MP Invites Drag Queen Called ‘Flowjob’ to School, Calls Complaining Parents “Homophobic”

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News Feb 24, 2020

A Scottish MP invited a drag queen called ‘Flowjob’ who had previously uploaded sexually explicit content to Twitter to a primary school and then called parents who complained “homophobic.”

MP Mhairi Black invited ‘Flowjob’ to Glencoates Primary School, Paisley where the drag queen read a story to kids as young as four.

The Sun reports, “The drag queen has regularly uploaded graphic pictures to Twitter, including of simulating a sex act with a dildo and simulating oral sex.”

Parents subsequently complained that they were not informed of the drag queen’s visit and said the visit was “outrageous” and “disgusting.”

“While I don’t agree with the abuse being given, my kids go to this school, there was no information fed to parents about this happening. Surely that’s a parents choice?” one parent told the Daily Star, accusing the ‘woke’ headteacher at the school of trying to further her own career.

“Their username is ‘flowjobqueen’ and their timeline is full of explicit images of them simulating sexual acts. Of course they’ve just just done a drag queen story reading to primary school children,” another parent wrote on social media.

MP Mhari Black reacted to the criticism by declaring the parents “homophobic.”

“You just know that the people pretending to be livid that a drag queen read a book in a school are also the people who run out to buy their kids the latest Grand Theft Auto on release day,” she said. “Your homophobia is transparent.”

However, children’s rights group sided with the parents, saying that ‘Flowjob’ was an adult entertainer.

“Questions about this are legitimate,” the group said in a statement. “A male who dresses as a sexualised parody of a women, goes by the name “flowjob” is hardly a role model for primary aged children. Did no one check this?”

A Renfrewshire Council spokesman said the visit should not have occurred due to the sexually explicit nature of the content posted by ‘Flowjob’, but that it was arranged as part of LGBT History Month.

As we previously highlighted, there have been numerous ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ events at UK libraries, schools and museums in the past few weeks, including an event for under-5’s at a library in Newham, London.

Last month we highlighted the words of an actual drag queen, Kitty Demure, who posted a viral video in which he expressed his amazement at why ‘woke’ parents are allowing their kids to be around drag queens, asking, “Would you want a stripper or a porn star to influence your child?”

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Comment – Feb 24, 2020

It’s no coincidence that the MP who invited ‘flowjob’ to address the youngsters at Glencoates Primary School in Paisley was Mhairi Black, a member of the Scottish National Party who is also a lesbian.
She’s in good company. Apart from campaigning for Scottish independence, the party has been in the news recently after the man tipped to take over the party leadership, Derek Mackay, was accused of grooming a sixteen-year-old boy.
Still the Scottish National Party is not exclusively gay. Far from it, as the party’s former leader and former Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, will soon stand trial for the attempted rape of a female party worker and 13 other sexual offences.
Salmond is accused of fourteen sexual offences against ten different women. Meaning that if convicted Scotland’s former First Minister will also be confirmed as a serial sex offender.
Living in Scotland we can only add, God help Scotland if it gains independence under a Scottish National Party government. Ed.

10 responses to “MP Invites Drag Queen Called ‘Flowjob’ to School, Calls Complaining Parents “Homophobic””

  1. Concurrently with MHairy’s comment, Renfrewshire council apologised to the parents.
    Apparantly they did not check Flowjobs online filth.
    Of course MHairy has known Flowjob for some time and of course must’ve have been well aware of this!
    The SNP is currently shaking itself appart not only from sexual scandal…
    The SNP intends to push the trans policy of Self Identification, the so called Gender Recognition Act. Boris appears to have kicked it into the long grass. This is too much for many supporters, especially females…
    Read on…

  2. Parents:
    The power is in your hands. Either keep the children out of their schools or take them out if they are already in. These are not schools. These institutions are indoctrination centers which I call poison pits. My advice is that you do not fight the system. Keep the children home and home educate them. You will find that home educating your children is a lot of fun and it will give you a whole new perspective on life. You will have more free time. You will enjoy working with your children. You will know your children are safe from these creatures and the philosopy they are forcing on the world. There are many home education materials which you can find on line. Children can read, play and discover their interests. They will learn at home. Do you really think they are learning anything of valuse in schools??? Parents…take back your power. Do it yourself.

