Syrian Patriarch: Islamic Nations Must Admit Muslim Refugees

Church Militant – Jules Gomes Feb 20, 2020

Ignatius Youssef slams West’s ‘Machiavellian opportunism’ on migration

The Syrian patriarch of Antioch is calling on Muslim-majority countries to resettle Islamic refugees and is excoriating Western religious leaders for their “political correctness” on immigration and the persecution of Christians.     

“Since there are Arab countries — with a Muslim majority — that have financial resources in billions and vast uninhabited territories, why not settle the refugees from the Middle East, thereby giving them temporary accommodation pending a political solution which will facilitate their return home?” asks His Beatitude Ignatius Youssef III Younan.  

“These countries have the space, money and resources needed to do it. Furthermore, this solution would be preferable for refugees of Islamic faith who would be more comfortable with a question of religious, cultural and linguistic affinity,” the primate of the Syrian Catholic Church urges.

The patriarch’s outspoken remarks are in variance to Pope Francis’ plea to Western countries for open doors to Muslim immigration, but echoes Cdl. Raymond Burke’s call for opposition to “large-scale Muslim immigration” as “a responsible exercise of one’s patriotism.”

Burke quoted No Go Zones: How Shariah Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You, written by Raheem Kassam, a Briton of Pakistani-Muslim heritage, to highlight the demographic problem of Islamic immigration.

Youssef rebuked religious leaders for their “political correctness” in not having the courage to persuade Muslim nations to do more to help their own people in distress. 

“Refugees should be told: ‘You already have the opportunity to return, we guarantee you can do it safely. Instead of staying in the countries of the exodus, we will help you in your native land,'” His Beatitude told Italian newspaper Il Nuova Bussola Quotidiana in an interview two weeks after a papal audience with the Middle East patriarchs. 

Youssef accused Western leaders of a “Machiavellian opportunism” in betraying Middle Eastern Christians by abandoning them:

For years we have seen the exodus of our people, caused by persecutions, oppressions and the chaos created precisely by Westerners. We don’t talk about this situation and, if we do, it is only to make empty promises. We don’t need financial aid, we want to stay in the land of our ancestors. We have not been imported from outside, we have the right to stay in our countries. 

The patriarch also lamented the alliance of European nations with countries “where there is no recognition of religious freedom and which are characterized by being among the most fundamentalist in the world.”

The recent tidal waves of migration are not a random phenomenon but are methodically planned, as was Muhammad’s Hijra – his migration from Mecca to Medina.Tweet

“But opportunistic purposes prevail, because these countries are also rich in oil,” he pointed out, calling for European parliaments to sign bilateral agreements only with countries that explicitly recognize both religious and civil freedoms. 

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  1. Just wait until the Greater Israel population project kicks into gear…..ANOTHER HUGE WAVE OF THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS WILL POUR INTO EUROPE.

    Under cover of a major conflict or just after it….Lebanese and Syrians will be driven out of their homelands….basically a repeat of the Palestinians being ethnically cleansed from Palestine X 100.

    Jews Inc will also organise mass “antisemitism ” in Europe to drive Jews into Israel where they will be distributed to the now vacant lands….
    All this stuff could conceivably happen within the next hundred years…….
    ….by which time Europe will have either stopped the invasion of the third world….by stopping the Jewish elites…..OR will be facing a rapid descent into chaos and decline.
    REALLY… people REALLY think the Kibbutznik Boris Johnson is going to halt the invasion?…he might try to give the impression he is….but he wont.The suffocating political correctness will continue unabated.

  2. This Cleric is speaking common sense, glad he is, but will the traitors in power act upon it? No way.