Human Remains Under Jersey Orphanage – Anna Brees

Shaun Attwood – YouTube Feb 21, 2020

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5 responses to “Human Remains Under Jersey Orphanage – Anna Brees”

  1. The bodies of 800 babies were found in a septic tank at a nuns convert in ireland
    In Shernhall st Walthamstow London there is a convent called the Holy family
    in the 50s and 60s it was called St marys Roman Catholic orphanage school.It was headed by an evil nun called Sister Peter, this evil witch and her nuns were being the disappearance of many white orphans, shipped out to the colonies and their places taken by black children imported in.The sports field behind the school was the focus of many rumours that babies born to unwed mothers were buried there.
    This sister peter would beat children some i saw just 6 years old of they could not repeat long biblical passages she would lie scream at children and delight in humiliating them
    the older boys complained to being sexually abused by her.
    When the St Georges Roman catholic church further along in Shernhall st burnt down
    crowds of ex pupils turned up outside and clapped as it collapsed in flames
    and sang to the firemen let it burn let it burn

  2. After W W 2 Rothschild who loaned us the money to fight Hitler for him
    demanded we open the flood gates to import in loads of foreigners
    our industry had closed for the war effort and now it was over, jobs were scarce
    Churchill said ” the war will be over by Christmas, join up now to give Hitler a bloody nose
    and after you will come back to a land of milk and honey with jobs and homes for all”
    This was one of Churchills biggest ever lies. there was over 19 men being demobbed from the services for every job, and the racist government that the men fought the war for
    then advertsied in the west indies and said come to the UK bring your families and freinds and do the jobs the Englishmen are too lazy to do.
    This was the racist government shitting on the very men who fought the war for it.
    And there was real anger, the BBC put out a bad taste comedy about a chap called Alf Garnet, played by a balding jewboy, who was constantly made fun of all through the programme for being patrotic, the British Army told us do not let your families watch this crap its anti-British tripe, and it was.
    WE had no enemies in Germany Iraq Iran etc, our only en emies are our own racist governments

  3. Colin,we need a lot more genuine truth tellers like you in this country. The other day I saw and heard an African immigrant in my vicinity asking an was European immigrant if he was willing to join him and the Romanian and Russian immigrants against the English. He ended the conversation saying “are you with us or against us”. Up until then I had heard a lot of rumours about hostile folk being brought in to foment race wars etc. It looks like this could be true. What a shame though that men of equatorial Africa don’t realise that they’re being moved out of Africa not just to replace the indigenous people of Europe but also because the Chinese want them out so they can use their land for crops when the big freeze comes soon and mine their rare earth minerals unopposed.

  4. It is well known that twisted pedophiles gravitate to jobs working in such places and with youth. The difficulty is screening them if they have no known record. Once they are able to group in an institution they may as well be called instiabuseons.

  5. I suspect these kinds of abuses were going on in feudal Europe for the past thousand years or more. Some young lad or lass runs an errand then disappears, to end their days in some castle dungeon or church stronghold after weeks of abuse then silenced by murder. Never went home, never seen again, nobody even suspecting what really happened.