Boris Johnson to scrap BBC licence fee and move to a subscription service

-> Senior source said BBC could be forced to sell off most of its radio stations
-> Said there would be consultation on replacing licence fee with subscriptions
-> Suggestion that number of BBC television channels could also be reduced

 Rory Tingle – The Daily Mail Feb 16, 2020

BBC headquarters London. Click to enlarge

Downing Street has signalled a new onslaught on the BBC – with a threat to scrap the television licence fee and turn it into a subscription service.

A senior source said the broadcaster could be forced to sell off most of its radio stations in a ‘massive pruning back’ of its activities.

The source told The Sunday Times that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was ‘really strident’ on the need for serious reform.

They said there would be a consultation on replacing the licence fee with a subscription model, adding: ‘We will whack it.’

The paper said that the number of BBC television channels could also be reduced, the website scaled back and stars banned from cashing in on well-paid second jobs.

The attack will be seen as a further escalation of the hostilities between No 10 and the corporation, with many Tories still angry at its coverage of last year’s general election.

The Government is already consulting on proposals to decriminalise non-payment of the licence fee, and ministers have suggested it could be abolished altogether when the BBC’s charter comes up for renewal in 2027.

It was reported that the review will be led by former culture secretary John Whittingdale, who was reappointed to his old department in last week’s reshuffle.

The Sunday Times quoted one source as saying: ‘We are not bluffing on the licence fee. We are having a consultation and we will whack it. It has got to be a subscription model.

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9 responses to “Boris Johnson to scrap BBC licence fee and move to a subscription service”

    The BBC have always employed a large number of sex perverts,
    Maurice Cole better known as Kenny Everitt died of AIDS in 1995.
    Kenny was a tortured man who longed to be normal, and like several others at the BBC was sent for treatment to one of the worlds leading psychiatrists at the famous Maudesley Hospital in London, Dr Ruth Seiffert.
    Kenny went with DJ. Allan “fluff” Freeman, both declined to continue treatment.
    Kenny told Dr.Andrea McDougall, that underage boys were being abused by several BBC staff, and Jimmy Saville was actually just one bringing in boys aged 10 and 11 to abuse in his dressing room.
    Paul Gambaccini turned queens evidence in exchange for non prosecution and named many other abusers.
    With the mass closure of mental hospitals all patients info should have been burnt or shredded
    but much was saved, kept under the file name of “social Deviance” we can see without a shadow of a doubt the BBC and police and many social workers and psychiatrists knew what was going on, that these homosexuals were abusing kids.
    Robin Gibb as one of the Bee-Gees pop group was said on radio to have boasted to roadies he had had sex with a thousand boys, this man was the multi billionaire left wing racist who asked for public money to build a statue honouring the RAF who were bombing Germany and strafing refugee columns after the war. ( see statue pic below )The queen unveiled the statue, the ceremony was boycotted by many surviving wartime RAF bomber crews, as the bombing is listed as a major War Crime.
    Arthur Harris took the blame when it was Winston Churchills idea all along/

    The Roadies claimed Robin Gibb was part of a web of Show biz homosexuals abusing boys mainly from care homes.
    George Michael was the singer with the successful pop group Wham, and was said to have committed suicide at age 53, pop singers are usually “programmed” and if this starts to wear off are then suicided.
    Screaming Lord Sutch Michael Jackson Witney Houston John Denver Jimmi Hendrix Bob Marley Elvis Presley and Amy Winehouse are part of a long list of pop stars who died early and often mysteriously,
    and in the case of Amy Winehouse her replacement was named same week she died, as Stacy Solomons.
    Now George Michael was begining to speak out and name names, he stated Cliff Richard and Boy George were “evil” but speaking out for the Palestinian cause against Israeli genocide sealed his fate.
    George said that Cilla Black was close to several show biz Homosexuals such as Graham Norton and Cliff Richard, this was at a time when Cliff Richard was involved with bisexual Tony Blair.
    Homosexuals obviously dont actually like women, they see them as rivals, but women like Cilla who associate with the enemy are known as “Fag-Hags” or Faggot-Followers” George claimed Cilla knew all the dirt on this crowd, and not all were BBC employees or politicians,some would attend kinky parties at Fred Wests house but records kept by the psychiatrists from the Maudesly hospital are now believed to be in the possession of the BBC,which is now just a mouthpiece for Mossad. so who was blackmailed here ? we know Cliff Richard went and performed in israel against his will

