Were The Photographs Of The Apollo Moon Landings Taken On Earth? Absolutely!

Again, Back To My Roots: Full Interview With Marcus Allen – Were The Photographs Of The Apollo Moon Landings Taken On Earth? Absolutely!

Northern Truthseeker – Feb 22, 2020

It has been quite a while…. I have been busy over the last few months ripping apart the lies of our ‘history’ and taking shots at the “Coronavirus Hysteria”, as well as blowing holes in the biggest fraud of this century aka the “Climate Change” hoax…. And during all that time I never touched at all on one of the biggest lies in all of history which is the fraudulent Apollo moon landings of 1969-1972…. I figure it was time to get ‘back to my roots” and take another swipe at that fraud here in this post…

I have continued to do research into the fraudulent Apollo moon landings and constantly coming up with more evidence that clearly shows that it was all a hoax but also the facts that NASA still has NO WAY of getting men to the moon today…. The problem has been and still is the radiation in the space between the Earth and the moon…. Even today with all of the ‘advances’ in technology, nobody has come up with a fool proof method of providing the proper shielding on any space craft to enable that craft to transport men safely to the moon and back…. Therefore what many believe to be real in terms of the Apollo missions of 1968-1969 to orbit and put men on the moon is nothing more than a fantasy and absolute bullshit…

I did come across the following video, where researcher Marcus Allen who of course is the owner of “Nexus” magazine was recently interviewed and asked a wide assortment of questions about the alleged moon landings… This video is entitled “Were The Photographs Of The Lunar Landings Taken On Earth? Full Interview” and absolutely blows even more holes in the entire Apollo moon landings with more evidence of the fraud… Here is that video for all to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have studied the full scope of the “official” Apollo moon landings photographs for years, and for a long time it never even dawned on me that they were IMPOSSIBLE to have been taken on the moon due to the problem of “outgassing” of the film itself in the near absolute vacuum of the lunar surface!  This alone shows that the entire photo gallery that we have seen for the last 50+ years now are indeed absolutely fraudulent…

Yes, the problem of “outgassing” of the chemicals that make up the actual film used in the Hasselblad cameras that allegedly were used on the “lunar surface” shows that the filming was done in a pressurized environment, meaning right here on Earth….. That and the fact that the film shows NO evidence of the horrific radiation problems of the lunar surface as well shows that they are indeed all a fraud…

Some may say that the film in the “Hasselblad” cameras used on the lunar surface was somehow “pressurized”…. That claim is instantly defeated due to the fact that many of the so called ‘astronauts’ had to change the film in their cameras while standing in the zero pressure environment of the lunar surface… And some claim that the film was somehow “special” and that it could “endure zero atmospheric pressure”, but that is also defeated due to the fact that the film itself was actually shown to be regular Kodak Ektochrome 70MM film that was absolutely nothing special at all…..

What we have here is even more evidence of the fraud of the moon landings…. And the more that people learn the more they can finally wake  up to the reality that it was indeed all a fraud and that it is about time for the liars in the US Government and NASA to finally come clean and admit that as fact…

One last thing…. I am still getting periodically harassed by the idiots that make up the “flat earth” retardation group of stupidity… Those morons continue to ridiculously claim that we live on a flying pizza and that if you believe that man never went to the moon, then you must be a believer in “flat earth”….. The two should NEVER ever be linked, as the entire scam of “flat earth” is out there to try to destroy the Apollo moon hoax community as part of a diabolical ploy put out by the US Government itself….

I am a seeker of truth, and one truth is right there in plain site…. Mankind has never put men on the moon and still cannot to this day… The Apollo moon landings are one of the greatest lies in human history and it is about time that people woke the fuck up to that reality.

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27 responses to “Were The Photographs Of The Apollo Moon Landings Taken On Earth? Absolutely!”

  1. Yes the “Flat Earth” has been invented to tarnish genuine scepticism about NASA’s fraud by association. The “Flat Earth”, I’m convinced is a psyop. The rough sphericality of the earth can be demonstrated by simple trigonometry based on the elevation of the sun at different latitudes at the same time.

    YouTube when prioritising NASA scepticism will promote Flat Earth ALONG with the NASA shills. So, viewers are presented with a false dichotomy. (Lots of false dichotomies are presented to us by the media.)

