How The British Police Protect Child Rapists

Mark Collett – BITCHUTE Feb 21, 2020

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9 responses to “How The British Police Protect Child Rapists”

  1. Fake News Seeker, not The Truth Seeker!

  2. The British government is now the most racist since the wartime Churchill administration.
    The hatred shown to its own people is reflected in Home Office figures only available
    through the Met Police chief Cressida Dick in 2017.
    110 murders in london mainly through knife crimes and Knockout drop attacks, the majority were zebra crimes, e g black on white.
    30 murders of whites by blacks were ignored.
    When the small time drug dealer Stephen lawrence was murdered.
    The met polce were given carte blanche on how much it cost but some one had to pay for this.
    Left wing lawyers with lesbian lefty Cressida Dicks help got the law changed.
    The boys suspected of the killing were followed 24 /7 their homes were searched periodically and secret cameras and microphones installed in theirs and their families and freinds homes, this went on for years.
    No expense was spared, Omega magazine caimed over £22 million was spent
    to catch who killed Stephen lawrence , his mother was given a title by the queen.
    30 zedbra murders of white people including elderly women where muggings went wrong were almost ignored by police, no crime numbers were given in some cases
    and it did not kake the newspapers.
    A hate crime is when a white person injures a coloured person, if a coloured person injures a white person its not counted as a hate crime as it goes intoa lower category
    if it gets registered at all.
    Its time government racism and hate against its own electorate was stopped
    our Zionist controlled government is committing hate crimes against its own electorate

  3. In W W 2 when all the British men were conscripted to fight Germany
    as Adolf Hitler had dared to take the economy away from the jewbankers
    and give it to his people.
    The wealthy jews in the UK went to the USA but the poorer ones got out of military service by going to the jewish doctor and getting excemption certificaes for flat feet short sight
    blocked sinus etc, jews took over the capital.
    Black marketeering fencing schiesting and conning were the mark of the jew.
    Mad Frankie Fraser said on TV that jewish gangs would go out in the blackout
    and rob shops and homes, then set them alight and say it was a stray German bomb
    stolen proceeds were sold in petticoat lane.
    women whose husbands were away fighting would have to go to the jewish moneylenders, who would often force these women and their chidren into prostitution.
    many servcemen came home from the war if they were lucky enough to survive to find jews now owned their homes.
    In Edgeware rd London a large block of flats owned by the church of Engand and leased to jew Phil Sher, was full of women and kids forced to be prostitutes by the jews,
    any who tried to escape had their faces slashed.
    The famous London razor gangs were jews.
    So these muslims in the north of England are nothing new, the jews did it in w w 2
    so while our men were away fighting for the jews, they did this to our people

  4. “British police are enemies of the British people.” TRUE

  5. The government broke all the rules and spent some years to trap the boys they wanted for the murder of Stephen Laurence, a plaque has been put into the pavement where it happened, this had been defaced so many times a man is employed to watch the plaque on CCTV 24 7
    The law was broken in several ways to trick these boys, this is known in law as ” an abuse of due process”
    only a kangaroo court would allow this the fact is if it had been the boys charged with this
    it would not have taken years of interrogations and over £ 20 milion of our money

  6. Much has been made of the fact that over 200 Muslim men had groomed under age girls to be passed round and used for sex.
    I live in Bolton which was a centre for asian minicab drivers to run schol girls all over the North of England to be abused
    Tommy Robinson has been imprisoned for drawing attention to this.
    What Tommy Robinson does not say is that the other semitic race, the Jews also had child rape gangs. Robinson is paid by the Jews to cause trouble as id the jewess jayda Frantzen
    People like Greville Janner Leon Britten Yuri Geller Peter Mandelson Clement Freud Peter Tatchell Lionel Blue Paul Gambaccini Peter Wyngarde Jimmy saville Alan Freeman |Menachem Begin the Kray twins, were all part of large jewish rape gangs, but these were mainly after under age boys.
    What both groups have in common is just one fact, Circumcision.
    When the protective sheath is removed from the penis the tip becomes dry hard and leathery and loses its sensitivity, this means an ordinary woman is not tight enough to give a satisfactory climax, so children have to take their place, this is actually written into jewish law that its ok to abuse children.
    Lord Longford was comissioned by the British government to go into prisons and speak to child sex offenders, such folk as Myra Hindley Fred West Robert Black etc all said that it was childrens bottoms the men wanted as they were tight enough for a circumcised man, often the sex of the child was unimportant.
    Part of this was in several pages of the Nene report which was D noticed by New labour
    Tommy Robinson glosses over the jewish gangs as it has been proved he is paid by extreme jewish groups to cause problems with Muslim communities.
    Without the protective covering men are more likely to catch veneral diseases such as AIDS.This is why many doctors want all child sexual mutilations stopped, Princess Diana was a patron of the stop all circumcisions movement.
    Culturally Muslim and Jewish men want to marry virgins, but they also know men need the release of sex, so they will search for soft targets like British children, the government and police must stop dragging their feet and prosecute all offenders, not just Muslims, it was described on TV by a politician as ” youthful boy-nobbing”, it is not it is child abuse