  2. Effectively privatising the BBC is a sign that there is a hot and heavy agenda about to be imposed on society at large and that our rulers expect the imposition of their agenda to meet with stiff resistance from swathes of the public.

    A broadcasting service that is nominally “owned” by the public is perceived as a point of vulnerability. If any real ‘resistance’ got a foothold inside the BBC this could prove disastrous for the coming project.

    Therefore it is preferred, as a matter of strategy, that the BBC be placed in “private” (Corporate) hands. Then any assault from within can be dealt with harshly and any demand for government intervention will fail on the pretext that it is not the government’s role to interfere in the “private” differences within an “independent” organisation.

    Johnson is the theatrically energised puppet, the uber-ambitious toad, who will drive forward this project towards its goal of Corporate/Fascist Agenda 2030 mass servility, all under the guise of some kind of ‘Make-Britain-Great-Again’ Multi-Cultural Patriotism.

    Not to worry, as the Climatism/Surveillance State operation progresses alternative visions will arise out of nowhere and then things will get really interesting.

  3. wow amazing stuff above, i have been studying the Barry George case where Jill Dando was murdered and he was the patsy jailed for the killing.Before investigations were really under way newspapers were saying it was a professional hit by a Serbian, but CCTV cameras over the car parking area nearby saw a man of ” middle eastern appearance”
    whose walk was identical to the man who killed Gareth Wiliams in the ” pervert in the bag case” this same man was seen with a woman on shop window CCTV quite clearly
    and the word on the street was Mossad. I have a relative in Special Branch and they were told its a HOC or hands Off case, this is the signature of israel
    Jill Dando was tapping Cliff Richard for info and she was telling friends what she learnt in long phone calls, the BBC regularly tap the phones of employees and even allow Rupert Murdoch to open mail as in the Milie Dowler case where families mail was read by Murdoch staff, the upshot is that everything said by Jill Dando a lovely innocent girl was being listened to

  4. The Comment above By Nosmo King is right on the Money or in Zionist Terms right on the Monies, their are a lot of Performers who have had their cases dropped courtesy of the paedophile Protection Agency Scotland Yard, If anybody remembers when the investigation in the fifties against the Rothschilds and the prime minister who had a boat called the Morning cloud about Hundreds of Missing Children went suddenly very Quiet and off the Radar, we need more like the Article Above to clean out all the Crap at the Top Including all the Royal Crap at the very Top Including all the Royal advisors Who are the Dung Beetle families of the Rothschilds And the Rockerfellers.

  5. My neice even as a child was a very pretty girl and in her late tens we were all so proud of her beauty.
    She was so pleased to get a job in Peter Stringfellows london club, but she said the girls hated in when footballers came in as they thought they were something special and would offer the girls money for ” Favours”
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    All phones are denied by staff but she bribed a fisherman to use his and managed to get away.
    Back home police said they were too busy and understaffed to look into it.

  6. Serviceman in W W 2 called the BBC Bullshit time it was all about pushing men into another war for the jews.
    many people realised this, there is a book on the net written by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlians secretary Archibald maule-Ramsey called ” the needles war
    read it.Churchill had Chamberlian poisoned to shut him up about Hitlers constant peace offers

  7. when the TV personality Michael Barrymore was in court for the drugging raping and murder of that young lad, the clerk of the court said it he was doing that to girls it would have been treated far more seriously, after wards the police were all giving Barrymore masonic hand shakes outside the court.
    We have some sick bastards on TV and the whole stables needs sweeping out
    as the smell has got very bad

