White “Racists” Will Now Be Refused Medical Treatment in Britain

Kyle Hunt — Renegade Tribune Feb 21, 2020

Image result for nhs logo It used to be that patients of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) would be denied treatment only if they were aggressive or violent, but new rules have been set that will see “racists” and “sexists” given the boot as well. This is apparently in response to the rising number of staff members complaining about “appalling” abuse from patients.

The Telegraph reports, “It comes as new figures show the percentage of staff who say they have experienced discrimination has risen by a quarter in five years, from 5.8 per cent to 7.2 per cent.” Oh, the horror! Something must be done to stop all the rampant racism, so turning sick people out onto the street is the only solution, even though it is their tax dollars paying for the socialized medical care.

While it is possible that some indigenous White Brits, who are likely in a lot of pain, are saying “mean” things to incompetent non-White staff members who were hired by the NHS as part of an affirmative action program, it is far more likely that the reported incidents involve low-IQ invaders who have taken to stomping all over the people of their host country. Regardless, it is likely to only be White patients who are refused treatment, since the anti-White establishment has made it clear that only Whites are capable of racism.

Luckily for all the “racists” in Britain, the NHS will still treat abusive patients whose lives are absolutely in danger, but for anyone else seeking non-emergency care, it’s tough luck.

One has to wonder whether this policy will extend beyond just the behavior of patients while they are in NHS facilities, and Brits found posting “xenophobic” messages to social media will also be banned from receiving NHS care. That is, if they have not yet been visited by a SWAT team for offending the local “grooming gang” that is selling little White girls into sex slavery and locked up for wrongthink


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  1. The race acts, in the 60’s,were created to stop all indigenous fightback of what was the colonisation of their land by noon whites. This latest piece of news is merely more of the same. People are noticing their society worsening due to this and so a natural fightback will ensue. What Kyle failed to also mention is that it’s not just ‘racist’ whites but homophobic ones as well. Yes, I’m wondering whether they’ll refuse blacks and m members of the Islamic faith from hospitals as well? So much for the hippocratic oath?

    However what’s important here is when Kyle asks if it will extend outside of NHS facilities and people who make racist and/or homophobic remarks on social media? What if people are refused state housing or evicted from properties for doing the same.
    This incredibly prejudice action will most certainly grow arms and legs.

  2. what wrong with you? your puppet low IQ politicians screwed you , you turn on those who can beat up easily freely and feel good about it. you deserve it ! your leaders came amogest you, greedy godless imoral being. short selling his nations . your soljers selling these idea through the gun. now is you getting your medicine. exept few,you are too convienced by your ‘high’ IQ to solve issue at hand .

  3. mr high IQ turn on those you can easily beat.while your political leader sold out. low IQ knows his enemy but lacks the tools to fight back. look to russia for higher IQ, no GMO, No vaccine ,

  4. Fe,

    Your forgetting one, major, point – generational indoctrination and heavy brainwashing of society, starting back in the 50’s and gathering pace in the 80’s to where society is today – in a complete mess.
    Yes, I am extremely envious of Russia, maybe it’s the fact that Russians are where they are, thanks to understanding their history and saying never again to Bolshevism, which clearly Russians know to be organised Jewry.
    However, guess what? Those behind the massacre in Russia are in charge of mine. There are many layers to the control mechanism. There are many secret societies as well. My country is completely monitored. You can’t disappear here, into the mountains, as you can in Russia. My people are heavily brainwashed. Look to the TV and see why people are the way they are? They’re interested in football and celebrity. They make their money, care not for their culture, their ancestry and nation. It’s lost with my people. Your people have it and I’m very happy for you, but for me, well it’s a living hell, watching society destroy itself. It’s like being strapped into a car, about to go over the edge, in slow motion and you can’t do anything to break free.

    Everything, here in the UK is upside down, inside out. Society is broken. I have to check my sanity daily when I look around as I’m truly beginning to think that I am in fact losing it, when I read articles like this. When I see the transgender madness, people losing jobs because they say that men can’t be women and vice versa. It’s a time, here in the UK, of incredibly persecution towards white, heterosexual, males. Even though I’m 48, I grew up with much older people and relate more to the 70+ generation.
    When I try to tell people that they’re living a lie and being lied to, they don’t agree, because they’re utterly indoctrinated by the msm, TV, Hollywood, magazines and every other outlet that’s lying to them, daily.

    Yes, our political leaders sold out.
    All western leaders have sold out. So too have the editors and the journalists they employ. So too have the teachers and professors in schools and universities. We’re living under cultural Marxism. Everything is politically correct. We are, pretty much entering where Russia was at the turn of the 20th century. I can feel a major conflict coming and a culling of millions of my fellow Europeans. It’s inevitable. The hatred for whites is an agenda that’s being rapidly promoted. You are lucky. I envy the Russian people. I look at mine and I’m incredibly sad, how they’ve lost all their common sense and love for their nation.

  5. Enoch Powell, did warned you ?? & you stupid schmucks laughed at him ??
    Who’s laughing now ??
    Rule, Britannia! Britannia rule the waves;
    Britons never will be slaves

  6. I’ve never felt the need to abuse hospital staff hell my mum an accomplished nurse would slap me silly from the grave if I did, she was extremely abusive herself at times.
    But whenever they put me under for an op using their drugs I always started calling the anesthesiologist a toff and so on till I would fade out. If it acted like a truth serum then all they got was the truth of what I thought about them which is funny.
    Yes, the age of entitlement is gone, the age of privileges(sustainable development) is upon us.
    In this day and age being denied NHS “care” is most likely going to assure you a long life anyway. Their radar is definitely one worth being out of range from they could easily deem you transwannabe by their psychiatrists, and by next morning you’ve gone from he to something even Frankenstein would freak out at. That’s extreme but let off the rope as they are the NHS is looking something straight out of a fascistic dystopian graphic horror novel based on all that’s gone before it and more.

  7. @Harbinger

    re your first comment mentioning opinions on social media. The situation is even worse than you describe, with the advent of so called 5G, anyone with a dissenting opinion can be tortured in their own home by remote means so called, ‘psychotronically’ and even murdered. A pathologist’s report will say it was an embolism or cardiac arrest so by natural causes. So the persecution will be unnoticed. A chilling Orwellian world is virtually upon us. Ironically lead paint could have shielded us, but they thought of that already.

  8. To : Harbinger.
    Your post is of course excellent, as usual.
    Everything you say about life here in the UK is right and is the same in other European countries and North America. We all know perfectly well (even those who pretend otherwise) that a person is the sex they are born. I couldn’t care less if someone chooses to live as though they were the opposite sex. Poor misguided souls they are, but it doesn’t matter to me. Likewise men who like to have sex with another mans faeces. It is unnatural but why should it bother you or me, they are the ones playing Russian roulette with their health.
    However I feel that your envy of Russia may well be short lived. The differences you point out between Russia and the west are the very reason why US led forces are amassing ever closer and much more aggressively up to Russia’s borders. The intention appears to be for the western powers to have every advantage against Russia for a sudden and devastating attack. Russian traditions unfortunately won’t be much help to their people in a smouldering nuclear winter.

  9. Paying tax needs “consent” so stop paying tax and the for-profit entity that is UK Inc and will soon get the message. This must obviously be done by a large number of people to have any impact.

  10. @Harbinger The West is brainwashed by the media and the East brainwashed by their religion/Theocracies.