Circumcision Creates Bio-Robots. It Should be Illegal

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Feb 21, 2020

Without clear medical justification, circumcision, male or female, should be outlawed.
It prepares an individual for being controlled via directives that are addressed to the damage inflicted within the person’s subconscious mind.
As General Konstantin P Petrov says, the individual so conditioned becomes, in effect, a bio-robot.
This puts it very well. The individual is so fearful of the experienced terror within, that they are functionally incapable of examining and correcting errors of perception that are implanted within their inner selves by an authoritative third party. i.e. Such people, subject to ideological/mental conditioning, will tend to be extremely “exterior” persons, often incapable of self reflection and deep examination of implanted assumptions.
All is projection. What is within can ONLY be seen without. Is it any surprise that the most intensively conditioned racists on earth are also the loudest voices attacking ‘racism’ in the communities that surround them?
It is interesting to note Israel Shahak’s commentary on Jewish Worship in “Jewish History, Jewish Religion’ …
… that the Orthodox Rabbi is not concerned about what is going on within the worshipper. One person can be praying to the true God … another, beside him, to Satan. The Rabbi does not care. He only insists that the external behaviour of both devotees is identical.
This observation reported by an insider, an Israeli professor of Chemistry, a man of real integrity who was obviously trying to warn his own people against what he perceived as being a toxic culture …
… this observation tells us that the Jewish “religion”, and the practice of circumcision in particular, is not about a quest for anything spiritual/internal, it is about manufacturing uniform OBEDIENCE within the tribe and creating a UNITED POLITICAL FRONT out of its people.
Within the first video below the “false-flag” nature of this violation against the individual is discussed.
In the second, further ideas relating to this “terrible mechanism” including the way natural definitive time-lines and iterations of the mind are deliberately deformed.
For people to continue this abuse as a matter of tribal habit, to preserve “tradition” and group “identity” is one thing. To understand what is being done to one’s child yet continue this pattern of abuse is quite another.


If the “Simulation Model” of reality is correct, If we really do inhabit a ‘virtual reality’ (and it truly appears that we do) then, as in our own virtual realities (computer games), we might expect to find NPCs (non-player characters) on earth, programmed entities that are just like everyone else except for the fact that their behaviour follows an exact pre-determined program.
In ‘The Matrix’ Agent Smith and his pals were NPCs.
Come to think of it, is it not everybody’s greatest challenge not to become such a character oneself and fall into habitual behaviours that are compliant and self-destructive rather than to live ever more determinedly in service of the common good.



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

15 responses to “Circumcision Creates Bio-Robots. It Should be Illegal”

  1. One their greatest crimes was convincing Americans to circumcise their boys.

  2. Circumcision is a backwards primitive ritual,applied by primitive backwards people. And I speak as a committed Christian so I’m not anti religion. The USA also suffers from the trauma of this mutilation. And has a robot like disfunctional society. My wife’s family is oriental and they circumcise their boys about 12 years old, so when my sister in law was booking a trip back from Europe to home for the specific purpose of getting her son mutilated I made such a fuss they abandoned it, and I have a policy of never ever getting involved in their family business. But I couldn’t just stand by and see him get abused and mutilated for no reason whatsoever. And she’s a nurse so knows what’s involved. These cultural traits run deep, and aren’t washed away by a few years in the west. As we’ve seen with Somalian women mutilating their girls in Europe.

  3. SERIOUSLY??? I am 72, have known one person not circumsized and there is nothing like you describe w any of them. Girls are a diff story, it affects their Orgasims, UNLIKE Men.

