9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money (Documentary) – James Corbett

James Corbett – The Corbett Report Sept 11, 2020

Watch on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX2p8EiOUyY

3 responses to “9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money (Documentary) – James Corbett”

  1. Too bad that this video which demonstrates as well as supports most definitely one of the key reasons ( not necessarily the lead reason ) for the 9-11 attacks will not get to the general public any time soon and therefore the Sheeple will still be informed or just that they do not care or are too involved in their day to day financial survival. The instigators of the 9-11 attacks had a 4 prong aim which was (1) getting a physical and controlling foot hold into the Middle East for taking as well as controlling the Oil, Gas, and natural resources. (2) Blaming the Arabs for the incident as well as Proxy fighting for the current Zionist regime of Israel (3) passing draconian and controlling laws taking away more liberties from the American people (4) bypass the investigations of the huge financial corruptions of the military / corporate elite ……………………..Yet still many people believe it was a band of crazy Arab Terrorists in a cave instigating ( while by passing a trillion dollar U.S. security system) the landmark & watershed event of the beginning of the 21st century.

  2. Corbett on 9/11 he is no Victor Thorn. He is always Zio-lite. When he made his documentary on WWI about a year ago he was Balfour-Zio lite as he was about Zio-financing of the war. He had to do a bit of a sequel or remake of his first edition to give a little more blame to the banksters. What ever cartel or group controls a nations finances and media controls that nation. Japan where Corbett podcasts from is not financially independent of the cartel. It is a so-called “creditor” holding a lot of US debt instruments but the rub is that they are all for US currency, so it is not a nation independent of the financial cartel running the West. Perhaps living in Japan subjects residents to varioius restrains in freedom of speech. Corbett just gives us more facts to divert attention from the major perps who worked with the US authorities to pull off 9/11 for their interests and those of the US establishment. If you want to fallow the money trail and there also was a missing trillion or so being investigated WTI and the Pentagon, then perhaps it is Israel which does not want the public to know where the money went.

  3. Corbett report could not have be better be done. He tells it like it is. Any ties to the “Zionistas” are self explanatory….but don’t forget that Zionist connections to the attacks could not have been condoned without the CIA, Saudis ( bought out by the west) and Perhaps NSA interactions and OKs as well as their participations. Again the chief aims were money, power and control. No question that the Zionist expansion and New World Order were also considered on the agenda. Netanyahu was so happy he could just not control his emotions …..a response anyone could see. Quite rather insulting with such loss of U.S. life. Obviously he slipped and it is now on video for everyone to see. His comparison of the 9-11 attacks to what Israel experiences ( excuse me did he really mean the Palestinians?) every day was pure and unadulterated bulls__t !!!