  7. why do we allow foreign nationals to come into the country and rape and sodomise our kids ?
    When W W 2 looked increasingly likely in the 1930s, the Synagogues put out the
    message to get into anything to do with war supplies, Winston Churchill and Herbert Morrison the Home office minister and minister for provisions, made sure everything came from jewish suppliers.
    Herbert Morrison was Peter Mandesons grandfather, Aleister Crowley Churchills freind
    and fellow 33rd degree mason, said of Morrison “he is so bent he cant even piss straight”
    When our menfolk were fighting W W 2 the jews in the UK went to jewish doctors and got signed out of war service,
    This left the country at the mercy of swathes of jewish men.
    London suffered very badly with these gangs, the Kray twins took over from Peter Rachman who took over from Jack “spot” Comer and Billy Hill, until recently organised crime gangs were jewish and supported by Mossad.
    The jews ran protection rackets all across the capital
    Houses and businesses were burgled, and the contents would be sold in London’s Petticoat Lane an area well known for fencing the stolen goods.
    Black marketeers con men spivs fences and forged food coupon sellers, all jews and all operating in london, the expression “oh what a lovely war” was heard on many jewish lips.
    The soldiers away fighting, did not get their pay regularly, and many wives at home got into debt
    Many teenage and even underage girls were forced to perform sexually for the jew, these girls were known as “shiksa trade” and a lot of money was made from the USA servicemen over here by jews who also pushed them for any info the jewish underground could get to Russia.
    So the Muslim gangs who were recently exposed as raping hundreds of young kids is nothing new, and our government let both cases go on and on, thus assisting them.
    The broadcaster William Joyce had his face slashed for speaking out about wartime jewish crime.
    I remember as a small boy my mothers small parlour in Londons East End would have the neighbours all cram in to hear William Joyce broadcasts, because British soldiers would call the BBC ” Bullshit time”
    and as the war ended, people would say its over and we won, we did not win
    we lost big time, but the jews all made fortunes, and they were all able to move to upmarket homes away from East London to Ilford Barkingside and Chigwell.
    One can read online about the Battle of Cable street, , i watched it from my window and the truth was very different.
    There was more fear in London of the jewish gangs than of Hitler, Oswald Mosely was a British Patriot and such a skilled politician that the Jews asked him to lead both UK political parties, but he refused.
    Oswald Mosely set up the Blackshirts, men easily recognisable who could be called on for help. these men old or very young, as our strong healthy men were away fighting to get Germany away from Hitler and back under jewish control, these brave men would stand guard outside shops and homes during the nights of the blackout to protect them, this was what caused the jews communists and racist types to fight the famous battle of Cable st.

  8. The “Morrison” mentioned above (along with Churchill of course) was a crypto jew.
    “Morrison” is a common Jewish surname…..

    Thus you can say with certainty the Australias current Prime Minister Morrison is actually a jew,or more exactly,a crypto jew since he maintains he is a Christian of some sort.He replaced the mega millionaire Turnbull… who,guess what is also a jew.He lives in an area of Sydney much like Nth London…which is full of Jews….from crypto Jews to the religious nutters who wear undertakers suits.
    Organised crime was introduced by the Jews in the form of Abraham Saffron…..who actually travelled to Las Vegas to get pointers from other members of the tribe who control this city top to bottom.
    Jacinda Ardern and Trudeau (NZ and Canada) are ALSO crypto Jews…..
    So have no doubt whatsoever that the Jews are destroying the West by opening the I.migration gates.
    All of this is accompanied by relentless multicultural publicity on the media owned by the Jews…of course.Persecution of Europeans who object to this is only getting underway…..and “racism” is the means….
    Multiculturalism promotion even (in NZ) EXTENDS to advertisements….USUALLY the wife or girlfriend depicted is white and the partner an ethnic of some sort…..In NZ they are now producing adverts with smooching gays applying for mortgages.
    When the first western leader is assassinated is a question…..but that will occur on the lead up to WW3 and food shortages etc.

  9. Oh wow english is awake, go kill germans instead! Hitler was bad for loving his country? You know what serves you right you guys! I am not german neither english! If you must know