Chuck Baldwin – This is ZOG (Zionist Occupational Gov’t.) – Feb 21, 2020


While US troops are fighting Israel’s wars abroad, the homeland has been conquered not by arms, but by money. How should Americans respond to being  subjugated?
“The 800-pound gorilla in every backroom in Washington, D.C., is the Israeli lobby. For all intents and purposes, Israel and the ruling class are one and the same.”

Time To Put Americans Back In Charge Of America

by Chuck Baldwin — (Abridged by

 Members of the “right” and “alt-right” love to use terms such as “the establishment,” “Deep State,” “globalists,” etc., in describing freedom’s political enemies. And, yes, I often use those terms too. For the sake of brevity, I will refer to the above as simply “the ruling class.”
Seldom, however, do conservatives identify who actually comprises the ruling class. Typically when using those terms, conservatives are attacking Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and liberal Democrats in general.
While it is doubtlessly true that many liberal Democrats are pawns of the ruling class, so are many conservative Republicans. The ruling class monopolizes the philosophies, priorities and policies of both major parties in Washington, D.C.
The ruling class has mastered the phony left-right paradigm to perfection. The entire political debate in America centers on the left-right paradigm. If you are a Republican, Democrats are the enemy; if you are a Democrat, Republicans are the enemy. The entire political world revolves around this notion.
It’s all a game, a façade, a hoax.

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7 responses to “Chuck Baldwin – This is ZOG (Zionist Occupational Gov’t.)”

  1. I have just attempted to post a comment here….and the screen went blank.
    Just to mention that the Obama’s are “black jews” without a shadow of a doubt.Like the hip hop star Drake…only Wikipedia actually says so.Other black Jews include Lionel Richie,Sammy Davis jr,Whoopi Goldberg….and PROBABLY the billionaire Oprah Winfrey.
    The NZ PM Jacinda Ardern is a crypto jewess and she is about to appear on the cover of the Jewish comic Time Magazine….this no doubt to bolster her chances for reelection.MOST of her cabinet is Jewish.The NZ Green Party is mostly Jewish like its German equivalent.
    Trump is without doubt a crypto jew as is the former Kibbutznik Boris Johnson PM of Britain (watch how his promises on immigration evaporate into thin air….with plenty of disinformation from the media to cover.)
    Macron and Merkel are BOTH crypto Jews without a shadow of a doubt….the joke PM of Canada is a jew,also without a doubt….you get the picture.There are the Bernie Sanders and then there are the hidden Jews…
    Naturally they control the intelligence services which are deployed against anyone wishing to make democracies great again by removing the Jewish elite from power.

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  3. The left-right paradigm is a hoax and it is demonstrated by the fact that the foreign policies of the US administrations never change and this fact indicates that there is an external controller of the two major parties . Is this really a display of democracy or complete zionist control ? The US always support and defend the rogue country of Israel , it is always ready to sacrifice US military for the wet dream of ” Greater Israel ” , always act to expand the number of military bases all over the world and menace and encircle with them the perceived enemies of the banking CABAL , Russia an China .
    Thanks to this warmongering policy , now the Government is full of debts , the expenses on the military are out of control , the US society is disintegrating , the cost of the failed economic policies can be seen in the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles . The USA military can only win wars against little countries like Grenada , Serbia and Iraq .
    Even Vietnam was able to chase out the US army . Now , after 17 years of war under false accusations , the USA is forced to abandon Afghanistan .
    America is a disgrace for humanity .

  4. If you want to know who is in charge, just look at who you can’t criticize.

  5. America and Israel are joined at the hip. The AIPAC banner says CONNECTED FOR GOOD which means the two nations are now joined permanently. They partnership is up to no good, in fact what AIPAC lobbies for is evil, that is wars for Israel and support in their genocide of the Palestinians.

    Things never stay the same, nations come and go and so do alliances. How long the two Jew nations stay together is anyone’s guess – I would say that in the next downwave or economic crash the union of pure Jew evil will become front and center issue for voters. All it takes is one charismatic personality to crash the forbidden barrier of talking about Jews in the public discourse and everything would change.

    Because Amerika is being systematically used by Israel for so long the separation may indeed be exceptionally violent – in a civil war of patriots who wake up and physically eject Jews from the former free nation. Happened in Germany not to long ago. All it would take is some “crazy” person to ram an airplane into the New York Federal Reserve or something like that which breaks the back of the financial beast then the mop up operation begins where Jews are rounded up and sent away. (There’s a whole lot of people ALREADY talking about this BTW.)

    If the Coronavirus is a military bioweapon crazy times may already be upon us. What is happening in China is truly horrific – the total breakdown of civility as the Commie party panics. They are being treated worse than animals. I wouldn’t doubt that special forces are efficiently executing whoever is sick as desperate measures are trying to contain the weaponized virus from taking out the entire nation state.

    I would not doubt that AIPAC and Netanyahu are the real perps behind the coronavirus bioweapon. Netanyahu is the provable author of the World Trade Center attack. Israel is the prime suspect behind the Fukushima nuking. Israel is also the suspect behind the Iran reactor STUXNET virus. It seems to me that Israel spends much of it’s time coming up with every clever way to pull false flags and attack other nations.

    You should suspect the USIsrael is behind the Wuhan attack. After 3 years of non-stop China bashing and complaining the virus just happens to shut down all trade and reduce China to panic. How convenient for BLOTUS Trump that his arch economic rival is suddenly made impotent by such and “unfortunate” turn of circumstances.

  6. “Baa baa blacksheeps comment appears to have been made by a non native English speaker???…

  7. Or a product of the U.S. ed-u-ka-shun system!