British politicians covered up child sex abuse for decades’

Elizabeth Howcroft – Reuters Feb 25, 2020

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher pushed for a knighthood for serial child sex abuser Jimmy Savile, seen here together at a 1980 fundraising event for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Click to enlarge

British politicians turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse of children and actively covered up allegations over decades, an independent inquiry into historical sex offences in Westminster has found.

The inquiry did not find evidence of an organised paedophile network in its examination of the period, covering the 1960s through until the ’90s.

But the report found there “have been significant failures by Westminster institutions in their responses to allegations of child sexual abuse”.

“This included failure to recognise it, turning a blind eye to it, actively shielding and protecting child sexual abusers and covering up allegations,” said the summary of the report.

The 173-page report, published on Tuesday, found several members of parliament in the 1970s and ’80s, including Peter Morrison and Cyril Smith, were “known or rumoured to be active in their sexual interest in children and were protected from prosecution in a number of ways”, by police, prosecutors and political parties.

Peter Morrison was the private secretary to Margaret Thatcher, the British prime minister at the time.

Both Morrison and Smith received knighthoods – a British honour which awards the title “Sir”.

The inquiry found about 30 instances of people’s honours being forfeited after they were convicted of crimes involving sexual abuse.

Thatcher also pushed for a knighthood for Jimmy Savile, which he got in 1990, despite revelations in the media about the TV presenter’s sexual abuse of children, the report said. The inquiry also discussed the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which campaigned for the public acceptance of paedophilia and for changes in the law to allow adults to have sex with children.

It was accepted by some charities as the voice of an oppressed sexual minority and took part in London’s gay pride march in 1983.

“PIE’s aims were given foolish and misguided support for several years by people and organisations who should have known better… There was a fundamental failure to see the problem and a lack of moral courage to confront it,” the report said.

The inquiry found no evidence that the Home Office funded the campaign group

Home Secretary Priti Patel hailed the “strength and courage” of the victims who testified during the inquiry.

“The government will review this report and consider how to respond to its content in due course,” she said in a statement.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) – of which the Westminster investigation is one strand – is one of the largest and most expensive ever undertaken in the United Kingdom.

It began work in 2017 and is expected to take five years to complete.


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  1. Margaret Thatcher a supposed Christian stood as a candidate for N Finchley a part of London populated by a heavy jewish community, she would not have stooda cats chance in hell of being elected. But the synagogues told the jews that she was Rothschilds favourite
    so they had to vote for her.Thatcher did everything rothschild demanded as did Edward heath. when the peoples favourite Enoch Powell broke ranks and told the public what was in store exactly as George Orwell and Oswald Mosely did, Heath wanted Powell assassinated, not one S A S man accepted the role, so popular was Powell.
    Mosad acknoledges that Jimmy Sanvile was working for them since the days of Menachem Begin, himself exposed as a ruthless kidnapper rapist and killer of small arab boys.
    The last Prime Minister who actually worked for the British electorate was Neville Chamberlian

  2. 1. “Historical doubts: was Churchill secretly homosexual?”

    The article is in English language, written by Michael Bloch for “The Daily Mail”, 26 May 2015.

    2. Given the fact that even Churchill’s homesexuality has been hidden for a very long time, no wonder at all that British politicians covered up child sex abuse for decades.

    Best regards.

    Fabrice, greetings from Italy.

  3. Well for a start, ignore anything that Priti Patel utters. She’s on the payroll.Nothing will change on her watch. You have to ask the question, how thick was Thatcher with all those miscreants? Was she actively involved herself? I would say a resounding ” Yes! “………Sovile at Chequers over all those Christmas recesses when she was PM? But ask the average Tory Brit, what they think of her and you’ll get superlative accolades thrown at you. Truth is the so called Houses of Parliament are dens of iniquity. I wouldn’t fancy the chances of any honest, authentic member lasting very long there, and if they were to step out of line too far, it could be the ” suicide ” snuff out.

