McCollum Statement: Hate Speech Makes AIPAC a Hate Group

Press Release — February 12, 2020

As a Member of Congress and the vice-chair of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, I believe defending human rights and freedom are foundational to our national security and our democracy. But the struggle to advance human rights and promote human dignity inevitably results in confronting entrenched forces determined to dehumanize, debase, and demonize individuals or entire populations to maintain dominance and an unjust status quo. Hate is used as a weapon to incite and silence dissent. Unfortunately, this is my recent experience with AIPAC – the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The decision by AIPAC to use my image in paid Facebook ads weaponizing anti-Semitism to incite followers by attacking me, my colleagues, and my work promoting human rights for Palestinian children detained in Israeli military prisons is hate speech. But it doesn’t end there. According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, an AIPAC petition linked to their ads designed to mobilize supporters stated, “It’s critical that we protect our Israeli allies especially as they face threats from Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and – maybe more sinister – right here in the U.S. Congress.”

This is not a call to action, it is incitement.

Elected representatives in Congress “more sinister” than ISIS? Last year, I met with AIPAC representatives from Minnesota in my office. Do forces “more sinister” than ISIS sit down and meet with AIPAC’s advocates?

AIPAC wants its followers to believe that my bill, H.R. 2407, to protect Palestinian children from being interrogated, abused, and even tortured in Israeli military prisons is a threat more sinister than ISIS. This is not empty political rhetoric. It is hate speech.

AIPAC’s language is intended to demonize, not elevate a policy debate. Vile attacks such as this may be commonplace in the Trump era, but they should never be normalized. Hate speech is intentionally destructive and dehumanizing, which is why it is used as a weapon by groups with a stake in profiting from oppression.

I will not back down from my commitment to peace, justice, equality, and human rights for Palestinians and Israelis. I want Jews, Muslims, Christians, and all people to be safe, secure, and able to find hope and opportunity – in the U.S., in Israel, and in Palestine.

AIPAC claims to be a bipartisan organization, but its use of hate speech actually makes it a hate group. By weaponizing anti-Semitism and hate to silence debate, AIPAC is taunting Democrats and mocking our core values. I hope Democrats understand what is at stake and take a stand because working to advance peace, human rights, and justice is not sinister – it is righteous.



6 responses to “McCollum Statement: Hate Speech Makes AIPAC a Hate Group”

  1. I wish this Congress woman success, she is brave and the world needs more like her in western politics.

  2. Yes, she is a brave woman and a credit to America.

  3. A true leader, not just another follower.

  4. wow! The only white man in the US congress is a woman.

  5. Yeah, these schmucks – a foreign country agent – create havoc in our government and force, bribe, coerce, trick and honey trap them to provide laws against ‘so called’ hate speech. These same despicable evil ones can torture, kill, shoot, bomb and force Palestinians into an open air prison, but if you say anything about that or BDS them, that’s anti-semitic – another sick joke by the ‘chosen’ that are less than 0.1% of the world’s population, but their masters the 0.0001%, control your funny money and the sick politicians that kiss their Khazar ass.
    McCollum may suffer the same fate as Cynthia McKinney as noted above – let’s push for exposing this criminal enterprise and kick their Khazar ass to hell.

  6. Mrs McCollum, you are a very brave woman with the right and just American attitude.
    This is how an alert real American looks like and behaves.
    You are an example to the american society. Or what is left of it.

    Bravo, Mrs McCollum. The world is watching and supporting you.