1990’s) has been under the mental programming of the mass media and social networks from the day they were born until the present.
Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov warned the West that the corruption and demoralization of Western culture was planned and implemented decades prior with the entrance of the Frankfurt School and their infiltration of American teacher colleges.
Today, we see the results of their unrelenting subversion:  an aimless, rudderless population devoid of any permanent values, addicted to pornography and immediate gratification, massive drug addiction, chronic depression and highly elevated rates of suicide.


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  1. George Soros finances Antifa the anti democracy movement
    also NAMBLA the homosexual man boy movement
    the masses of people coming to the west as Israel clears the Middle east
    this is also paid for by Soros, who is a DLJ a Dirty Little Jewboy

  2. Naked we come into this world and ignorant as well.

    People in their teens haven’t lived long enough to accumulate much knowledge. Ignorance and youth are bound together like mortar binds bricks together. Gen Z now is like the boomer generation was when they got in their teens and 20s.

    To make matters worse the jews media drowns us in brainwash with TV, fake news, movies, textbooks, and the garbage mentioned in Vincent’s Generation Z article.

    Most goyim go from cradle to crave with no awareness of the Jew World Order. If Jews in high places succeed in censoring the internet then an even higher percentage of gentiles will be kept in the dark.

  3. Our education system produces solipsistic self contained selves whose only public commitment is an absence of commitment to a public common culture a shared history. They are perfectly hallowed vessels receptive and obedient without any real obligations or devotions.
    It aims to produce cultural amnesia, a wholesale lack of curiosity, historyless free agents and educational goals composed of content free processes and unexamined buzzwords like diversity, social justice, cultural competence etc.
    Patrick Deneen being kind.
    Kids are the Madonna look at me syndrome, expert’s in appearing as if morally guided, yet never translating such morality to anything meaningful in reality.
    This lot of kids are guaranteed to be perpetual kids. Not only that very few will grow old wisely, their mortality rates will increase dramatically as their retirements very rarely come to fruition. And that’s all the sympathy they deserve as they keep asking for a permanent early retirement.

  4. The second picture tells it all. We are being deliberately fragmented and separated from one another as a society by our technology and electronic pseudo reality. The people the girls are hanging out with are simply not as interesting or important as someone or some message transported though the electronic media. If two people were seen to be actually talking together they would look so unconnected, isolated, and incomplete.

    Perhaps, I should get off of the internet for Lent and start conversing more with my wife.

    The creator of the cult series Star Trek Gene Roddenderry, was a fighter pilot in W W II, who flew an amazing 89 combat missions,
    he was a very brave man, who would later claim war was the most futile of experiences, and would propagate anti-war ideas in his programmes of life on other planets that were years ahead of his time, and these spawned many offshoot and copycat programmes from his original ideas on space travel and peoples from different worlds working together, what he learnt in this
    wartime period of his life gave him an innate feel for space flight which was both gripping believeable and contagious for viewers.
    No normal person today really approves of racial supremecism, the idea that some race, religion or boys club is better superior or ‘obove’ others,
    and Gene Roddenderry’s time as a pilot gave him a feel for space flight which was both believable gripping and contagious for viewers.
    But he experienced much antagonism in his battle to get his programmes made at all, Gene a Southern Baptist working in an almost totally Jewish
    industry, felt they constantly tried to sideline him and take his ideas, he constantly refered to jews as vampires
    Gene Roddenberry was a creative and clever man, and like the true artist who puts clues in his books or paintings, so did Gene.
    His Depiction in the Star Trek series of the Ferengi was remarkable, they were a alien race ruled by mother figures,
    whose sole goal in life was to amass wealth under ‘the rules of aquisition’ these 286 rules were a parody of the book ‘The Protocols of the elders of Zion’
    and a gentle mickey take of the Jews of Hollywood.
    These Ferengi were dealers in precious metals called ‘Latinum ‘ and were a clever swarthy inbred people, who got other races to fight their wars through manipulation.
    The word ferengi, comes originally from the hindu and means a stranger or an alien person, Roddenberry adapted this to mimic what he saw around him,
    and hit back at what he saw as the closed shop in show business, his popular Spock character was a man without emotion or consciensce,
    who gave the tradititional ‘Rabbis salute’ of the horned god made popular by Winston Churchill in W W II
    Screenwriter and colleague Ira Steven Behr went on to write 53 episides of the spin off series Deep Space 9.
    The original costumes of the Star Trek crew Roddenderry wanted in an orange colour because when king William of Orange came to Britain with an army to claim the British throne, he was assisted by john Churchill the first Duke of Malborough in oct 1687.
    Rothschild money paid for the army and bought Churchill’s assistance for 60,000 pounds, to bring in a protestant ruler.
    Loyal Dutch growers of carrots which originally were many colours, white, red purple black and several shades of yellow,then
    combined the colours to make them orange in honour of the Netherlands House of Orange , and the red of Rothschild
    and in thanks Rothschild was granted permission to start the bank of England in 1694.
    Rothschild manipulation of the stock exchange after the napoloeonic war, gave them control of the British economy stock exchange and Royal family from this point, and
    when the salvation army wanted money to get the religion going, Rothschild would only agree if they used his red shield as their badge,
    Rothschild literally means ‘Red Shield’ and this the Salvation Army still have.
    Rothschild through the Chase Manhattan bank in W W 1 was said to have taken over the Mormon Church from Heber J Grant, and took it down a road,
    away from its roots causing many schisms, the coming financial exploitation was blamed on Jesuits and communist infiltrators,
    but as with all large financial irregularity, all roads lead to Rothschild.
    World War 1 where every country was promised money to fight from various Rothschild banks, was a huge money spinner
    remember, ‘Profit is all’ and at the Versailles treaty after W W 1 Germany was bled so bad economically, that this was the origin of W W II
    After W W 1 Rothschild in 1920 diluted the British silver currency to half silver half cupro nickel, and took a fortune from the precious metal.
    and again after W W II in 1946 took out the silver from British coinage altogether.
    One of the largest Soviet spy rings ever discovered was called the ‘Red Orchestra’ and several other spy rings existed within this main ring,
    and run from two houses in France and Germany, owned it was said by the Rothschilds group, as in the Trinity College rings kept together
    by Lord Rothschild personally.
    Red is the colour of the revolutionary, and of spilt blood, but along with black are the colours of Satanism
    which is no doubt why Rothschild chose it.
    Gene Roddenderry said, Racial supremacy and elitism is a horrible thing, and no one should ever think they have the right to downtrod others who may be different,
    and reminded us, ‘To Love thy neighbour’
    Roddenderry died in October 24 1991, remember the man and his message in this, the month of his birth.
    Narinder Patel

