Is Russia Doomed?

Paul Craig Roberts – Feb 20, 2020

Winston Churchill said that Russia was “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”  Having read two contrasting news reports of attitudes in Russia, I understand what Churchill meant.

General Valery Gerasimov, chairman of the Russian General Staff, has concluded from Washington’s many NATO intensified drills on Russia’s border that Washington and its NATO puppet states are preparing for a major conflict.  In a briefing to foreign military attaches in Moscow, Gerasimov said that the increased number and scale of military exercises conducted by NATO members indicates that the alliance “is purposefully training its troops to be engaged in a major military conflict.”

The Kremlim’s spokesperson said that the Russian government trusts the opinion of General Gerasimov.

To be clear, based on analyzed evidence the Russian military sees Washington and its vassals preparing for war with Russia. The Russian government states that it trusts the opinion of the Russian military leadership.

Yet, a contemporaneous poll published by the Levada Center, an independent Russian pollster, reports that 80% of Russians see Washington and its NATO vassals as “friends.”

“Only 3% of Russian respondents said they see the West as Russia’s enemy, Levada said. Another 16% said they view the West as a rival.

“Two-thirds of Levada’s respondents (67%) said Russia should treat the West as a “partner,” while 11% said Russia should treat the West as a “friend,” according to the Kommersant business daily’s breakdown of the data.”

The extraordinary difference between the view of the Russian general staff and ordinary Russians is hard to explain. Who is communicating with the Russian people?  Their leaders? Or the Western funded NGOs and media that feed Western propaganda to the Russian people?  Are the Russian people still listening to the Voice of America?

If these contrasting news reports are correct, then Russia is faced with the fact that the awareness of the government that Washington and its European vassals are an enemy intent on war is not shared by the Russian population. This implies a total failure of communication between the Russian government committed to Russian national sovereignty and the Russian people who apparently see no risk of being colonized by their friends in the West.

How can the Russian people, humiliated by American sanctions and endless denunciations of their elected president, who led them out of American captivity, and threatened by Washington’s nuclear missiles on their border, possibly believe in friendship and partnership with Washington?

If the polls are correct, and the Russian people do not understand Washington’s hegemonic impulse, Russian sovereignty is not a sure thing.


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

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  1. It’s just the same everywhere,most people like other people,even foreigners! The ordinary Russians are not “humiliated” by being sanctioned,they know that governments are composed of control freak sociopaths . The media telling them to be humiliated bear a great responsible for a lot of the trouble in the world, it’s called sh*t stirring where I come from.

  2. Problem is, they had no means to occupy a country for long. You just need to many soldiers. But, if you replace the population of the world by vulnerable central Africans, it will be much easier to control tehm. Ofcourse they are not compatible, with the God’s chosen people. So these will be relocated arround their faforite little democratie.

  3. If this is true, then good for the Russian people, DC is always preparing for war, that’s
    the job of ALL generals, but the very best way to fight is not to fight!

  4. This “New” Cold war is a fiction. The people at the top are using “leading” public figures as chess pieces as the god of Olympus can been playing the game in the film Jason and The Argonauts.

    Now get this: western mainstream allows Russia Today (RT) through our (((TVs))) Why if they are wrong un’s ? While RT deconstructs western BS wonderfully, WHERE CAN WE FIND A GENUINE CRITIQUE OF RUSSIAN OLIGARCHS AND THEIR FRONT-MAN PUTIN on our screens ? You can’t, except for obvious laughable allegations of Russians interfering in elections. It’s almost as if these allegations have been made so preposterous in order to straw man any genuine concerns about (((Russian geopolitical ))) intent within the coming decades.

    International Jewry is fucking the USA like she’s a whore and will dig a hole and throw her corpse into when finished.

    “Putin’s Reign of Terror the Permanent Revolution in Our Time” by Christopher Bjerknes deserves a greater readership. The Soviet Union never actually died…

  5. PCR is probably completely ignorant about Russia. Well, he is ignorant in so many fields…

    Levada Center is a Jewish Psychological Warfare Institution (, Since their establishment in 1987 they are on war with Russia. These people sucked Russophobia with breastmilk, like Jewish Bolsheviks generations before. They are next generation Bolsheviks.