  8. Phiip Schofield is well known both as a jew and a homosexual
    his moral stance on TV is as false as his wig.
    The TV folk were praising him, what for saying he likes strangers in public toilets to push their dirty willies up his bottom ?
    i cant believe folk would really praise this sick bag of shit

    Simon Dee the mega star of the 60s told the BBC Freeman and Savile were ‘too friendly with the kids’.
    Simon Dee was probably British TVs first sixties superstar, he invented the persona of the trendy talk show host and perfected it as a radio DJ, the public absolutely loved him but the TV pundits did not like his cozy fireside style, Dee was a big high earning star in the same mold as Jimmy Savile, but luckily Dee’s tastes were normal, he loved Hollywood actresses and they loved him, his TV shows were watched by an astonishing 18/20 million people before his fall from grace, he was called the man with the charm and “Mr. Saturday night television “.
    Seen regularly in the stars car of the moment his E type Jaguar with his then girlfriend Joanna Lumley.

    He insisted on playing Cliff Richard records after Cliff had appeared on the “watch” list of BBC “iffy” performers, and he complained to the BBC about other DJs such as Allan Freeman Jonathan King and Jimmy Savile being “too friendly with the kids”.
    Simon Dee served out his National Service time in a RAF photo-reconnaissance unit photographing sites during the 1956 Suez crisis for the Cyprus intel post, and guest’s such as actor George Lazenby who spoke about the strange death of president JFK upset Bill Cotton the BBC head of light entertainment who said he would cut Simons pay by 20% as punishment. An argument followed in which it is alleged Simon wanted a huge raise, so Simon was sacked and joined radio Caroline and Simon compared British Prime Minister Harold Wilson to Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong, Simon used his knowledge of his time in RAF intelligence and intercepted phone calls to put down the British leader on radio and support the Conservatives, Simon claimed there was a plot against him, as bizarre rumours appeared in the press about his personal life, it was later confirmed there was indeed an establishment plot to discredit him.
    After doors closed for him in entertainment he seemed to be in trouble almost by the week as the press hounded him, he also had several court appearances for trivial matters and in 1974 served 28 days in prison for non-payment of rates, every time he left his cell the prisoners would all shout his TV call sign ” iiiitttsss Simon Deeee”.
    On another occasion he vandalised a toilet seat with singer Petula Clarks face on it, the magistrate who delighted in sentencing him was his old boss Bill Cotton.
    The pirate radio ship was fronted by an Irishman and secretly financed by the same CIA grouping behind Amnesty International, and Simons comments upset the CIA who put pressure on the BBC to get rid of Simon.
    Simon Dee lived out his last lonely days in a tiny flat in Winchester, and cut an anonymous figure, far removed from the star that was mobbed on the streets in his E Type and Aston Martin.
    As ill health swiftly swept over him in his new solitary life he had no regrets about doing what he felt was right. Just before his death Simon who lived alone, in his first interview for 20 years, he said: “Sadly, honesty and intelligence have vanished from national TV. “Truth, interesting stimulating conversation and above all, real ‘show business’ has been replaced by seedy juvenile ‘reality’ shows and endless audition programmes. “We need to remember what original entertainers and entertainment is all about.
    His daughter Domino Henty-Dodd said her father was diagnosed a matter of weeks ago and could not be treated.
    “It happened very, very quickly,” she told BBC News. “He was dearly loved by his family.”
    Friends previously told how he was admitted to hospital near his home in Winchester, Hants, in recent weeks.
    His condition deteriorated and it was understood that his cancer is so advanced that it is beyond treatment.
    Dee was also seen on early episodes of Top of the Pops and had cameo roles in the films The Italian Job and Doctor In Trouble, Liz Hurley has said the Austin Powers movie character was based on Simon Dee.
    Because of his bitter views about left wing leader Harold Wilson it was suggested by insiders that he was indeed killed off as he refused to remain silent.
    Simon Dee died in August 2009
    T Stokes London