Forbidden information. 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations

Michael Aydinian – Feb 24, 2020

I don’t know much about 5G. What I do know is it was developed in Israel & that means I won’t have anything to do with it. Lucky me but then I heard there’s one country that also doesn’t want it. Take a wild guess who. ISRAEL! Well, what do you know! It’s alright selling it to everyone else but they don’t want it! If that doesn’t make you just a touch suspicious then forget it. Nothing will & boy are they pushing it. Celebrity millionaires can’t wait to tell us how good 5G is. I for one will never watch another Kevin Bacon film or any celebrity who’s prepared to sell their soul. I don’t know how that bloody Carol Vorderman isn’t on the job. She plugs every other kind of garbage!

I’ve never seen or heard of Joe Imbriano before but I think he does a great job explaining what 5G is really all about….


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  1. Utter rubbish a quick search for israel and 5g shows they are also installing across country!

  2. It is going to take the deaths and serious sickness of many people subjected to 5G before the public reacts to this depopulation agenda. Despite clear evidence admitted by the 5G industry, that no long term studies have been conducted into the long term effects of 5G, still Governments are promoting its use. The UK Government will not be able to legislate its way out of the deluge of lawsuits being brought when the deaths start.

  3. I’m familiar with Joe Imbriano. He has an obnoxious way of presenting information. It is like he assumes everyone is purposely ignorant of the info he dissipates. THE INFO IS GOOD; THE MESSENGER IS CRUDE.
    I do appreciate good information, though I do not understand why he keeps using the 666 hand sign. And his info is good to know and to do something about, IF ONE CAN.
    He assumes everyone is stupid because the 5G radiation has been, and is being, installed around the US. Well, what are we supposed to do about it? How do you stop what the global planners are doing? They have the big guns and control the armies of the world. The safe place is in Christ.
    Yes, many if not most people are ignorant of what the globalists are doing to helpless humans. THE THING PEOPLE ARE TRULY IGNORANT OF IS THAT THE VATICAN IS ACTUALLY THE ORGANIZATION THAT GIVES THE GLOBALISTS THEIR ORDERS!
    “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened” (Matthew 24:21 and 22). That is Jesus talking about the end.


    “What would be the ultimate ‘solution’ to such a problem as this “Virus”?”

    What is King Vyrus The Wirst doing to protect “his people”…?
    He’s doing his worst.

    Not only is the BLOTUS in favor of the 5G kill grid, President Bullshit is in favor of 6G! So make sure Hillary Clitory doesn’t win the presidency and vote for Trump!

    By the way, do you know who won the last US elections? And the one before? And the other one before? Those who did not vote! They were the majority and they happen to be right! But since Shitstream Media did not say so, it does not occur to most people. In my world, those who did not vote are the unacknowledged winners. Period.

    The logical implication of such a victory of the majority would be the removal of both major parties since most people think they’re not even worth the time it takes to get up, off the couch and go place an x on some piece of paper that probably won’t even be counted honestly. So…

    Watch the Trumpenstein Golem tell “the soon to the zapped”, that those vaccines are good and necessary. Same thing will happen in Canada and Europe and WHO knows where… Watch the sheep line up for their free corona virus vaccines… So pathetic…

    Trump: Making Moronica More Moronic, every day, every way… like all the other traitors in the world of Kabuki Theater for The Bad & The Ugly.

    5G CΟRΟNΑ Electromagnetic VΙrus deprives you of oxygen among other necessities.

    Life During Wartime – Talking Heads

    “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around.”

  5. Here’s a more interesting video of Life during wartime
    Talking Heads – Life during wartime LIVE – Stop making sense 1984 HQ

    Here’s another name for Planet Earth: Hooligan’s Island
    The Church & State: Holy Goons & Hooligans

  6. “We have found the enemy and the enemy is us.”

    We became targets for exploitation when we accepted that we were essentially “consumers”. We became victims of exploitation as soon as we trusted the exploiters running our media, our corporations, and our governments.

    Not just our rights, but our very lives, are being stripped away without even a fight. Russia, China, not even Islam are the real enemies to justify all of the so-called defence expenses. We are the enemy. They want to get rid of us.

  7. Joe is an activist in Fullerton, California, he knows a lot about the agenda and has stood outside schools with placards trying to warn parents about the agenda affecting their kids, whether its cell towers, iPads/tablets, 5G, trans sex ed lessons. I think 5G may well work in tandem with Coronavirus, to make it seem the virus is killing people when in fact its this evil tech.Spread this information to as many as possible, it may save lives in the not too distant future.

  8. Switzerland have knocked 5G back but they would wouldn’t they? The rothschilds wouldn’t shit on their own doorstep.

  9. Ann Blue,

    “He has an obnoxious way of presenting information. It is like he assumes everyone is purposely ignorant of the info he dissipates.”

    And are they not?
    I’ve been telling the truth about reality now for over twenty years and you get to the point of thinking “what the hell do I have to do to wake people up?”
    He’s probably at the end of his tether, like most truthseekers. He sees the reality. He can see the horrific numbers of deaths that will occur with 5G and guaranteed, if he talks to people like this 99% will call him a loony toon.

    “How do you stop what the global planners are doing? They have the big guns and control the armies of the world. The safe place is in Christ.”