  2. There are three more obstacles that have not been conquered.
    1) The temperature in the thermosphere ; The temperature at the thermosphere’s greatest height can reach more than 2000 degrees Celsius. https://www.softschools.com/facts/weather/thermosphere_facts/2201/
    2) Melting Point of Metals & Alloys https://www.steelforge.com/literature/metal-melting-ranges/
    3) Rockets Do Not Work In The Vacuum of Space https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fnf_f4rogtg
    I believe that the ” radiation belt” is actually the impassable Firmament described in the Scriptures

  3. Proof that the Heliocentric model is only a “theory” and not a fact.
    I will start with three statements two factual one assumed.
    1) The earth faces away from the sun when observing the night sky.
    2) All of the planets can be observed in the night sky.
    3) We are taught that earth is the third planet from the sun. ( this cannot be so if all the planets are observable in the night sky.

    Search Mercury & Venus in night sky

    To the author : Please try to refute any one of these observable and provable facts.
    How Pythagoras and Eratosthenes gave us THE Flat Earth trump card

  4. Good video and very interesting. I’ve always believed they never sent men to the moon. It’s a lie, a cash blackhole and nothing more.
    However, it’s at the end of the post that gets me. It’s just there’s a hell of a lot of vitriol towards people who question the validity of the heliocentric model. We have NASA, who are clear liars telling us that the earth is round and we’re spinning through space, travelling at silly speeds while revolving around a sun.
    I’ve been to Eric Dubay’s website, but was on his website, long before he started to question whether the earth was flat or not. He was just an initial truthseeker who questioned official stories, such as the holocaust.
    What I did find incredibly interesting was a map, uncovered in a Buddhist temple, dating back to the 10th century, with a map of not just a flat earth, but what was also outside. That is, there are another 32 continents outside, what is believed to be an ice wall, surrounding the earth.

    Now whether this is true or false, it makes for good reading. Many of the arguments on the website are also worth considering. But the question arises as to why would they make up a theory that we revolve around a sun, in a universe of billions upon billions of stars? Well, from the God/Bible perspective, flat earth gives gives testament to that. From a non God/Bible perspective, the universe and we’re just a grain of sand on a beach, spanning for infinite. If somebody wanted to make you feel worthless and non existent, then the latter would certainly be the way to go. If someone wanted to make you feel unique and here for a reason, then the former.
    I’m neither yay nor nay when it comes to the flat earth theory, but many things within, are certainly worth consideration. Quite frankly I would never trust NASA as far as I could throw them. Do I think the flat earth theory is a psyop? No, far from it. Why? Well, people were writing about the earth being flat, long before any moon landing or NASA ever existed.

  5. The moon landings are total hoax! Those in the know were all masons, lots of mysterious deaths of non-masons astronauts.

    Flat Earth is a very deceiving hoax because it is mixed with trues, the same truths that threaten the heliocentric model.

    Quote from Harbinger:
    “From a non God/Bible perspective, the universe and we’re just a grain of sand on a beach, spanning for infinite. If somebody wanted to make you feel worthless and non existent, then the latter would certainly be the way to go.”

    Correct reasoning, Sir! The standard model was always the geocentric then, 300 years ago, the accepted model was changed to the heliocentric one. The purpose of that maneuver was to deny God and lower the public moral with that “grain of sand in a beach” crap.

    There is a book that explains scientifically which model is the correct one, Robert Sungenis ‘Galileo Was Wrong, The Church Was Right.’ The correct model is the geocentric – the Earth is motionless, the sun revolves around the Earth and the planets revolve around the sun. Planets move in cycloids, similar to the shape of a flower, the same pattern produced by the Coriolis force. Sounds crazy but that is precisely what the physical experiments are telling us.

    These are the consequences of the geocentric model:
    a) Einstein is a total hoax (see the twin paradox, impossible to solve);
    b) The Earth is not a “grain of sand in a beach,” here is the center of the Universe;
    c) The Coriolis force is real, a gravitodynamic force – the missing link of gravity.

    For more details see here:

  6. Truthy1 wrote:

    “Proof that the Heliocentric model is only a “theory” and not a fact.”

    There’s nothing wrong with the Heliocentric model; it works just fine.

    “2) All of the planets can be observed in the night sky.”

    Not all at the same time!

    “3) We are taught that earth is the third planet from the sun. ( this cannot be so if all the planets are observable in the night sky.”

    There is no logic to your conclusion. Why would you assume that you should see all the planets at night when each planet could be anywhere around the Sun?

