How Communist Ideology Infiltrated America’s Security Agencies & Fueled Spygate

American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times Jan 13, 2020

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  1. In the 1930s Lord Rothschild collected together a group of left wing homosexuals
    known as the Apostles.
    Lord Rothschild gave them a speech saying and i quote;
    ” By the year 2000 Britain will be communist, it may not be called that but thats what it will be” This has happened. In the banned book Socialism for Westerners, De Mentiev tells us that from the outset communism was devised to bring all the power and the money from the people into the hands of the jews ” he refers to these through the book as the elite few.
    Rothschild has immense influence and Cambridge accepted his letters of introduction
    to some of the biggest perverts and traitors this country has ever seen, document x44vyu
    in the Lubianka archives describes how Winston Churchill was bought for the cause
    to sacrifice his countrymen his country and it wealth to further the cause of the jew.
    Lecturers at Cambridge were allowed to corrupt the minds of the gullible youth
    just as they do today, cambridge has never apologised for this.
    Oxford also did like wise but this has all been hidden up from us.
    While England sleeps its heritage land and wealth has been stolen, and not a shot was fired, before the national clock strikes the last note of midnight,
    i implore you fellow Englishmen to wake up, a famous Englishman once said
    ” England expects every man to do his duty”
    because when the clock finishes striking the hour , all will be lost to the jew

  2. Sheldon Adelson was reported in Conspiracy news some time back as having a 1 million $ bet that he could get a man into the Presidency who was
    Non American Born
    a black negro
    and a Homosexual pervert.
    With Obama he won his bet

  3. The US, was created by Freemasons. The given story states that they broke away from the UK, in order to build a ‘land of the free’, freeing themselves from the bonds of the aristocracy and religious persecution. The founding fathers decided to see if the people could actually run a country themselves, without devolving into greed and pursuit of material wealth and gain. They created a republic with a constitution. And now they’ve got rid of that, happily living in a ‘democracy’. So they’ve gone from a society that promoted freedoms and civil liberties, to one that now enforces, hundreds upon hundreds of pieces of different legislation, all certainly bringing about theft of said individual’s finances under trial.

    However, my belief is that the US was either deliberately founded to be the first multicultural and multiracial (globalist) state, or it was hijacked by (((you know who))) and turned into one.
    We know, from articles on Truthseeker and similar sites, that the west (Jewish bankers) not only bankrolled Trotsky to start a revolution in Russia, but they also created communism, most notably with the likes of Sir Bertrand Russell, who went over to China and taught communism in universities, which brought about the revolution. He, really, should have been executed, there and then, had the Chinese been wise, but they weren’t and the rest is history along with the deaths of millions upon millions of Chinese under Mao.

    So, Russia was the ‘lab rat’. It was enforced upon the Russians, before it was to be enforced upon the rest of Europe and the west and you have to be thicker than a Redwood tree if you truly do not believe that the west is under communism. It’s just the gulags aren’t here…..yet.

    There’s an exceptionally good video on YT (download it, before they eventually purge it) called ‘Tax Exempt Foundations’ which is an interview with Norman Dodd by Stan Menteith, sometime in the early 80’s (1984 I believe).
    Essentially, Norman Dodd was asked by his superiors to investigate banking. What he uncovered was pretty much horrific, so much so that one of his team, an intelligent female lawyer, instantly had a nervous breakdown and was unable to work again. He uncovered that the banks, were working to bring in communism, to control the USA. Why? Well, other than the obvious fact that Communism, is Jewish and Jews seek complete control of this world, in a communist regime, if you don’t pay your bank debts, then the secret police will just haul you out of bed, torture you, throw you into a prison, a mental asylum, kill you or worse, send you to the gulags.

    I’ve already stated this. We’re past tipping point. The hatred towards white people is openly being promoted by clearly racist blacks on the msm, as well as insane, race hating whites, in the acting and music establishments. White hatred is openly being promoted in schools and universities. Whites are now beginning to truly believe they are racist, when the reality is, it’s the accusers who are – non whites. They have stolen the European identity in the US. Their hatred of white people is nothing but a projection of themselves. And instead of whites fighting against this (sure there are some, but generally not) they are capitulating.

    America really has pretty much one of three outcomes to look forward to:

    1. Islamisation of it.
    2. The finishing of the planned communist state.
    3. All out war with Russia, China, Iran, resulting in its obliteration.

    What about point 4 – the possibility of people waking up and fighting against it? It’s a possibility but sadly, there’s more chance of it not happening sadly. Why? The msm and the government are shutting down all truth getting out. In order for the people to be awakened the truth needs to get out. Schools, universities, the msm are continuing to indoctrinate and instill hatred within non whites to whites. Immigration is increasing. You need to take control of your police and armed forces, but they are now, becoming increasingly left wing authoritarian. You’ve lost your younger generations. The only people who are really seeing what’s going on are the 50+ ones. You can’t fight against all of that an hope to win. Sure, you may win a few battles, but you’ve lost the war.
    The only thing that could stop this, is if some right wing group managed to break through all the BS and start broadcasting the truth in schools, universities and on the TV. That isn’t going to happen.

    So sorry for my pessimism folks, but it’s either Islamisation, communism or obliteration. I suppose under Islamisation, the Jews will be utterly obliterated, as eventually the Islamic ummah will unite and smash Israel, along with destroying usury. It would, most certainly destroy anything, whatsoever ‘globohomo’. So ironically, the very enemy, that your msm and government continually promotes to every American, would ironically be your savior. What about Christianity? You can forget about that folks. Christ isn’t coming back to save you and Christianity was infiltrated a long time ago. It’s more corrupt than the US or any European government.

  4. I didn’t watch this simply because I am not interested. But having said that I would like to ask how many of you have read, Major Jordan’s Diaries? They can be found on the tube or read here…
    For those who haven’t seen or read about it, it is how America gave away everything plus the kitchen sink to the Russians during WW11, with the help of FDR and his cronies and in the process was nearly bankrupted!

  5. Harbinger, it also may be said that the US founding fathers, although many likely were Masons, they were an entirely different ilk from those in all of the high places of the craft these days. Jefferson, who was not a Christian maintained that it was the best religion of the bunch and that without religion no nation cold survive. Apart from any religious strife or hypocrisy at the time, few people back then were without an organized religion, worship and moral standards to balance their greed and materialism. US independence and power over their institutions was lost when the international finances started to flood into their door staring about 100 years after the British were kicked out. At the same time as starting up, buying up and ruining different banks, the money flowed in to buy up control of the media. By the end of the 1980’s the international financiers through agents were in control of the nation. Rothschild agent, Jacob Schiff, as likely the most powerful man in the early part of the 20th century until his death in 1920. In his dedication to conquer and control Russia by getting rid of the Czars, to serve both Zionist and British imperialist interests, ne had no qualms in backing the communists revolutionary efforts in Russia even before 1905 and in the 2017 revolution. The Rothschild financial cartel and its agents is largely responsible for the spawning of communisms throughout the world and cultural Marxism through mainly Fabian socialism throughout the West. However, ironical if not for own love of money in place of God, they would never have taken over our financial systems and control of our currencies, and without that power, communism would simply not have spread anywhere.

  6. 1) Jew – not communist

    2) Threat