    How do you? Are you in the US? You have guns? You have the second amendment? Now, if, as you imply, most people aren’t stupid and know about this, then armed forces personnel should be leaving and parent’s should be telling their children in them to leave. But they’re not? Why’s that Ann? Sadly, most people are stupid courtesy of their ignorance.
    And I’m sorry, but there’s no safe place in Christ. He’s dead. He died a long time ago. He isn’t coming back. The people who killed him control this world and I HATE to burst your bubble, but the Vatican IS NOT the organisation that gives the globalist’s their order. The Vatican, came under the control of International Jewry a long time ago. The Sanhedrin give the Vatican its orders. The black pope and the Jesuits are controlled by Jews. The Rothschilds control the Vatican’s wealth. This has got nothing to do with Rome, whatsoever. Sure there is a lot of symbolism, in the church, with Roman mythology, but it’s madness to think that the Vatican controls the globalists. Popes go to Israel and kiss the wall. Jews control the pope.

    The Vatican is one of the three sees. There are two others. The Vatican is the religious see. Washington DC is the military see and the City of London is the financial see. The three combine to control the world. All three sees are nation states in that they are under their own law, states within cities and completely autonomous. They all have obelisks, to show the control of freemasonry (Talmudism for the goyim). The obelisk represent the hidden mystery of freemasonry, or to be more explicit, the penis of Osiris, which when he was murdered and cut up into hundreds of pieces, his love, Isis, couldn’t find his penis, but found everything else. It’s all symbolic.

    The JEW, controls the Vatican, not the other way around. The Vatican BOWS to Jewry, not the other way around. And if you don’t believe me, all you have to do is some research. You’ll find I’m correct and you’re promoting one of the biggest red herrings, that it’s all about Rome. It isn’t. It never was. The Jews HATE Rome because they destroyed their temple and so they took control of the Vatican, mock the people through the control of it and through the Vatican and destroying the world, with Jewish popes and clergy, they infiltrated a long time ago.

    Get your head out of the bible. It’s the Jew book for Jews. And Christians who believe in it, also end up believing in the crap of ‘good’ Jews. They don’t exist.

  10. @Harbinger

    Love your posts but interesting to see you don’t think Christ is returning, remember in Matthew 24 it says unless he intervenes, no flesh would survive, if 5G is as bad as Joe Imbriano and others think, we may indeed be dealing with an extinction level event. I don’t see how anyone can resist the tribe, they have total control as you have proved numerous times, so really its only a supernatural event that can stop them.

  11. That was a sound answer, Harbinger!

    Perfect! My only disagreement is that I still put some faith in the New Testament, whether Jesus is coming back or not is open for debate. But a spiritual awakening is happening right now, a normal natural reaction as evil moves forward. The nihilistic brain-dead will start to ask questions as they feel the pain in their selfish asses, only the dead won’t ask questions.

    People like you will be there to answer the questions the Goyim should have made 30 years ago.

  12. @Harbinger: I agree with you. Nice going!!

    “Are you in the US? You have guns? You have the second amendment? Now, if, as you imply, most people aren’t stupid and know about this, then armed forces personnel should be leaving and parent’s should be telling their children in them to leave. But they’re not? Why’s that Ann? Sadly, most people are stupid courtesy of their ignorance.”

    Yes sir. The soldiers, the government employees, etc., are being paid to participate in their collective suicide. How stupid is that? They have tons of guns and ammunition, yet they will sit on the couch and allow these sickening cocksuckers on TV contaminate their minds and tell them to take the coming vaccines, etc…

    If Jesus or Santa Claus don’t come back in time to save us, the vaccines will… Yippee!

    Millions of people in Libya held a protest in Tripoli back around 2011. These Muslims were sure the world would hear their plea and Allah would protect them. They were bombed to hell anyway. Do you think these Libyans would have been saved if only they had prayed to Yahweh or Jesus or Mary or the Holy Ghost?

    The definition of evil certainly includes the words ignorance and stubborn!

  13. @Voltman

    Thank you, you make an excellent point regarding Libya, i feel very sad about the destruction of the best country in Africa by far. There was a recent truthseeker post about it, many good things to Libyan society then, like $46,000 for a married couple and cheap mortgages. But all the destruction of that Society and others like Iraq has proved, is one of Man’s inhumanity to his fellow Man. We, as a Western Society are led by the ruler of this World, Satan the Devil, who challenged God. This creature is allowed to wreak havoc- ,( because the original first created human chose willful disobedience, thus becoming a rebel like Satan) until its so bad, no human can survive. At that point God will intervene, and what we prayed for as kids at Sunday school, the Lords prayer, let your kingdom come on earth as in heaven will be fulfilled. If 5G is an ELE, then Satan will be abyssed or removed from ruling humans and all those satanic humans who delight in harming kids and bombing civilians will be divinely executed, i.e. they will know that Jesus himself has judged them unworthy of life, they will be in terror not knowing what to do, before their lives are extinguished. A great result, then and only then can the earth have peace and all those who died prior to Armageddon will gradually be resurrected to live healthy fulfilling lives without having to grow old, get sick or have anyone treating them harshly again. The earth does have the space for all of humanity, no more blocks of flats, but equal distribution of land, we will begin to enjoy real life, not the sad horror of this world.

  14. @Voltman

    On a practical note, i wish the Colonel had invested in Russian anti-aircraft missile systems such Tor-m1 and S-300 (S-400 if available then), along with Bastion coastal defence batteries equipped with the Onyx anti-ship missile ( the best anti ship missile travelling over mach 3) with squadrons of Mig-29s, cheap and agile, and Kilo submarines ( preferably the latest version, very quiet 30db, the sound level of the sea itself). Then NATO would have had to pay a high price in blood for their evil actions. I guess he believed his reasonableness would be reciprocated, however his was naive, you can NEVER trust the West. I wish someone had told him that, i really do.