    Mercury, being so close to the Sun (28 degrees maximum) can only be seen either at dusk or dawn if it’s far enough away from the Sun (as seen from the Earth).

    Venus can be seen for longer periods after dusk or before dawn (Maximum: 88 degrees away from the Sun on either side).

    Astrologers use a book of planetary positions for each day. The book is called an “Ephemeris” and lists the positions of each planet including the Sun, Moon and the Planetoid Chiron for every day in a 100 year period.

    The planetary model works well. The model simply needs to be upgraded with the more encompassing “Electric Universe” theory which accounts for many observable phenomena and allows for sudden and abrupt changes that are not explainable with the old gravitational model.

  7. Well something has been up there we have crater “Vitello” and over 300yrs of recorded “TLPs” transient lunar phenomena by astronomers which include buildings, bridges, clouds, train tracks, cities and pyramids to vouch for it as with Mars.
    NASA blurrs a lot of imagery and often admits to altering colors of their pictures.
    It is why NASA says Mars is a red planet when amateur astronomer pictures show it as blue similar to ours so I wouldn’t trust NASA even with a fire extinguisher around a box of lit matches, hell they’re US government ain’t they.
    Flat earth exists in the legal flat world of paper that’s all it is, something in the margin a dead language.
    Astronauts have been caught admitting they haven’t been there but I got a feeling their rovers have.

  8. Northern Truthseeker is awesome truth blogger, especially about the fake moon and climate hoax. No Zionista spin on any of his essays, unlike that Christian liar Michael Snyder economic collapse blog who said that Soleimani was a terrorist.

    Of course Christian Synder doesn’t ever (never never never) say that Netanyahu and Trump are terrorists. I, for one, do not understand how any Christian can like Trump or Netanyahu, both murdering thugs. If you can’t figure out who the real terrorists are then why blog? Synder is a fraud and Northern Truthseeker is TRUTH.

    On the lighter side this video naking fun of Apollo is AAA+++

    Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World (Official Music Video)\


  9. The Flat Earth Society was originally formed, not to push a Flat Earth agenda but was a society, which by its name, implied that any subject was open for debate without restrictions, even a possibility of the current dogmatic science being preposterous.
    A worthwhile society I would say.

  10. This is all nonsense and a distraction from REAL conspiracies here on earth.
    “Flat earth” ….how absolutely stupid…..utter nonsense.
    WHO CARES!….Whether they landed on the moon….what difference does it make either way.

    Was the destruction of the WTC….a conspiracy?….OF COURSE IT WAS…..THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!.It means that democracy is not working and the fourth estate is not doing its job…..

    etc etc etc…..no sensible person should waste their time on this moon landing nonsense…..its a futile one way street…..which will achieve nothing.

  11. Response to Simon Smith. I am in agreement with Smith. In place of Psyop I personnaly like to use the term Disinfo. Of course moon hoax topics ( that have good foundation ) are automatically discounted as here say since the Flat Earthers are presenting it. The general population tends to be prejudice and automatically discounts real facts as false and crazy since the crazy presenters ( in this case Flat Earthers ) are presenting it……………..not realizing that these individuals are government psyop agents. In this way the government can discredit the proof of their lies.

  12. Vespasian is right or is not, depending on a perspective.

    Apollo Moon Landing conspiracy demonstrates leading role of Hollywood and virtual reality in the world today.

    I have a feeling that famous coronavirus pandemic is mainly a seasonal flu + biological weapon released locally in China. Yet we have a global pandemic.
    Apollo Moon Landing was the first or at least very impressive hoax of global size. For this reason it is worth studying.

  13. Good post Voltman. Especially the “Electric Universe” call. We should be discussing this more:

  14. @Vespasian

    No sir, you are wrong, basically if they can lie about landing on the Moon, then lying about 9-11 is all the more believable.

  15. Okay…The Sun is at 10 o’clock, full and bright, clear sky even. You also see the Moon at maybe 2 or 3 o’clock in the opposite direction (the other side of our vision of the sky from where the Sun is), and it is a Quarter Moon or such! How can this be, what is shadowing the Moon for it to only be a Quarter Moon in full view of the Sun?

  16. If only people were this interested in exposing the lies behind the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, who got help from traitors in the WH, the FBI, CIA, NSA and Pentagon. With lots of help from the (((MSM))).


    Instead of howling at the moon.

