Starbucks is rapped for launching ‘woke’ campaign to raise £100,000 for controversial transgender charity

–Every time customer buys ‘Mermaids’ biscuit, US coffee chain donates 50p to British charity of same name

–Starbucks has also produced an advert lauding its cafes as ‘safe spaces’

–Critics say cookie sale will swell coffers of a charity they claim wants to push teens into transgender treatment too early – with life-changing consequences

Stephen Adams – Mail on Sunday Feb 16, 2020

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Starbucks has come under fire for launching a ‘woke’ campaign to raise £100,000 for a controversial transgender charity.

Every time a customer buys a ‘Mermaids’ biscuit at the counter, the US coffee chain will donate 50p to the British charity of the same name. It has also produced an advert lauding its cafes as ‘safe spaces’.

But last night, critics said that the Starbucks cookie sale would swell the coffers of a charity they claim wants to push teens into transgender treatment too early – with life-changing consequences.

Mermaids was set up by Susie Green, who took her son Jack – now Jackie – to Thailand for sex-change surgery at 16, because the NHS would not operate on someone so young.

The charity advises Government agencies, schools, the police and social workers. But critics say its advice is not objective, because it is run largely by parents with a transgender child.

Mermaids has argued the NHS should drop its ban on giving ‘cross-sex’ hormones such as testosterone and oestrogen to children under 16.

One of its representatives was even recorded just over a year ago telling teachers at an event in Birmingham that children as young as 12 should be given ‘puberty blocking’ drugs if they want them.

Injections of these powerful drugs are the first step in the transition process, halting physical development and making gender reassignment surgery easier. However, scientists fear they could affect brain development and weaken bones.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, of parent group Transgender Trend, said of the Starbucks campaign: ‘Customers will not be aware they are supporting a charity which thinks it’s fine to tell children who – for a wide variety of reasons – don’t feel comfortable in themselves, that it might be because their body is “wrong” and in need of medical fixing.

‘This is not a fun world of rainbows and mermaids. It is a world of puberty blockers, experimental hormones and sterilisation of children who face a life on medication.’

The Starbucks cookie sale is part of its campaign to ‘support the trans community’ which includes an advert about a teenager born ‘Gemma’ who wants to be known as ‘James’.

Charlie Evans, 28, who has ‘de-transitioned’ after years of identifying as male, said: ‘That aspect of the campaign is positive. It’s huge for kids to be able to try out how a new name sounds. It’s something I did.’

Last night Starbucks declined to respond to questions about whether or not Mermaids was a suitable charity partner.


7 responses to “Starbucks is rapped for launching ‘woke’ campaign to raise £100,000 for controversial transgender charity”

  1. An acquaintance of mine has just finished with his girlfriend. She is completely psycho. She has two children. Her first son is in prison for murdering his girlfriend. Her second son is in jail for sex with a minor. And to top it all off, her old man is now her mum.

    There are quite a lot of transgenders, where I live in Scotland and it’s a small city. I can’t be around them. I avoid bars where they drink, because I really do have a problem being around people who promote mental illness. And transgenders, however you want to look at it, is, always has been and always will be a mental illness.

    There are a couple of Starbucks here, but I’ve never used them (nor ever will), being a Zionist, agenda promoting business. Any company that starts promoting anything political I avoid and so should everyone. They should just sell their product and stop lecturing customers on how to live. They’re a f*cking coffee shop for crying out loud!

  2. I hope everyone boycotts this US junk coffee chain. People don’t realise that children are being brainwashed by the idols they are exposed to such as Gaga, a man, Keira Knightley also a man or Justin Beiber a female. Think of the impact of all those teenage girls idolising a girl without consciously understanding it is a girl. Eventually gender gets to be questioned as the youngsters don’t somehow look so different from their idol. Or look at pretty boy Brad Pitt, whose lips are so curvy like a woman’s. Are these people being altered in the womb, e.g. injecting testosterone into a female foetus resulting in a male phallus? We know Hollywood is filthy, but to what depths does their depravity go?

  3. I wonder whether the vile Greta Thunberg is taking puberty blockers. She hasn’t developed as a young girl should, looking more like a six-year-old BOY than a seventeen-year-old young WOMAN.

    It’s admitted that she’s got various forms of mental retardation, but that doesn’t explain her lack of PHYSICAL development.

    Whatever the situation in her (or his?) case, brainwashing kids into thinking their bodies are “wrong” is pure EVIL, and I for one will NEVER set foot in a Starbucks or any other business I know or suspect to be pushing mental illness and physical abuse of children.

  4. Person all I would rather drink a cup of battery acid than go to one of these coffee shops. Has anyone noticed how all these ghastly coffee shops took off round about the same time “Friends” hit our tv screens? What a perfect way to help destroy the identity of tea drinking nations,turn the youth into coffee drinking zombies with sun glasses on their heads who and who are also as thick as pig shit therefore believing anything. Perhaps Starbucks should start paying their taxes in the countries where they like to virtue signal?

  5. Wow, super interesting points, Barney. And everyone else, thanks so much for the input! The Devil’s depravity is so revolting that one either resigns it to fantasy and dismisses it as unbelievable, or receives the grace of God and starts drinking Jesus Christ Coffee (hey, maybe I’m on to something 😉) so that they become spiritually strong enough to face and live the Facts and rejoice that they are on the Winning Side.

  6. Starbucks, Costa et al charge four quid for a hot cup of milky, brown water…tasteless and bland.

  7. Have I also got it right that Starbucks supports Israel as well ? Gosh, what about if we “conspiracy theorists” are right about the chosen people wanting to fuck up the western world so they can becomes rentiers of our decomposing corpse.