Robert Maxwell – The Downfall

YouTube – May 9, 2018

2 responses to “Robert Maxwell – The Downfall”

  1. The excellent piece mentions Epstein as Maxwells daughters boss not so
    Maxwell in wartime Germany took m oney for exposing where jews were hiding, those jews loyal to Germany like my family went unharmed, but many did leave for the USA.Maxwell made money from this and for selling his info.
    When the Rusians came he was breifly imprisoned but MI6 got him out with a covering letter from that nice man rothschild. The British gave him the name Robert Maxwell
    i cant rememeber who exactly, but it was some one in MI6 to wanted him to appear as an Englishman.
    Most of the money he stole was never recovered, there is what is caled the Black widow fund, which was left to his daughter to use, this was to finance bribery and blackmail
    there were several people but mainly hollywood where Epostein was failed actor
    who put money into the luxury island, one of these listed in the documents is the jewwhore ghislane maxwell, she was actually epsteins boss

  2. And Mossad was probaly her boss.