  17. Guillaumé,

    The flat earth society is, most certainly a psy-op. Most of their finding are just laughable to state the least.
    However, I would strongly advise having a look at what Eric Dubay has to state on this. His organisation is the International Flat Earth Society.

  18. Vespasian,

    You know I have a great deal of respect for you and others on Truthseeker, for obvious reasons, however:

    ““Flat earth” ….how absolutely stupid…..utter nonsense.”

    I don’t with this.
    I’ve been changing people’s perceptions on many things now, for over ten years. I’ve not just scraped nerves in debate but completely severed them. No stone should ever be left unturned and no subject should ever be taboo, when it comes to searching for the truth.

    Have you been ‘outside’ the earth?
    No, you haven’t.
    No one has.
    Sure you can state: “well I’ve never been to [insert foreign land] but I know it’s there because friends have been there and we have multitudes of video evidence.”
    Agreed, but no one’s been outside the earth that you know of. All you know, of what’s out there is from NASA, that great, big, cash blackhole, eating up US taxpayers’ money.

    “no sensible person should waste their time on this moon landing nonsense…..its a futile one way street…..which will achieve nothing.”

    Is it? If they can lie about the moon landing what else can they lie about? Yes, it was a lie, so was the holocaust, so was JFK, so was the USS Liberty, so was 9/11….the list goes on. Do you not see Vespasian? The more events from history, exposed as downright frauds will BEGIN to change the public’s perception of governments and well known establishments. It will bring about “the boy who cried wolf” situation where no one believes a word they state.

    Now on Flat Earth, there are some things that have intrigued me and I really do mean intrigued me. I will share them with you and let you wonder about them.

    1.Do you know that the moon gives off a cold light?

    If, as we are told, the moon reflects the sun’s light, then the temperature would be the sun’s temperature, not a cooler one, as the above video explains. What does this mean? It means one simple thing Vespasian that cannot be denied – the moon is its own light source.

    2. Have you ever looked at the stars through a powerful camera/telescope?

    They are not what we see from CGI whatsoever Vespasian. Why are they as they are? Some are most certainly not spherical, whatsoever! All are shining bright, collections of multicoloured lights. They are also resonating at high frequencies. What we have been told about stars is 100% bonafide BS!

    3. The concept of horizon compared to line of sight. There are many videos on YouTube you can find where someone is watching a ship, disappear ‘over the horizon’ and then when they get a camera with a powerful zoom lens, they bring it back into view. How can this be? Well it’s simple. It’s line of sight, in that our eyes can only see so far before what is in front of us disappears. If it were a case of going over a horizon, then no camera, regardless how powerful would bring it back into view.

    4. And partly on point 3 above there are loads of videos also, on YouTube, showing clear evidence of mountains, that you should not be able to view, due to earth’s curvature.

    Vespasian, I’ve been looking into this for quite some time now and I find it all incredibly interesting. Do you know, for example that every image, of the earth is CGI? Do you also know as well that there is no Mars mission? Yes, the buggy we see, traversing Mars is actually on some desert in the US.

    The lies are incredible and the more incredible they get, the more the gullible population believes them to be true.

    So Vespasian, why all the lies? The lies are simple and the reason there are so many people who are trying to debunk what I’m now beginning to see as real is because of two things:

    1. People, courtesy of 80+ years of indoctrination and brainwashing that started with novels, comics, radio broadcasts (HG Wells: War of the Worlds) moving into films, truly do believe that we’re just a little planet in the middle of nowhere, inside a massive universe, too big to imagine, making everyone, within, nothing but completely and utterly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. They have completely embraced the concept that there are loads of intelligent aliens out there.
    With continued sci-fi from Hollywood and constant streams of novels and comics, everyone is hoping for a far better life of becoming super human mutants to fight against wrong like the X-Men or DC Comics.
    It also pushes not only the whole androgynous, cyborg, android story, but more so, Project Blue Beam. What is Project Blue Beam?
    Yep, once they’ve exhausted every possible boogeyman on earth, every Emmanuel Goldstein (from Orwell’s 1984), then they realised that they had to invent something that has no limits – voila the vastness of space – aliens, predators and a multitude of Star Trekesque species good and bad, just waiting to make contact.

