Trump Imitates Democrats, Celebrates Homosexuality

We may be witnessing the greatest moral pivot of our time, and it may be the tipping point that brings about the end of America as we know it. Seemingly overnight, Democrat and Republican leaders are all waving rainbow flags, heralding the advent of Sodom.

Fr. Joseph Gleason – Russian Faith Feb 22, 2020

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America is quickly becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah, and as we fall headlong into the 2020 presidential election season, there are those of us who want to see it stop.

We know the liberal Democrats have been supporting degenerate homosexuals for years. The tragedy is that now we are given no other options, even from Republicans. On this crucial issue, Trump has sold the farm and joined forces with the Democrats.

It is obvious that this liberal madness is supported by Bernie and Buttigieg. But for some reason, it is less obvious (to some) that Trump is on the same bandwagon.

This issue is of utmost importance. Homosexual activists are causing the persecution of Christian families, threatening us in ways that no one else does. People are being denied employment, fired from their jobs, and denied the right to adopt children, merely because they don’t agree with legalized sodomy. And new laws are being passed, putting parents at risk of losing their own children if they don’t fully submit to the lavender mafia. This madness needs to be stopped, and it needs to be stopped now.

Before Americans make voting decisions, they need to be informed — especially in regard to serious issues like this one. Multiple cultures have been destroyed because of homosexual sex, and we don’t want to see the same thing happen to America.

Here is an overview of Trump’s history with the homosexual movement, both before and after his election as President of the United States. We will consider his views and activities in the Past, Present, & Future:

Past  Before Trump’s Presidency:

Present During Trump’s Presidency:

Future Looking to the Horizon, After Trump’s Presidency:



1 — Trump Attends Homosexual “Marriage” Ceremony

In August 2015, an interview with Donald Trump was released, revealing his attendance at a homosexual “marriage” ceremony:

Interviewer: Have you been to a gay wedding?

Trump: “Yes, I have. [Broadway theater owner] Jordan Roth. You know Jordan, right? Great guy.”

Interviewer: So is this a dead issue for the GOP at this point?

Trump: “Some people have hopes of passing amendments, but it’s not going to happen . . . The Supreme Court ruled on it.”

2 — Trump: Elton John Has a “Marriage That’s Going to Work”

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19 responses to “Trump Imitates Democrats, Celebrates Homosexuality”

  1. what filthy sick bastards

  2. “Grenell is also active in promoting worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality, an agenda that has Donald Trump’s blessing but which has not please some administration religious fundamentalists like Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pence. Grenell objected to Pompeo’s decision not to support the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, and was also critical of Pompeo’s blocking of a proposal to fly the gay pride flag from the same flagpole as the American flag at embassies across the world.”

  3. No wonder at all!!

    Here are the main reasons.

    1. Donald Trump’s mentor

    Fast forward to Manhattan, 1973. Cohn was at Le Club—a hangout for rich people—when a man turned to him and asked his advice about Justice Department allegations that his real estate company had discriminated against black tenants. That man was future Republican president Donald Trump, and Cohn advised, “tell them to go to hell.”

    Soon afterward, Cohn started working as Trump’s personal lawyer. Cohn served as a mentor to the businessman, helping him to navigate the world of New York’s power brokers. Cohn also famously introduced him to the political strategist Roger Stone, a self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” who advised his presidential campaign.

    Trump was one of many prominent clients during Cohn’s career, including Nancy Reagan, to whom he became close; the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York and suspected Mafia bosses Carmine Galante and “Fat Tony” Salerno.

    2. AIDS and Later Portrayal

    Cohn was diagnosed with AIDS in 1984. Although Ronald Reagan was famously slow to take action during the AIDS epidemic, he helped Cohn secure an experimental treatment after his diagnosis. As with the Lavender Scare, Reagan’s assistance was an instance in which Cohn’s personal politics and connections protected or benefited him as a gay man, but not LGBT people as a group.

    Reference and continuation on:

    Best regards.

