Skripal in Prison — The First Book to Report the Truth

John Helmer – Anti-Empire Feb 13, 2020

Editor’s note: John Helmer of Dances With the Bears is one of the two people who have done the most work on Her Majesty’s Skripal fiasco (the other being Rob Slane of The Blogmire). He’s the longest-serving foreign reporter in Russia (arrived to cover the Perestroika and simply never left) and with unnerving regularity manages to know more than you would think would be possible for one Australian in Moscow. Now he has a book out on the whole thing.

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. Click to enlarge

It is exactly two years since the case of two Russians, Sergei and Yulia Skripal, began with their collapse on a park bench in the middle of England on the afternoon of March 4, 2018.
On their anniversary it is necessary to tell this story. But it isn’t the story of what happened. This is because the only people who can tell that one, the Skripals, are locked away in isolation, guarded by determined men under secret government orders.
Instead, this is the story of what didn’t happen – provably didn’t happen because it was quite impossible circumstantially; and because the legal papers warranting that it did have not been signed by a judge, tested in a court of law, or released in public.
The facts which you have seen, heard or read about the incident of March 4, 2018, have been falsified. Everything that has flowed from them is false too. Understanding this is a start to the other story, and so something solid to work from – not missed until now; more like seen but disbelieved. As if the truth were fiction, and the fiction truth.
This is the story of how the largest and longest criminal investigation in modern British history ended in a prosecution without evidence of the crime, the weapon, the crime scene, and even of the crime victims. Allegations there are; evidence admissible in a British court of law there is not. That’s to say, a prosecution which will not be presented in court, before no judge and jury; with no witnesses on oath; and no verdict. That is no prosecution at all.
To say otherwise, as do the British Government, its allies abroad, and every one of its mass-circulation media without exception, is a lie. The victims, it turns out, are held in a British prison, at a secret location, incommunicado, without access to lawyers to defend them, without contact with their families, or the consular representatives of the state whose passports they hold. No court has judged them or sentenced them to this punishment.
The Prime Ministers, Theresa May & Boris Johnson, lied.
MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service, lied.
The BBC lied.
The coroner broke the law.
The police and prosecutors faked the evidence.
Russian intelligence agents tried to rescue Sergei Skripal but were foiled in the attempt. This is the story of what didn’t happen, and the truth of what did.


— “You’ve lost me John”  —  Mark Urban, BBC
— “Other books will follow on the Skripals, but they will struggle to match the texture of Urban’s research, its knowledgeable hinterland” — The Times
— “There are people out there who know exactly what happened and who are biding their time before revealing all. I am not such a person, nor would I want to be, but I believe that such people do exist” —  Rob Slane, The Blogmire
— “One of the most experienced foreign journalists in Moscow, John Helmer has lived in Russia for the last 30 years and knows more about it than necessary” — Andrei Shitov, Chief Political Observer, Tass
— “The book explains why the truth, though known, has not been told” — Katrina van den Heuvel, Editor, The Nation, New York.
— “You are picking on a dead man who can’t answer for himself” – Joe Lauria, Editor, Consortium News
— “[John Helmer is] a notorious conspiracy theorist” — Jeremy Kinsman, former Canadian ambassador to Russia, foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Skripal in Prison  — the Paperback
Skripal in Prison — the E-book

Original source: Dances With Bears

8 responses to “Skripal in Prison — The First Book to Report the Truth”

  1. Contrary to popular belief the authorities do not require a court case to imprison a person in the UK. They simply use the Defence Regulation 18B. This was originally designed for the IRA back in the day. But like all statutes etc they can and do manipulate them to their advantage!
    The accused is ordered to attend a meeting is denied a defence and is not informed as to why he/she is being imprisoned!

  2. the United kingdom is a country that has been licking US Arses for years, that is why since the End of the Last war ongoing Governments have allowed the UK to be Part of the “American Circus Pony Show” and a Country who that has never had any Real Pride, mainly because 90 per cent of its history is based on Lies And Bullshit, America Never wanted Russia to take the Full credit of Winning 70 Per cent of the Last World War at the Cost of 27 million Russian Lives that was almost half of the UK population at that time, that is Why America created the Cold War and they will stop at nothing to Destroy the Trade of Russia with Other Countries, it is not Just Jealousy that makes America Behave this way, they will always go out of their way to prevent the industrial and commercial Skills of other countries surpassing their own.

  3. the SKRIPAL Case is rather like the Litvinenko Spy Case when the CIA and MI6 Poisoned Litvinenko with Radio Active Polonium in a London Hospital even though it was witnessed by two European Intelligence Agents And Ignored by both the US and the UK, and that is Another Reason that most of Europe does not Have any trust in the US or the UK, Although the US pays the EU’s Unelected Bureaucrats to put Sanctions on Russian trade.

  4. ‘The first book…’ No wait, mine came out a year earlier:
    ‘The Great British Skripal Hoax’ NK

  5. It is because of the Internet that not only is the rest of the world able to see the Treachery of the USA, but the UK is now beginning to see the Duplicity of the USA also, but one of the Major problems is that we seem to have leaders in the UK who are not only as dumb as BOJO our Current Leader but also bought and Paid for and that is another Reason that they are not able to see Eye to Eye with the Rest of Europe, what Many People do not Realise is that the US created the EU that is why they can secretly pay their unelected Bureaucrats to pass sanctions on to countries that they do not Like.

  6. The Skripal fiasco simply demonstrates to the world how decadent and corrupt the English has become. If they thought they were any less gullible than the Americans or the Germans in their silly political-correctness in believing every far-fetched, official-narrative, fake-news, false-flag operation pulled off by their authorities, the Skrirpal nonsense makes them look hopeless.

  7. What happens to the Skripal is certainly unusual but there are numerous cases of human right abuses all over the so called western countries . Possibly there are millions of people the are virtually prisoners in their own country. They are not imprisoned ,there is no need for it in today electronic world , their home is tightly controlled , their phones monitored and they are followed everywhere , their relatives have been threatened or bought off , they are isolated and even their visit to the doctor is sabotaged by faceless state criminals that force the doctors to obey the spooks and ditch the Hippocratic Oath .
    I live in Italy and my wife and I are experiencing every day gang stalking, sabotage of our private lives , and harassment . It has been going on for 13 years here in Italy .

  8. Can one of you please tell this decadent, corrupt Englishman exactly what has been covered up? What really happened?