Tucker: Ruling class incompetence

Tucker Carlson – Fox News Feb 21, 2020

4 responses to “Tucker: Ruling class incompetence”

  1. OK Tucker tell us ” the truth. ” Because you know that everything you’re suggesting, can never be challenged. All you are doing is rubbing salt into the wounds of those who ” get it ”
    Fox is not an alternative to MSNBC, and neither are you an alternative reporter. You’ve been carefully manufactured, down to your expensive attire, pearly white teeth, youthful glow and mesmerising soliloquy. We ” get you. ” Goodbye.

  2. Sure, Sanders and Trump both serve the ruling class as does Tucker Carlson, Fox, CNN, and the rest of the jews media.

    Bankster jews use Divide & Conquer strategy in dividing Republicans against Demonrats, minorities vs white people, Muslims vs Catholics, Left vs Right, Catholics vs Protestants, etc.

    Bankster jews use their left wing media outlets like CNN to lead demonrats, minorities, LBGQTxyz, atheists, etc. Jews use right wing media like Fox to lead republicans, white people, Christians, etc.

    As Bolshevik Jew Vlad Lenin put it – The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.

    Right wingers see the illusion that Fox News preaches the truth. Left wingers see the illusion that CNN is the real deal.

    The reality is that all mass media outlets, left and right wing both, are brainwash operations.

  3. This from a “journalist” on a MASSIVE millionaire class pay packet……
    It’s a joke….he is NOT an independent journalist….he “owes” vested interests…….NOT THE PUBLIC.

  4. At least Tucker is a cut above the rest of the MSM and seems willing to poke at the US establishment, and he is attacking the totally fake MSM news concerning Russia. If Trump is going to be the lesser of evils in any election choice, at least on some issues which the establishment does not really care about anyway, then Tucker’s comments are timely. Nevertheless, it is all for Trump, who is owned and controlled by some pretty big moguls. It would be interesting to know what Adelson and Murdoch want, whom I understand are both Zionists and Trump supporters, and if their basic interests are any different from those who own the leading contenders in the Democratic Party.