    Fabrice, greetings from Italy

    This is nothing unusual….Sakozy vs Hollande…both jews.Macron vs Hollande…both Jews.
    Johnson vs Corbyn….both jews.
    The same strategy is used in other democracies….


    SURELY???…..This is obvious to anyone with a modicum of common sense……

    There are photos of Trump cosying up to the Clinton’s….that’s because their disagreements are for public consumption…..only.

    Trump is PART of the Swamp…..he couldnt be anything else….otherwise he would never have been allowed to run for president……they’ll run a weak candidate against him to ensure he wins.

    Theres a very real danger that after winning the next election…..that he will have nothing to lose and that means a March toward war with Iran……it could be WORSE than that……a global conflict could kick off…..under which Israel attack Lebanon and Syria….or rather get America to do it……on some “trumped” up pretext of course.
    Perhaps they’ll throw in an economic crisis to kick start the conflict…..rather like the thirties depression.

  5. Agreed, filthy sick bastards.

  6. Trump was a fraud, what else is new? You should judge the tree by its fruit, said Jesus the Son of God. Since when Trump’s tree produced good fruit in his life? Why Christians were so easily duped? Because they don’t read their Bibles and they don’t prey to Jesus to request the presence of the Holy Spirit inside them, so He can reveal all the secrets to them….

  7. Democrats, Republicans, they are on the same team; they go to the same parties. Hegelian Dialectic at work.

    Satan’s church and global government do not include the laws that God set in place.
    God and His people win in the end.

  8. Baphomet is the Icon they venerate. ( the androgynous one, male & female )
    The Devil Hates Women ! ( There is enmity between his seed and Her seed. )
    “Pride” is what caused the fall of Lucifer so it is no surprise that “Pride” is thrown back in our faces to demoralize this nation.

    What does God hate, you ask? Solomon answers the question in the Book of Proverbs. We read: “These six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren” (Proverbs 6:16-19).

    First, God hates a proud look. The Bible says, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). It says, “those who walk in pride He is able to put down” (Daniel 4:37). And again the Bible says, “Behold, I am against you, O most haughty one!” (Jeremiah 50:31).

    In almost every instance in the Bible, as well as in life, pride is associated with failure, not success. We hear a great deal about the inferiority complex, but the superiority complex of pride is seldom spoken of. Pride caused the fall of Lucifer, and he became Satan, the devil.

    Pride keeps thousands away from Christ today. What will my friends say? What will my family think? Will my reputation be affected if I become a Christian?

  9. I’m just laughing at this. The minute Trump came on the scene I immediately stated he was a shill, a puppet of Zion and Jewry, a purveyor of BS, a snake oil salesman and certainly not to be trusted. I stated people continue to fall for the honeyed words and nothing changes, well for the better (unless you’re a Jew, a sodomite, a lesbian, a transgender, a feminist and/or a immigrant. In other words, if you’re a member of a minority, Trump’s your man) that is.

    All of you are being read like a book. You’ve been studied continuously for the last 100+ years at least. You’ve been monitored on social media, while the state’s implemented draconian legislation, one after the other, to gauge your reaction. They know the majority’s every move. They know a small minority of the USA knows what’s going on, but they’re the 50+ generation and pose no threat. They’ve the younger generations, you’re future and that’s all that matters. You’d be lucky to find someone in the 35-50 generation who disagrees with LGBTQ, probably 1 in 50 if you’re lucky. In the 20-35 maybe 1 in 150. Don’t even bother with the youngest. They’re either homo, bi, or have one as a family member.

    They know when society is angry, so they change the flow, to appease the masses. They bring in, what you thought was, a hardliner and who’d drain the swamp. How he’d put Clinton behind bars and investigate the CIA and 9/11. You were told what you wanted to hear. And nothing’s happened.

    You’re watching a play. You’re sitting in the audience watching BS played off as truth. All the politicians, whether republican, democrat or independent have to bow to the Jew or no political career. When you do, however, a world of riches awaits, as long as you do as you’re told. Blair and Obama are now millionaires. All politicians prostrate themselves to LGBTQ.

