US troops arrive in Germany for ‘Defender Europe 20’ military maneuvers

Wesley Rahn – DW Feb 21, 2020

NATO armoured vehicles prepare to board military transport aircraft. Click to enlarge

The first contingent of US troops, tanks and equipment taking part in the “Defender Europe 20” military exercise began arriving in the northern German port of Bremerhaven Friday, kicking off the the largest deployment of US-based forces in Europe in over 25 years.

In total, over 20,000 troops and 20,000 pieces of equipment are being shipped across the Atlantic, arriving at six European seaports. They will then transfer to staging areas and on to military maneuvers with European partners, the US Army said.

A significant part of the troops and equipment are expected to be deployed to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

The role of Russia

The mass movement of US troops across the Atlantic into Germany and eastern Europe is intended as a test of trans-Atlantic military cooperation and capability. It comes as NATO’s Eastern European members are wary of Russia’s more aggressive posture in the region.

The US army said that the Defender Europe 20 “demonstrates the US military’s ability to deploy a large force to support NATO and respond to any crisis.”

Claudia Major, an expert in security and defense policy at the German Institute for Security and International Affairs (SWP), told DW that Russia’s Crimea annexation was a “wake up call” for Europe.

“The security order that Europe believed it had with Russia no longer worked. Russia was no longer a strategic partner. Europeans have to deal with the question again: ‘how do we defend ourselves in Europe?'”

However, Lt. Gen. Martin Schelleis, German commander of the joint support service, said that Defender Europe 20 was not intended to be a sign of aggression towards Russia.

“Russia is not a reason for the exercise, military capabilities can only be rebuilt and maintained in the long term,” he said.

Tanks on German roads? 

Germany’s central location means that the vast majority of the equipment heading east will be transferred along German roads and rail.

Both the German and US military have said they will try and avoid interrupting daily life, and transports are expected to take place during the night.

“If everything goes well, nobody will notice anything,” said Schelleis. “From an operational perspective, we are primarily interested in whether our processes are capable of withstanding loads of this magnitude.

The long-term aim is to use the experience to strengthen NATO

“The exercise is essentially about the transit and transportation of troops,” said Major, adding that NATO’s eastern European partners in Poland and the Baltic states need to test their infrastructure and capacities.



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  1. lunacy

  2. “Defender” from what? Surely not Russia. They must be getting worried the German people are waking up and getting ready to throw out Merkel, and establish a populist government.

  3. Hopefully Russia, China, Iran and others(?) are waiting until these Moronican mercenaries, assorted errorists and illegal order followers of the evil dumbass variety, are in place. The Warshington Terrorists, led by the Shinagogue of Shatan YahWho will pull off their inevitable false flag. But this time, perhaps, before Shitstream Media has a chance to spew their crap all over the airwaves and the Internet, the Russians and the Chinese armies will decapitate the US military and NATZO in one fell swoop. This scenario is more likely to happen if the Chinese military command really believe that this corona virus phenomenon is a US/NATO/israhel/Rothschild attack on China.

    On the other hand, If China is in cahoots with the US, ( more probable in my opinion) we’re looking at a mass culling of the worst kind for mankind… Unless… the Russians put a stop to ALL of THEM.

    The only thing Putin will have to say to be declared Emperor is say: “Jesus made me do it!”

    To the Muslims, he’ll have to lie again and say “Allah made me do it”. {smiles}

    Rock Putin

  4. End the 75-Year OCCUPATION!


  5. I am mighty curious as to exactly how much all of this is costing us.

  6. The WWII is still going on as it seems.

    US/NATO military, directed from US/NATO HQ in Tel Aviv has the right to drive on any road they please in Europe, for the stupid vassal european governments signed a paper to allow the military gangsters drive whereever they like and even stronger if they cause damage to civilians, like crushing cars or houses or even fatal accicents they are free to go, no bother. So far for EU and european security supported by NATO The Great Protector of Everything.

    I guess in the meantime there are around 100,000 individuals, dressed up as soldiers, all with a licence to kill present in Europe, direction Eastern Europe Russian borders.
    Not directed at Russia, says the NATO Clown.
    This is IMO a lie by NATO and Germany, which BTW is becoming more and more the main player in european soldier wargames against Russia.

    What I do not understand is that a country like Germany suffered enormous during WWII and millions have been killed by their socalled liberators and allies. And nobody is protesting about the coming wargames against Russian Federation.
    Who does not know the history will repeat the same errors.

    The hell with NATO contracts. US is braking up one contract after another on order of the zionistboss in Israhell.
    Germany is still on the list to be purged from the face of the earth. German soldiers will be used as cannon fodder.

    Time for the sleepwalking Germans to wake up and start a populist government.
    This political circus in Berlin will bring the country onto the edge of the abyss.
    And of course Europe will follow.

  7. Fred B: I concur with your sentiment. The tribe has once again overstepped his religious affiliation. Germany and other countries, that have a common Christian heritage, will ultimately respond unkind to their meddling, disruption and deliberate destruction of their heritage.