Merkeba I

My wife and I believe that the Hall of Records is not something to be dug up and found in the traditional sense as most Hall of Record researchers are claiming. Rather we strongly believe that this store house of knowledge exists in a higher field of consciousness and can only be accessed spiritually and from within the core of our own being. There is still much to be understood with regards to the wisdom of the ancients and especially the advanced spiritual knowledge of the Atlanteans.

Based on my 20 years of metaphysical research, intuitive feelings brought out by meditation and the continuing contact with otherworldly entities, it is my premise that the planet earth was once surrounded by a highly advanced electromagnetic grid system that was set up by the ancient people’s to harness the earth’s magnetic field; in effect it was utilized for healing, transportation, inter-dimensional flux, mind development and an all around energy source for just about all their needs.

Crystals played an important part in this advanced science of grid technology and were the main tools to interconnect and harness this world grid. By building special geometric edifices made up of certain special minerals and stones like the pyramids of Giza and other stone structures throughout the world and placing them on power areas all around the planet, a magnetic generator was built unlike any technology we have today or can presently conceive. For this energy was harnessed from mother earth herself, infinite, powerful and unlimited. You can actually say that through the pores of Mother Earth lies the power of the universe itself.

The same energy centres and chakras that exist around our planet also exist within and without the human body. The science of acupuncture was based on an understanding of this and the ancient Chinese used the term Dragon paths (Lung mai or Dragon veins, ed.) to describe these lines of power criss-crossing our planet and the human body. Is there a connection with the planetary grid and our bodies? Is there an underlying principle based on natural law that unifies these 2 basic systems? Does the human bodies endocrine and brain systems work on the same magnetic forces as Mother Earth? If this is indeed true then the crystals that were set up by the ancients have a direct connection with our mind and thought processes, interlocking the very essence of our genetic makeup and evolutionary development.

It is my belief that the electromagnetic energy that connects the world and body grid system is acoustical in nature and sound and harmonics play an important role in not only activating the ancient grid, but also activating the storage crystals around the world which hold the memory of all mankind’s history on this planet as well as advanced light technologies put together by higher forms of intelligences existing on higher octaves of light and consciousness.

I must stress one thing however. There have been many theories regarding the ancient grid by many authors. Most of them reflect upon external Merkaba technologies and things that have to do with our present mind set and science. Many of them speak of anti-gravity and free energy. Although these topics may have some foundation regarding the grid, my research goes a step further. It is my premise that the ancient grid is basically for one major thing, and that is spiritual development. Opening up inter – dimensional portals and expanding one’s consciousness was the major goal of the ancient people’s. We are indeed magical beings and we have lost much of our ability because of our limited perceptions and what our esteemed scientific community and religious leaders have shoved down our throats. It seems like the entire planets perception on the universe is based on the daily wave and message from the pope on his balcony window and the supposedly flawless tool of carbon 14 dating. Sorry, but this does not cut the cream for me. The Jimmy Swaggert’s of this world will soon step down to an understanding that they refused to see all their lives. An understanding that was lost and frozen in the dark gaps of human history.

A whole new awareness is about to unfold and many worlds that exist all around us will soon be ripe for the taking. But we must go back to the old ways. We must again ignite the wisdom of our ancestors. Inner space is mankind’s final frontier. Like the great Buddha once said:

“The kingdom of heaven is closer then the brow above the eye but mankind does not see it”.