    NASA is a snake oil salesman. It’s ripping people off, while Jew Hollywood and the gaming industries, not forgetting thousands of authors, promote, what I’m beginning to realise is the BS of sci-fi in that people actually believe there are aliens and inhabitable planets out there.
    The Hubble Telescope? Again, more NASA CGI and more material to be used in some sci-fi movie, from Jewwood.

    I’ve now just come to the conclusion that pretty much everything I know, that I was taught from academia is 100% BS.

  19. @ Voltman

    According to the Heliocentric model in order to observe Mercury or Venus you must orient your vision towards the sun. ( Daytime ) They orbit closer to the sun, supposedly, so it is impossible for them to be in the Night sky, unless the model is false. That is not fine, Voltman. “There is no logic to your conclusion.”


  21. @ NBTT

    If the planets revolved around the sun and the earth is stationary then some planets would “hide” for years on end behind the sun. ( according to NASA orbit calculations ) They never “hide” and are visible every year like clockwork!

  22. What is most troubling is the sophistication used to fool the people for so long. No doubt, people then and today have a great difficulty in distinguishing between Hollywood and reality, making sophisticated technological hoaxes even easier to fool the masses. This raises the question about 9/11 and actual planes or holographs being projected and videos being computer engineered with far more technological sophistication then, than in the 60’s.

    Suppose all 3 towers were coming down anyway, which they were, and then you had Israeli “art school” teams and a mysterious & disappearing elevator company working in the towers (1&2 WCT) on previously vacated floors months before 9/11, which they were, plus many “workers” in 7 WTC, but that the “artists” were in fact special effects people working side by side with demolition experts.

    The ever-manipulating authorities with limitless funds perhaps want their critics to be suspicious and chew on another conspiracy for 20 or 30 years especially when the JFK one was getting stale, and so they give us enough hints to suspect it was an inside job, but like good magicians they were just giving us little distractions so that our capacity for suspicion and mistrust of the authorities would be exhausted by the local horrors, rather than what the planned on doing in the aftermath, like invading Afghanistan and Iraq, and then bombing Iraq into the stone age. Perhaps they learned from the JFK assassination that the people were more preoccupied with that than with the entire Vietnam War, because they knew for decades that people have limited capacities for dissonance and can have a limited amount of negative and upsetting issues on the plate at a time.

    Faithful Americans continued to believe that the terrible terrorist Bin Laden, (a low-level CIA asset) who allegedly masterminded 9/11 with such a precision attack, where 2 planes happed to bring down 3 buildings, and with all the legitimate conspiracy generated, the US authorities were enabled to continue with all their planned ME regime changes, together with the penultimate justification for the ready-to-go DHS created to spy on and control the true enemies of the US authorities and establishment – the people.

  23. Harbinger would you please communicate with me. e-mail address = my first name and after the @ icon.co.za
    No accent on the e


    This guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miros%C5%82aw_Hermaszewski


    also says that the Earth is flat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EYo8v7imlc

    Yeshu the Bastard was saying: the Truth shall set you free. 🙂

  25. @Fruthy1:

    “According to the Heliocentric model in order to observe Mercury or Venus you must orient your vision towards the sun.”

    Well of course!

    “They orbit closer to the sun, supposedly, so it is impossible for them to be in the Night sky, unless the model is false.”

    Bullshit! I have seen both Venus and Mercury many times and they were EXACTLY where they were supposed to be according to the planetary model.

    Apparently, your ignorance on this subject deprives you from having an intelligent discussion.

    Get a clue before spouting your nonsense.

    There is absolutely no logic to your baseless pronouncements.

  26. Where else could they have been taken as there is no “space” ie we live under a dome.

  27. @Truthy1

    “If the planets revolved around the sun and the earth is stationary then some planets would “hide” for years on end behind the sun.”

    Not at all! My wife asks similar questions about the seasons. Nothing changes except the point of view. If a sniper can see his target the target can see the sniper, so he camouflages. The Greek Ptolemy described the movements of the Solar System long time ago. If we look at the sky what see we? We see the Sun revolving around the Earth, etc.

    The problem arises when we define an inertial frame of reference in order to evaluate gravity forces. As far as I know no one has ever measured accelerations in the surface of the Earth. The “Jewish genius” misinterpreted the Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887; the Jewish media LERV it! Now modern physics is a dead end joke.

    If the Coriolis force is real, not fictions, the phenomenon of gravito-levitation turns up to be mathematically possible. Every object falling in Earth’s gravity is subjected to the Coriolis force.