US Biowarfare Act Author: Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized

Spiro Skouras – Activist Post Feb 22, 2020

In this interview, the author of the US Biowarfare Act, Professor Francis Boyle, uncovers four separate studies which he claims confirm as ‘smoking gun’ evidence the Wuhan coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, was in fact weaponized.

Professor Boyle also discloses where he believes the true origin of the virus originated and the extent that the US government was involved.

This is a must-see interview as Professor Boyle also reveals never before disclosed information.

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Study: The spike glycoprotein of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV contains a furin-like cleavage site absent in CoV of the same clade

Study: SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronavirus pose threat for human emergence

Study: Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) proteins of different bat species confer variable susceptibility to SARS-CoV entry

Study: The possible origins of 2019-nCoV coronavirus

Study: Clinical characteristics of 2019 novel coronavirus infection in China

SMOKING GUN: China Bought Weaponized Wuhan Virus From U.S.

Full transcript of “smoking gun” bombshell interview: Prof. Francis Boyle exposes the bioweapons origins of the CoVid-19 coronavirus


6 responses to “US Biowarfare Act Author: Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized”

  1. Said this from the start… Just saying.

  2. The recent tidal waves of migration are not a random ,according to Sam Solomon.
    so these rfugees creat and finance ISS, WMD and invite NATO to bomb the hell out of them bribe Gorge Soro to act to change EU “whiteners ” and force eu head state toaccept them? either hes paid perstiute or coward of zionist backlash (, probably pedo blackmail)….
    its clear social engineering benefits only globalist ruler. host vs guest infight , much more can be achieved . whole world is becoming palastainied , you can’t criticised your master ,the chosen one!

  3. NIH = Nefariously Injecting Humans
    CDC = Cabalistic Death Cult
    FBI = False Beliefs Inc.

  4. So far it appears CoVid-19 is more likely to attack asians. Assuming it never becomes prevalent in other races why would the Chinese be working on a bio-weapon that is specific to them?

  5. Fudly: equally, there could be many viruses that appear to resemble Covid-19. Medics are having serious problems finding the people who infected their patients. Manual spreading?

  6. As America is evil enough to use bio-warfare while all the time talking-up its threat from others, and China is seen as an economic threat by America, my first thought was the Yanks could have done this–after having done similar to China’s pig stock with their recent outbreak of swine fever. I still suspect America, the Nazis of the 21st century.