    Everybody with any kind of education should know that results of such pool could easily be manipulated. And Levada is known for manipulation.

    Levada Center pool is simply a result of Jewish manipulation, quoting it as a serious sociological analysis is a symptom of deep ignorance and reading PCR articles is simply a waste of time. This man has never been competent in anything, was just a shabbos goy for Wall Street Jews during Reagan era.

  6. This article by PCR is a good example of how mentally weak we have become. There is no contradiction or dichotomy with the Russian military, on one hand, viewing the threatening military exercises on their borders by NATO forces as hostile, and on the other, the majority of the Russian people thinking they are a part of West, and wanting better relations with us. The Russians are less of an enigma than the convoluted and far more corrupt West. Also, half of what the famed Winston said was simply propaganda and half truths, about pretty well everything.

    What has happened under the Trump administration are more threats and sanctions. The Western corporatocracy and international banksters, since Putin were essentially outmaneuvered and kicked out of Russia. The 70-year bankster-spawned communist enslavement of Russia turned out to be a flop for Marxism everywhere, and after 1992 when Western carpetbaggers walked in for easy pickings, as soon as the KGB remnants got organized are realized how their nation had been so utterly screwed, they kicked the bastards out on their asses. This was unforgivable to the money lords, because they are now right back to where they started from some 120 years ago, in the days of US Rothschild agent, Jacob Schiff, plotting to overthrown the czars to seize control of the nation and most of Asia. Russians being no fools, prepare for war likely to prevent war on one hand, and on the other, they would like better relations without becoming a vassal nation to the West or to the bastards running things here.

    The Russians also know that if the US started a land war with Russia they would not win it, not just because the EU and the US do not have the capability on the ground, or because any such war would soon escalate to a nuclear one, and be a stalemate. They also know that it would be far more difficult these days than 60 years ago to generate any firm moral resolve in the people of the West to fight in any real global ground war for any sustained period. The efforts by the Western establishment to control and exploit the masses of the West has pretty well killed any real moral unity or resolve, or sense of decency and truth in the people. Even if Russia was a great threat, like in the 20th century being used to spread communism throughout the world, the fact is that is no longer the case. The only threat of Russia is its coming to the aid of nations like Syria being destabilized, attacked and destroyed in order to be exploited by our bankster and corporatocracy-ruled West. Putin appears to be the only major Western leader wearing a white hat. If we had a major war with Russia, few in the West would show up for it.

    The West is now as morally bankrupt as its currency, and any major war would pop the ponzi balloon of the Western establishment forever. The Russian people know all of this, but still would like to buy and sell with the West and have better relations, but not at the price of losing the integrity,sovereignty and control over their own nation, or their souls, to any monopolistic, maniacal, grasping, exploitative, corrupt, decadent, dishonest, hegemonic, and totally untrustworthy Western establishment, regardless of what puppet presidents leaders they trot out.

  7. Mr. Robert , have you seen the type propaganda “” has been reporting . its a mouth piece for zionist ” no sanseble person take it seriously. check its “news” and how presented , …

  8. The West blinded by its greed and aggression towards the Russian people and proud nation and, without any grounds, their treasure of resources haven’t the clou what a Russian is, and how he thinks and acts. They will be quite surprised and surely overwhelmed if the West try to mess with the Bear.

    Russian Federation is not equal to the Soviet Union. A big mistake still made by many in the West. They are so brainwashed by their politicians/governments though the years about “the Russian aggression” they cannot or forget to come up with the thought Russian Federation is not Boslhevik Soviet Union of 1917 – 1992.

    While there is more common sense and freedom of speech in Russian Federation than there is in so called the Free West and the Russians are keeping up their cultural values and traditions.

    The West is now being oppressed by the young and new Bolsheviks to take over the planet. Everything therefore has to be destroyed and what they do not like must be killed off or nullified.

    I am convinced it is Russia rescueing West Eurasia (=Europe) out of the satanic Ashkenazis’ claws.
    Can hardly wait for that moment.

  9. Folks, do not trust me. Do your own research. is a primitive propaganda outlet about Russia. CIA PsyOp. And this website is a source of information about Russia for PCR.

    This man is an idiot.