War, Terror & Assassination — Freemasons Leave Numerical Calling Card

henrymanow.com — Feb 23, 2020

Note the steel girder in the background (centre), cleanly sliced through at a angle. Possible evidence of a controlled demolition, the scrap metal from the WTC was sold and shipped off to China before a proper investigation got underway. Click to enlarge

“This short essay will not attempt to go into Freemasonry, but instead will cover their tracks through history; as they have left their finger-prints on the dates & times of events they have controlled, even to the details of the flight numbers of 9-11.”

By Eric Rainbolt — (henrymakow.com) Feb 23, 2020

Nine-eleven occurred almost two decades ago.
Should justice for all ever be served? Let’s examine. There has never been a public trial including volunteer witnesses from the public; just a government published book and series of made-for-tv films repeating the official story.
Other independent minds and maverick news outlets quickly discovered the tragedy was a planned and rigged event to immediately condition the citizens of the united states and people all over the world for perpetual warfare. The US has been warring in Afghanistan since, a country that had nothing to do with what really happened.
Perhaps most people have never questioned the televised narrative still today; they still believe a Saudi Arabian man with surname bin Laden hiding in a cave with a satellite telephone and 19 (notably 17 Saudi Arabian passengers) with razor blades made three (including Building 7) steel superstructure skyscraper buildings in New York collapse into dust and shards straight down into themselves; mass murdering 2814 people including firefighters.
The public wasn’t shown the collapse of the third building that occurred about 8 hours later, the 47-story Building 7; only televised once when it happened.
Building 7 was not struck by an aircraft. The public watching Building 7’s implosion on tv were just too stunned by what happened earlier in the day to realize that the 47-story steel skyscraper could not have had demolition charges placed all over its frame in only 8 hours before 5:20 pm during the chaos of the day.
One of the 9-11 conspirators Larry Silverstein, who was then a new owner of the buildings, even admitted on a video interview that he ordered Building 7 to be “pulled” down.
essayimage1.jpg Some of the shards of the steel beams, sticking out of the rubble of all three building demolitions had pointed 45 degree cuts (by thermite) across the steel. The only way the beams could be cut in a way to cause fast and total collapse would be with explosive charges containing a powder called  “thermite”, which combusts at a temperate much higher than jet fuel burns at, and can melt steel beams.
Even jet engines don’t melt in hotly burning jet fuel. The steel blades inside a jet engine, with compressed jet fuel burning all over them, stay strong enough to propel a huge jet aircraft. Therefore thermite was suspected to be in the dust of the buildings, and residue of the substance was subsequently found under microscope by a chemistry professor named Steven Jones. To those that care about what really happened on 9-11, the 3 buildings were each imploded using hundreds, if not thousands, of pre-planted thermite demolition charges. Several thousand engineers and architects have also concluded this on Richard Gage’s 9-11 portal site ae911truth.org.



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5 responses to “War, Terror & Assassination — Freemasons Leave Numerical Calling Card”

  1. I was under the impression that the WTC steel was dumped at sea at an undisclosed location? If it went to China, they would test it???

  2. The PTB leave little clues and then laugh that the goyim dont pick up on them
    Churchills team of occultists came up with the date for D day, by numerology
    British dictator Tony Blair chose the election date of 5-5-5 the 5 being mercurys number and the number of comunication.
    “The New Labour is 666 and they dont come much more evil than this
    its 2 remits were a war on the people of Iraq, and to legalise homosexuality, they funded PIE and ignored the Nene report which documented massive homosexual abuse
    as 16 London boys homes, the UK column described the abuse as being on an ” industrial scale ”
    Wall St New York is also a 666
    By their fruits shall ye know them.
    Dennis Wheatley was part of Churchills satanic team and his book which was made into a film ” The devil rides out ” was based ona real occurence
    the wife of an MI5 boss died afterwards

  3. The Masons are another one of the institutions of power controlled by bankster Jews.

    The Bank of International Settlements, the central banks of nations, major corporations, labor unions, the jews media, judaism, the masons, major universities, are institutions of power controlled by jews in high places.

    As the bible says, Satan is the ruler of this world. The children of the devil are the human part of the hierarchy through which Satan rules.

    At John 8:44 Jesus tells the Jews that they are the children of their father the devil.

  4. America is a verry sick country and ist People must be pretty stupid to believe all that BIN LADEN BULLSHIT .

  5. It amazes me that building six is never mentioned. It just happened to be blown out of the ground. There used to be photo’s of it years back. It was where a lot of money and records where held in a huge vault, that just happened to be empty when looked at after the event!