    Your f*cked people. This is the best it’s going to get for you. Expect far worse times ahead. I’m waiting for the situation to arise when tranny teachers start molesting children and when the parent tries to intervene, they’re arrested and charged with a transphobic hate crime.
    The older generations’ lives will be like living in hell. The younger generation will accept this depravity, more and more, something you and all right minded, intelligent people never will. There will be more clampdown on heterosexuality, more arrests the police move totally into NKVD/Stasi mode. Suicide rates will explode in the 50+ and above.
    Don’t you recall Queen Oprah stating “old white people just have to die off”? And you will.

    Tipping point has passed. You can’t stop this in the US & the UK. Your 50 and under generation are ‘contaminated’. You’ve lost them and the future of your nation. They’ll come under the control of Islam.
    However, on a good note, to lighten reality from my simple reading of it, a third of Poland has now been designated LGBTQ free.

    Yup, the former communist lands know the game. The dodos in the US & UK will have to have their mass cull, to see through the eyes of the far more wise , intelligent and prescient Eastern Europeans.

    If you’re going to continue the sham of democracy, expect your lives to get worse, to the point of contemplating suicide. Oh and finally, Jesus isn’t coming back to save you all. If history is going to repeat itself then expect the modern Sodoms and Gomorrahs to be dealt with as they were in the past.

  10. “End of America as we know it?” Please.

    The whole of Western Civilization “as we knew it” ended quite a long time ago as far as the average Westerner is concerned.

    It’s only the pundit class blind enough to think if we “renew” or “revive” enough we’ll eventually get somewhere. Wrong. Let it all fall, let it fall hard. Only then will the decent and strong among us create a newer, stronger version that serves the future better.

  11. Here’s a good one, Buttegg and Obongo speech compared side to side:

    CIA Homosexual clones?

  12. Obvious it is. The Satanic New World Order at work. Destruction of National sovereignty . Destruction of the Nuclear Family. Destruction of Christianity. …….and now the worship of Satan!!!!!!…………………….This planet is doomed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Time for the Christian Soldier ( who is outnumbered ) to be strong in the name of the savior Jesus The Christ !!!!!!!!

  13. For 40 years almost all my working life i would have to counsel kids who had been got at by homosexuals. I heard some horrific stories, the man who did it before me Andy Digweed was a good god fearing man, he took his life it disturbed him so much.
    Tony Blair D Noticed the Nene report 72 pages documenting Homosexual abuse
    in UK care homes, 16 London area boys homes were rife with visiting homosexuals
    abusing the children.
    There are some very sick people out there.
    Any government which brings in Heterophobic laws is sick and an enemy of its own electorate

  14. @Harbinger

    Another great post, thank you but please explain more about how Sodom and Gemorrahs were dealt with as you obviously dont mean the original such cities as these were dealt with by God. How else can this filth be dealt with? Can people fight back?

  15. Henry H,

    Well, you can’t really fightback, well you can but in doing so you’ll most likely be arrested and imprisoned for hate speech, homophobia, transphobia etc. And if you go full, metal jacket then you deal with armed police, mercenaries and the armed forces (both the same but the former are better paid). And in this case, well, you become target practice.

    So, yes, I mean modern cities being dealt with, by God as was done to Sodom & Gomorrah in the past. However, I have a strong feeling that Islamisation will occur by 2060 certainly, so they’ll certainly clean up the LGBTQ+ madness.

    You can’t win this. You’ve lost your future. Cultural Marxism snatched your descendants from you. It taught them to hate their culture, their nation and their civilisation. It taught them to destroy their future and become debt slaves.
    To understand the gravity of how bad society is, look at what happened in Rotherham in England? What do you think would have happened to the perpetrators, had they been white in a Muslim country? The police did nothing. The politicians did nothing. The men of Rotherham did nothing. Nation no longer exists. They’ve accepted immigration. It’s destroyed them. Their no longer is any community and with it that unique bond.