  6. @ Narinder Patel

    Look more closely at Rodenberry/Rodenderry. You ignored his dark side productions

    Trump’s Space Force Identity Linked to Satanist Gene Roddenberry and His Occult Creation Star Trek.

    “Unfortunately, the only easily accessible way to get your eyeballs on Spectre is via a random murky YouTube upload, so there’s no HD rendering of, say, the eye-popping Black Mass at the film’s climax, featuring a pre-Alien John Hurt and a scantily clad contingent of demon worshippers. ”

    This time we check out Gene’s take on devil worship, Spectre.

    ” several of Genesis II’s characters, establishing shots, props, and sets, and lifts its story from something that’s mentioned in passing when Dylan Hunt visits the big mutant city for the first time: one of Earth’s post-apocalyptic societies is a matriarchy where men are kept as pets.”

    “By 1977, when Spectre aired, people in the United States were well aware of both personality-based cults and alternative religions. The nation’s youth were exploring everything from Eastern mysticism to pre-Christian European paganism. Such “witchcraft cults” were the subject of horror movies like 1969’s Curse of the Crimson Altar. But it wasn’t until 1981, with the rise of the so-called “Moral Majority” and the publishing of fabricated memoir/case study “Michelle Remembers”, that Satanic Cults in particular and their penchant for rape and human sacrifice became a national obsession. Not even Twisted Sister was safe. So it comes as an interesting little surprise that Gene Roddenberry produced a film on Satanic ritual abuse four years before Christians lost their collective minds over it.”

  7. Makow does, at times, come out with some excellent articles, but his stance on the holocaust and a deliberate genocide policy by HItler, when there is clear evidence of him giving orders to stop the execution (by gun) of Jews as they were vital to the German war effort (He sent Himmler with the SS to execute camp commandants to make the point),

    Anyway….As I’ve stated in previous posts, the younger generations are zombies. They’re the walking dead, ironically at a time when the movie and gaming industry are flooded with zombie films and games. There are some, within the younger generations who are clearly wide awake, compared to being ‘woke’ but they are a tiny, tiny minority. And sadly, when the civil war comes, there will need to be a hell of a lot of culling of these younger zombies, because they will never, ever see the truth as they are ‘contaminated’ to use a Russian saying, meaning completely lost to the cause. They are completely ignorant on life, having been conditioned, from a young age, to become celebrity worshiping, LGBTQ+ loving, wage slaves. They have been programmed to hate their culture, hate their nation and do whatever it takes to bring about the NWO’s agenda of destroying the European peoples and their civilisation. These morons, will walk around with black people, incredibly racist black people that is and do nothing while the blacks call white people ‘honkies’ and ‘crackers; spitting and attacking them and do nothing. You would NEVER, EVER, EVER see any black man do the same were the roles reversed. Never in a million years. Anyone, who goes against their own nation, to fight against it, is the lowest form of life on this earth and they’re beyond saving.

    Regardless, the European peoples will come under the rule of Islam, simply through procreation, but I do believe there will be civil war before that, probably within the next 20 years. And you will see a mass culling of whites, by whites. It is a pitiful future for the European peoples sadly and the zombie generation are the swan song. I’m sure many of them, will, at the last moment awaken, with a tear in their eye, having fought for their enemy, destroying their fellow nationals, who only wanted to save them and their nation from destruction, but it will be short lived. The tears in the eyes and realisation will be followed with the thud of a machete, hacking into their neck or bludgeoning instrument bashing in their skull. When your own nation fights against one another, for the enemy, you nation is dead. The Scots did it and eventually murdered the Scot’s nation in 1746 at the Battle of Culloden. Those who live in Scotland today are automatons, walking dead, who are thicker than porridge and haven’t a clue what’s going on.

  8. I was just talking about it, but on other site.

  9. The Wild Zewz of The Ferengeti

    “Gene Roddenberry was a creative and clever man, and like the true artist who puts clues in his books or paintings, so did Gene. His Depiction in the Star Trek series of the Ferengi was remarkable, they were a alien race ruled by mother figures, whose sole goal in life was to amass wealth under ‘the rules of aquisition’ these 286 rules were a parody of the book ‘The Protocols of the elders of Zion’ and a gentle mickey take of the Jews of Hollywood.

    These Ferengi were dealers in precious metals called ‘Latinum ‘ and were a clever swarthy inbred people, who got other races to fight their wars through manipulation.”

    Jeepers creepers… I wonder (((WHO))) Roddenberry was alluding to?

    The Klingons? Nope. It’s….
    The (((Grabblers))), The (((Blablers))) & The Wild Zewz of The Ferengeti