Farewell Texe Marrs (1944-2019) – We Will Always Love You

henrymakow.com – Feb 16, 2020

Author of some 15 books on the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy, Texe Marrs did more than anyone to alert Americans to their true state of servitude.

Thousands of Supporters Mourn the Passing of Texe Marrs

By Mark Anderson — (henrymakow.com) 

It’s always a solemn event when someone from the patriot community passes on to what one might call “the great newsroom in the sky,” yet it’s difficult to think of someone who left a bigger mark on the movement than Texe Marrs.
As gutsy in his writing as he was passionate about Christ and country, Marrs was a man on a mission against the forces of the New World Order. Having authored scores of books and producing myriad radio shows and video productions, Marrs devoted the better part of his life to exposing the dark designs and illicit influences of the Illuminati, and the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbala, among many other things, including freemasonry. Thankfully, he managed to complete his most recent book, Psychopaths: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, released on Dec. 1.
 “Texe was a tenderhearted man who would tear up just talking about the tragedies that were happening to our world,” remarked Michelle Hallmark Powell, Marrs’s longtime staff associate at Power of Prophecy Ministries based in Austin, Texas, where Marrs’s religious and scholarly pursuits were based.

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2 responses to “Farewell Texe Marrs (1944-2019) – We Will Always Love You”

  1. Texe was a great man and a real truthteller, he had informants in the FBI and CIA
    who gave him so much info, but Texe was a great student himself and would double check everything, better known in the USA and Canada Texe leaves a hole that cannot be filled.
    He had so many warning and death threats from jews, he had to take many precautions
    i hope he died naturally and not by the hand of the dirty jew

  2. There is only one anti-Christ in the midst of the western world that comprises the synagogue of Satan. Text Marrs was one, unafraid to expose that synagogue.