“We’re NOT Paying!” BBC Gives Greta Thunberg Her Own Series And Viewers Are Furious

Emily Zanotti – The Daily Wire Feb 11, 2020

The BBC, which is funded by a mandatory viewers licence fee, will devote a TV series about Greta Thunberg and viewers are not happy

The BBC announced Monday that they’re making a “documentary series” about the life of teenaged climate activist Greta Thunberg, and British taxpayers, who fund the BBC, are definitely not happy that their tax dollars are going to pay for “climate propaganda.”

BBC Studios announced the project at the BBC Showcase trade show, according to The Wrap. Details of the show are still scarce — it’s not clear yet what the format is, how many episode there will be, or when it will premiere — but the BBC did note that the show will come from the network’s “science unit.”

“The series will follow Greta’s international crusade, which takes her to the front line of climate change in some of the most extraordinary places on earth, as she explores what actions could be taken to limit climate change and the damage it causes,” the BBC said in a statement released to reporters.

“As she travels Greta meets not only leading scientists but political leaders and business heavyweights, exploring the scientific evidence with them and challenging them to change,” the statement continued. “The films will also charts her own journey into adulthood as she continues to be confronted by the real world consequences of inaction; and will share some of the quiet moments as she writes the impactful speeches that are now broadcast and analysed around the world, as she lives a teenage life like no other.”

In other words, the show will be a platform for Thunberg to rail against climate change, speaking directly to BBC viewers the way she frequently speaks to world leaders at high-profile climate change conferences and United Nations meetings, and pressuring them to change their ways in order to head off catastrophic environmental change.

Given how private Thunberg is about her family life, though, the show will likely shy away from showcasing where and how Thunberg gets her information. Thunberg’s team has been notoriously silent about who is coaching her on “climate science” and whether she pens her own speeches and social media missives, insisting that Thunberg is investigating the issue for herself and that, while she may have assistance, she is ultimately responsible for her own material and branding.

What seems to concern BBC viewers more than Thunberg’s mysterious “team,” though, is her science. Thunberg is adamant that the world is “on fire,” and that, if global governments don’t abandon industrialization, modern agriculture, and even capitalism as a whole, that humanity will be extinct in just over a decade (if not sooner). Those predictions don’t necessarily track with climate scientists’ and BBC viewers took to Twitter to caution the network about airing “climate propaganda” on the taxpayers’ dime.

“One user wrote, ‘More reason to ditch the TV tax!!” according to the UK’s Express magazine. Another demanded, “What are her qualifications to be interviewed for anything at all? Zero.”

“This is yet more BBC propaganda and misinformation being presented as if it was factual,” added another viewer. “Another reason (if one was needed) to axe the TV tax.”

Several even tried to predict the series’ bottom line: “Let me guess: ‘we only have 10 years to save the universe.’”

At least one thing is clear: the BBC documentary will have to compete with other Thunberg-centric projects. Hulu is set to air a “documentary series” on the globe-trotting teen later this year, and there is reportedly a Greta Thunberg biopic in the works.


11 responses to ““We’re NOT Paying!” BBC Gives Greta Thunberg Her Own Series And Viewers Are Furious”

  1. I trust her globetrotting is by rowing boat and skateboard?

  2. yeah right, Jeffrey Epstein and co. knew what to do with uppity little young tarts like her

  3. The British Bullshit Conglomerate (BBC) announced Monday that they’re making a “mockumentary series” about the life of retarded bullshit propagandist Greta Thunderberg, and British taxpayers, who fund the BBC, are definitely not happy that their tax dollars are going to pay for “primate propaganda.”

    “The series will follow the ignorant little shithead’s international charade, which takes her to the front line of climate insanity, the BBC did not say in a statement released to Shitstream Media.

    As she travels, Thunderberg meets not only leading charlatans but political misleaders and con artists, attempting to twist, distort and fabricate the scientific “evidence”. “The films will also charts her own journey into the world of bullshit worshiping adulthood as she continues to be confronted by the real world consequences of her complete and utter ignorance, her infused stupidity and her dubious affiliations; she will share some of the dumbest moments as her handlers write the most inane and insipid speeches which will be hailed as the New Gospel of the Ages and shoved down the throats of the gobsmacked teletubbies who are incessantly and effortlessly ridiculed around the world, as she gets a free pass like no other little bimbo.

  4. I believe Downing Street is to end the license fee and turn the BBC into a subscription service. They stated “like Netflix” I believe.

    I don’t watch TV. I don’t own a TV. I stay away from the BBC online, not because I don’t have a license fee, but because they’re a disgustingly anti British corporation. I believe nothing they state. Their staff and celebrities are overpaid. They promote lies and deceit. They protect paedophiles. They’re a communist propaganda outlet.

    Hopefully, this will see them crumble and the end of the BBC. There will be lots of sad people, all the jingoistic indigenous, who have always failed to see what the BBC is and have done better than anyone else to destroy their country.

    And as for the story, well, what do you expect? More propaganda BS from the Baby Buggering Corporation, this time following the, deeply, psychologically disturbed, Greta Thunberg. The gall of the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation is astounding, how they would promote this puppet, a young, immature, ignorant young woman, who is the way she is courtesy of a terribly, narcissistic mother, who was never there for her. Added to that, had her father impregnated her mother a day later, she’d most certainly have come out full downs syndrome.

    This worship of Greta sums up why Western society isn’t worth saving. Adults have decided to forego common sense and allow the youth a platform to espouse their ignorance on reality. That “how dare you” clip of the troll makes my blood boil, whenever I even see an image of it.

  5. Is this some sort of a bad joke ? The BBC have excelled themselves this time in ther utter stupidity, do they really think we are so stupid ? The license must be scrapped asap as far as I am concerned.

  6. The IPCC has now included all the main elements of space weather data into the weather models. By 2022, the climate farce should be exposed. The Suspicious Observers Youtube channel is the leading light, how the Sun and space factors control our weather. There are players in the US and probably elsewhere that wants this channel shut down. Big problem, this site only uses peer reviewed papers and as of right now, there are over 700 PRPs that literally destroys the notion that humans play a significant role in Earths climate. Greta is a moron, that is just a fact.

  7. CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere, which is 1 part in 2,500.

    Manmade CO2 is only 1/25th of the CO2 in the atmosphere. The other 24/25ths comes from rotting vegetation, wildfires, volcanoes and from the oceons.

    So manmade CO2 is 1 part in 2,500 X 25 or 1 part in 62,500,,,,WHICH IS INSIGNIFICANT

  8. &.. To think, that BBC has cancelled to production of a series, called “The Joy of Homosexuality” ,, To produce a show about the modern Jeanne D’Arc of Climate Catastrophe ??

  9. The Earth’s climate is controlled 97% by the Sun – and 3% by Humans. End of story.

  10. Increase the license fees and then may be a few more get rid of their idiot box.

  11. Actually, I fail to understand why you are all putting the poor little autistic retard down. She is correct about man-made climate change.

    Chem-trails (around the world), HARP (around the world)(Assuming, of course, that the world is round). What’s not to believe? The only part left out is that weather is now weaponized, and when you look up virtually everyday and see the planes spewing not con-trails, but Chem-trails, you have to ask yourself (((who could possibly afford to control this))).

    Robert Newton…look up, but avoid blinding yourself with the sun. What you propose is the way it should be and once was.