  3. A sick, amoral, perverted MP, no doubt for a sick, amoral, perverted people. Otherwise, why is not MP Black tarred and feathered and run out of his or her riding on a pole – vertically?

    Homophobic? The people should say, “Yes! Of course. We are afraid our children will be sexually perverted by the likes of you, and have terribly unhappy lives. We are afraid they will be preoccupied by sexual deviancies, and miss their opportunity to find the right partner of the opposite sex, and have happy and normal families with well-adjusted children. We are afraid of offending natural law and the true God. We are afraid of all the evil, disease, and decadence you are spreading to destroy our children, our family system, our culture, and our civilization. We are far more afraid of the LGBT evil you are deliberately spreading to corrupt the minds and lives of our children and everyone else, than we are with the flues and other diseases like the Corona virus you so carelessly spreading around the world. And because of our fears, which we KNOW are totally justified, we are going round all of your bastards up – in the government, the media, in the churches, and in the school systems, together with all of the oligarchs propagating this shit – and after we tar and feather the lot of you, we are going to exile and quarantine you forever.”

  4. This is evil absolutely satanic
    the most heterophobic thing i have read in some time
    sickening in the extreme

  5. I’ve met good heterosexuals and bad heterosexuals. I’ve met good homosexuals and bad homosexuals. But I’ve never met a good transgender/transexual. They are a totally warped, insane group this world has ever spawned. You have to be a certain kind of FUBAR to want to be something you’re not. They’re incredibly narcissistic, egotistical and selfish people. They have to constantly be the center of attention all the time. I avoid them, but sadly, here in Scotland, they are a growing minority, due to all the craziness on the msm, about transgenders and of course, Bruce Jenner.
    This story is just awful.
    It sums up how bad it’s getting in Scotland. It’s incredibly LGBTQ+ friendly, which is attracting them from all over the place now. When I think of my ancestors who fought and died so their nation could survive, to see this, it breaks my heart. And worse, the police, the left wing police that is, will persecute ANYONE who speaks out againt them, under their stupid Public Order and Hate Crime Act.

    I’m beginning to realise that we don’t go to hell when we die. I actually think we’re living in it. It is stated that the earth belongs to Satan and from what I can tell, his domain IS hell. So there you go, it’s merely manifesting itself as what we can see getting worse on a daily basis.
    Just to let you know, the persecution against heterosexuals is now getting so bad, transgenders who chat heterosexual men up are now calling these men ‘transphobic’ if they don’t have sex with them. And they’re actually trying to prosecute them. Transgender males, are homosexual men, who have serious body phobia, who seek to look like a woman, in order to attract a man. At least homosexual males, keep their physical persona. The transgender male to female community is simple incredibly aggressive, homosexual behaviour towards heterosexual males. People can’t see this but they soon will. As for the story, well, this is grooming young children into becoming prey for these beasts.
    It’s disgusting.

  6. Humm IMHO there’s a misspell in this article ? Drag queen called ‘Flowjob’ , actually the correct spelling is “Blowjob” ….

  7. How Scotland has changed since I lived there.. Tereskova is right, better to keep children away from the deviancy. Rounding up the sick mf-ers sounds good Fred B, but is impossible under present circumstances, better that people distance themselves, and form healthy societies..

  8. Police are now not allowed to move along Homosexuals hanging about outside schools
    this used to be called ” poofeteering” and councils will close public toilets rather then deal with the homosexual problem of ” cottaging”
    In london police initiated a big drive to get guns out of the hands of the gangs
    then they had a big push to stop vars and take away the gangs coshes pickaxe handles bats etc
    then the police took away the attack dogs with the initiative of the dangerous dogs act
    now its stop and take away the knives, so all the gang members are going to karate classes.why dont they just go after the gangs ?
    because they are all black

  9. To expose children to this extreme, utterly disgusting and henious sickness, IS HIGH TREASON. In a healthy time, anyone exposing a child to this, would have been shot.

  10. Stop using their made up term “‘Homophobic”. It’s HOMO NAUSEA!