  4. I attended a talk many years back by an arthriticy od chap who looked after the Churchill secretaries security after his death
    He told us that Churchills secretary John Colvile used to bright boys from orphanages to churchill, and was on record as saying in the wartime blackout he was sent out strongly against his will to fetch a young boy for Churchill.
    Churchilld secretary at one point was Lord Boothby of whom it was said he would screw anything man woman child or animal, but his favourite was underage boys, now this man was very close to churchill and they would get drunk in the london clubs together, because Churchill was so hated by the British public his main bodyguard Walter Thompson said he always had to step in to protect Churchill and get him safley back when churchill could not walk through drink

  5. Wasn’t Churchill the product of sexual perversions ?

    Was Winston Churchill the lovechild of the King of Serbia?
    ” Author claims Lady Churchill met Milan Obrenovic while studying in Paris
    Dragoslava Koprivica claims Lady Churchill’s sister wrote about their love
    She claims Churchill tried to cover up romance by altering mother’s diary
    Koprivica even claims that Joseph Stalin may have known about romance ”

    Was Winston Churchill the illegitimate son of King Edward VII?

    Winston Churchill: The ‘secret’ brother
    “Winston Churchill’s brother was airbrushed out of history, his father was unfairly vilified and his scandalous mother cheated her sons out of their inheritance – a new book rewrites the troubled story of one of Britain’s greatest families, says historian Andrew Roberts”

    The filth from this man goes on and on

    A DOCUMENTARY team is investigating whether Winston Churchill’s right hand man, Irishman Brendan Bracken, was really his illegitimate son.
    Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, whom according to Greg Hallet, is the illegitimate child of Edward VII,[1] was an ardent Zionist with the role of berating Bolshevism to form the fantasy of division within the Jewish Messianic cult so they could offer up their speciality of opposing sides they control allowing a theology for the Bolshevik, Karl Marx and his action, and the theology for the political division in which God said subversion and ordered his faithful to birth Zionism.
    Winston Churchill, his mother and the philandering Prince
    Winston Churchill’s mother had a two-year sexual liaison with King Edward VII, the Queen’s great-grandfather, according to a new book. Lady Randolph also swindled the wartime Prime Minister and …

  6. These vile villainous sickos, predictors on the innocents, have been damned and slammed with the promised millstone necklace and cast into utter Darkness! (see Mat.18.6)

  7. ” because Churchill was so hated by the British public his main bodyguard Walter Thompson said he always had to step in to protect Churchill and get him safley back when churchill could not walk through drink”

  8. @John

    Thank you very much for your very interesting comment.

  9. I listened to an old episode of Conspiracy radio news, this dealt with the BBC homosexual Disc Jockeys after the young boys.
    Apparently the magazines BumBoy and Homo were first published on Evangelical church
    machines by the Norfolk pastor Fred Seaman.
    Police knew this man was publishing these vile magazines before they were published in Holland, but never prosecuted him, why ? the radio expert said Police wanted to know who was receiving these pics in mags with naked underage boys, but still did nothing about it
    as police were told ” hands off ”
    What is the point of having police if they dont do their job ?

  10. Probably no action was taken at the behest of the “intelligence services”, who could then target individuals and use the compromising material they had to manipulate them with threats of exposure.

  11. Greg Hallet has been exposed as another Benjamin Fulford
    according to him Adolf Hitler was a British agent paid by Churchill.
    A lot of the signatures to get Churchills face off our banknotes
    and his statues taken down, were from serving Inteligence officers
    i know as my brother in law took the petition into work with him.
    Apologists for Churchill dismiss his crimes by saying ah he was drunk or mad,
    the fact is, he thought and acted like a dirty jew.
    If it thinks like a jew
    acts like a jew
    and looks like a jew,,, then it damn well is a jew

  12. My grandmother Edna Harrison was in service as a young women
    she worked in several grand houses, she said years back that Churchill was a poof
    and could not be left alone with small boys.
    Mum said half the men who signed up for Churchills wars would not have done so if they had known the man was a poof.