ATTENTION is the same as Sunlight and Rain and the Fruit and the Flower is the Offspring of Light

Visible Origami – Feb 20, 2020

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Someone once said, “When it rains it pours.” Off the cuff… first take… this seems to be saying that when one bad thing happens, other bad things often happen as well. This is, perhaps… how a Perfect Storm comes about. This writer has itemized an assortment of genuine plagues that are working their way forward at this moment. Taken in their aggregate state, they can be intimidating. If one did not know that these were mere shadows, passing before the face of an ever shining sun, we could be disheartened, dismayed… but there are those of us who are not. No matter what comes, be it trauma, separation, isolation, even death, it is of no importance… because all of this is no more than appearances we have attached ourselves to, unreal phantasms. ONLY God is real.
These phantasms are all just passing phases on the shores of a shining and infinite, eternal, sea …and that sea… whose depths cannot be plumbed… and whose reach cannot be traversed, or charted… is (COSMIC DRUM ROLL) The Sea of Love. It is the Sea of Divine and incomprehensible LOVE from everlasting to everlasting. It is the first emanation of Almighty God. It is as much as we are permitted to know. It is as much as we can ever know and yet it cannot be known but… IT CAN BE FELT!
These are perilous times AND times of great promise. There are not just the threats and challenges from without but… more especially… there are the threats from within. So many of us are being driven to unfortunate acts…driven crazy by the force of Mr. Apocalypse… because we will not awaken. We resist awakening and CRAZY is what happens. My friends, daily, the episodes of CRAZY keep intensifying. I AM NOT going to post examples of this. Some of them are horrifying. How does it come to such a pass? There is a demonic wind blowing in the wind tunnels of the human mind and it can be difficult to resist. Without an anchor, without a firm foundation, it might be impossible …but we must not see it as this because ALL THINGS WORK FOR GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE LORD.
It is Mr. Apocalypse who is at work here. He is pressing for awakening! If you do not awaken, he WILL PRESS HARDER. When God wants to awaken you, he will come and gently shake your shoulder. If you do not awaken, he will shake your shoulder harder and if you still do not awaken? God picks up a two by four and “Katie bar the door!” It was Mikhael Aivanhov who first put it that way (not verbatim). Thank you Master Aivanhov!
In these times of uncertainty WE MUST recognize the indwelling! This is the key to awakening; the recognition of the indwelling. It all comes down to the Practice of the Presence of God. CELEBRATE IT MY FRIENDS!!! Perhaps you do not yet feel it? Perhaps there is a question in ‘your mind’ as to whether there even is an Indwelling Presence? I ASSURE YOU ON MY VERY SOUL that there is a God. You need ONLY to visualize God as present. I will tell you a secret; perhaps it is not a secret but it is not widely known, GOD IS COMING in the human heart. He is coming to every heart where a place has been prepared for him and how do you accomplish this? YOU CELEBRATE HIS INDWELLING PRESENCE. You affirm that he is there, REGARDLESS of whether you can presently sense it or not. IF you prepare the space, he WILL OCCUPY it.
This is the Aquarian Age. This is The Age of Brotherhood! So how else could God come at this time? How else could God announce his presence among so many billions of people? He MUST COME IN THE HUMAN HEART! Mr. Apocalypse is the predecessor. Mr Apocalypse is the prophet who is announcing his coming, Just as John the Baptist once did.
Perhaps you are suffering in this time. There are so many ways to suffer but your suffering does not have to be in vain! Bad Karma is working its way out because THESE ARE THE TIMES OF KARMIC RESOLUTION. Bad Karma working itself out becomes good karma because the bad karma is passing. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to endure because it will pass. Make note NOT to repeat your mistakes and CONSIDER THIS, ‘the love of God passeth all understanding! The Grace of God is a miraculous force that can neutralize any Karma because GOD’S POWER is limitless. There is nothing that God cannot accomplish. Place your life… your hopes… your dreams and all your fears in the hands of God and ALL WILL BE MADE WELL BY MIRACULOUS AGENCY! Take to heart what the Lord God said to me… “rely on me! Rely on me.” This he said OVER and OVER and OVER. Why did it take me so long to get this? Do not suffer as I did through cognitive dissonance, where… somehow… it did not immediately occur to me that IF IT WAS GOD SAYING IT… IF IT WAS GOD SAYING IT… It MUST BE SO!!!
My own life is a masterpiece of the mercy and compassion of God. When I was young, I suffered to such an extreme that I cannot now even recall it. I had an adult ulcer at the age of 12 FROM FEAR. The doctors were mystified and it took them some time to find out what the problem was; why I was jackknifing from pain? It seemed that there would be no light at all. Then, at the age of 21, a being I met on a beach on Kalifornia, awakened my Kundalini, with such intensity that the reverberations went on and on and on.
Through psychedelics, I experienced things that made this world a gray Purgatory, with nothing of meaning to me. The spiritual delights I experienced were beyond the telling. Of course, I then stormed the gates of Heaven at every opportunity but I was not allowed to stay. I could not desist, eventually I fell into a whirlpool of excess, reaching into the darkness for light. I consumed so many mind altering substances in the pursuit of ‘yet one more experience of The Divine’ that it is a miracle I am still alive. Now… every organ is functioning fantastically, in defiance of ‘what should have been’. How is this possible? GOD is how it is possible. THOSE WHO LOVE MUCH ARE FORGIVEN MUCH. God knows WHY we do things. God knows our INTENTIONS.
Without knowing it, I was doing everything to suppress the force of the Kundalini in me. It was AND IS, impossible to contain, so eventually, it burned away every impure desire. It burned its way through me and the turmoil of years is at an end. Surely my tale should be a cautionary tale and one obviously needs a dispensation to do what I did. Perhaps none of it was necessary but to assist me in evading regret and recrimination, I was told, and continue to be told that there was nothing I could have done to change any of it. It was meant to be and I am as much for The Purpose of Demonstration as anyone else. We are…all of us… the living evidence of where we have been and what we have done. I can tell you with absolute confidence and assurance; LOVE GOD and God will protect you from everything that may ever come about, or lead you out of it after leading you through it.
God is your only true friend and any other true friend you believe yourself to have, is simply God in another persona. It is only God awakened in the mutual exchange of Love. It is our power to invoke God or Devil in everyone we meet. Sometimes either happens for reasons otherwise and once again, for The Purpose of Demonstration. God creates not only our friends but our enemies as well, for The Purpose of Demonstration. We need not fret or agonize over it or anything. Whatever we, ourselves, choose to assume responsibility for, we will be responsible for. Whatever we leave in God’s Hands, God will ‘hand’le for us.
Make the commitment this moment to celebrate the Indwelling at every opportunity and prepare to be surprised and astonished because nothing is what it was before. Pay no attention to appearances. Pay no attention to agents of darkness. Keep your mind ONLY upon the ever growing light within. The light within grows as the result of ATTENTION. It is the same as sunlight and rain and the fruit and the flower of the offspring of light, will sprout in the darkness and appear in the light. This is so… and EVER SHALL BE! May God shine forth from you in this hour and may the light of God guide and protect you for all of your days!
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