    As I’ve stated before, I’m with Nick Griffin, formerly leader of the BNP, who started that the best thing to do is pack your bags, get out of the US, UK, France, Sweden etc, all western European lands and migrate to former Soviet block/eastern European lands and help them fight against Islamisation and the New World Order. Their nation is very much alive, while ours sings its swan song. What has happened, with the rise of the LGBTQ+ is clear proof that the west is ready for destruction. I’m sorry but we’ve had 4 successive generations of Marxist indoctrination. You simply can’t reprogram that damage.

  16. The British Government have no morals whatsoever. They deliberately sneaked in the “Secret courts act” under cover of legalising Homosexual marriage.

  17. When will the Amerikans wake up and face their Fake Jew problem???

  18. @ Freida

    Answer : It won’t happen. Most Americans could not identify a false Jew because they have no idea what that is. Roman Catholicism ( false Jewry ) has soured most Christian leaning people to just go where they hear what they want to hear with no discernment of the truth and no grasp of religious History. No, the ‘Amerikans’ have decided to settle for what feels good, what sounds good and what doesn’t take any critical thought to go along with. We have been shaped, molded, and nudged by the minions of Satan to accept all the delusions and deceptions without ever questioning anything.

    The mindset of the friends, family and acquaintances I know is set in concrete and automatically rejects anything that counters the status quo. I get character assassinated for stating truth with facts on a regular basis. The Truth is not popular anymore, with opinion being more important. Intellect has pushed knowledge aside and rational thought has left the building.

    The Propagandists have the upper hand and Fear Porn rules the Day.

  19. @Freida,

    The problem with America and the world isn’t ‘fake’ Jews but simply JEWS.

    Who are the Jews?
    Well, they are not who they state that they are and I mean ALL Jews. The Khazarian story is merely a red herring to further keep people going down the wrong road in understanding who and what the Jews really are.

    So who are the Jews?
    The Jews, is the term given to an inhabitant of Judea. And we are somehow led to believe that EVERYONE who lived in Judea, the province of Rome, was a Hebrew.
    No, far, far from it.
    Within Judea lived many different peoples, all worshiping their many deities – Sumerian, Babylonian, Roman, Greek, Zoroastrian….the list goes on and on. Only a small handful of peoples actually worshiped God and the teachings within the bible of the Hebrews.
    The Jews were destroyed by the Romans in AD 70 when they destroyed their temple and scattered them. The Hebrews, on the other hand went west, into Europe and became who we are today. European peoples are the lost tribes of Israel and there isn’t one Jew within them.

    The Jews are the descendants of the Edomites, the Jebicites, the Canaanites…and so on. They are the peoples whom God told the Hebrews to kill, but they didn’t and now we have the problem that should have been taken care of a long time ago.
    The Jews (ALL JEWS) have taken the fake persona of being descendants of the Hebrews and Israelites, when not one among them is.
    The Jews CHANGED the word Iew in the bible meaning ‘of Judea’ to Jew and in doing so, started the brainwashing that everyone in Judea was a Jew. Wrong, wrong and wrong. People in the past knew this. Christians that is, but today they are nothing but the lick spittles of the Jew, controlled by the Vatican, themselves controlled by the Pharisees (Sanhedrin – the people who executed Christ).

    The problem in the west isn’t just Jews, but the loony, ignorant Christians who worship them, believing that’s who Christ is coming back for. But they are not his sheep as he speaks about in the bible. If you recall, Christ would not walk in Judea because he feared the Jews would kill him.

    The Jew is a liar. The Jew is a deceiver. The Jew is the worker of the devil, bringing in his rule.

    I suggest you have a read of the following website. This man knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the Jews. It’s high time more people woke up to understand that it isn’t about the ‘fake’ Jews (Khazarians) because all Jews are fake in that not one is a Hebrew/Israelite.

    You don’t know who the Jews are because the Jew has been telling you who they are and they’re all liars.