  4. what God has ordained for humanity is primitive and backward according to sitanic techiing backed by ‘science ‘ .the attack is left/right .’ Jesus was circumside by 7 days’ according to bible , but a jew is also doing it , so the logic it must be evil. most intellectual jews are hard core ethiest . and plying goyim to further away to God , when it benefits them they quote bible . here they jump on circumsition with sudo science as if all scientists agreed on , soon they will claim beliving in God is a system of control , the very thing they trying to do. the question is who you want to be controlled , is one way not both nor neither . if you dont circum. , you had to go against it, force other stop practicing . thanks god , the master is doing it .no one dare to stop the kosher . its well protected

  5. I was circumcised as a child for medical reasons. One night I was crying and in a lot of pain, the next thing I remember, I was in a hospital ward (might have been RAF) lying on a bed with my pecker in a small cup of iodine and I was still in pain. I’ve no idea what was wrong and it was never talked about. I was about 5yrs old at the time. We (the family) then went to Germany. I remember going to the base pool for a swimming lesson. Some boy pushed me in the deep end, next thing, I’m looking at myself being given mouth to mouth, I start to cough up water and I am then beck in my own body. I remember more about this incident as I get older. As I typed this, I just worked out the different views and realised I was ‘out of body’, freaky. I am not aware of any mental consequences with respect to being circumcised. If society collapses, will I be forced to drop my pants and then burned at the stake? I mention these events because they both happened within 18 months of each other.

  6. Pediatricians and Circumcision of Children: Secrecy and Shame–hnKe3XOKXypbM_R2K

    Mission Impossible at Speakers’ Corner–hnKe3XOKXypbM_R2K

  7. Isn’t circumcision necessary for boys with phimosis?

  8. Davy. Thanks for that.

  9. As someone who was circumcised at a young age, due to a medical problem, I don’t think I am anything near a bio-robot and at 69 I am happy to report that it still works 🙂

    In fact as someone who became pro Palestinian and an anti Zionist 40 years ago, embraced Islam over 30 years ago, and bought gold and Bitcoin at at the right time I would venture that circumcision has not affected my thinking process one jot.

    As such I have never felt “controlled via directives that are addressed to the damage inflicted within my subconscious mind”

    A doctor friend has told me how he has never treated a circumcised guy for urinary tract problems tho he does see the problem with uncircumcised guys.

    Female circumcision in Islam has nothing to do with clitoral mutilation which is purely a cultural practice. In the west Islamic female circumcision is practised as a cosmetic surgery procedure known as labiaplasty.

    Mr Boyle has written some very good essays but he has got this one wrong. Its not circumcision that affects the jewish mind, its the Talmud.

  10. Just extra skin and very few complications. It is not only a relatively harmless medical procedure and religious rite and sign, but also a right of the parents, causing no known psychological harm and very seldom any physical, such that the State and busybodies ought to butt out. It reduces the incidence of infections, and cancers which develop in the area. I have also heard it said that it makes the male member less sensitive, and the male to last longer.

  11. Studies show that Circumcision does affect the male climax
    as the head is exposed it becomes hard dry and insensitive
    so the male had to work very hard for release
    Lord Longford after years of visiting sex offenders in prisons
    penned the Longford documents, which describe in detail that circumcised men in prison
    feel they can only climax properly with chilldrens bottoms as they are tighter, and this is why jews allow sex with children. Omega magazine last year published pictures of child brothels in israel with kidnapped arab boys, kept naked in steel cages for tourists to enjoy.
    This is why all recent child sex scandals are jews or musims
    PS you do realise that Prince Andrew is a circumcised jew ?

  12. Crap. Circumcision has been practiced since the time of Abraham, maybe even earlier. Bio robots? what the hell is that? explain what is bio robot and then explained how these bio robots manifest themselves since the time of Abraham. Abraham is known to have practiced this act.

    Human was born into the world, naked, weak and do not know anything yet they walk on this earth as if they know a lot. Pathetic kevin boyle

  13. “Jewish Satanic Sexualization” – Jeanice Barcello

    6 Million – By John Niems – A Song About The Made Up Holocaust

  14. If God created everything and made it perfect, why did he make the foreskin?

  15. Bass. This is the phrase used by the Russian General on his talk…. it means such persons can be more easily controlled via suggestions that influence their subconscious.