Buttigieg Reveals Plan to Flood Small U.S. Towns With Immigration to ‘Renew’ Populations

Chris Menahan – Information Liberation Feb 13, 2020

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg plans to target small-town America for population “renewal” and hand out special “fast track” visas to foreigners to get it done.

“I’m proposing what we call ‘Community Renewal Visas’ that when a community that is very much in need of growing its population, recognizes that, and makes a choice to welcome more than its share of new Americans that we create a fast-track, if they apply for an allotment of visas, that goes to those who are willing to be in those areas that maybe are hurting for population but have great potential,” Buttigieg said in Merrimack, New Hampshire last week.

“Buttigieg’s population growth agenda mimics a plan by the Economic Innovation Group, an organization led by investors, that seeks to create a ‘Heartland Visa’ to flood small American towns with more legal immigration to increase the population,” Breitbart reports.

Buttigieg also hinted that he would back Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) S. 386 to ensure that only Indian nationals obtain nearly all of the nation’s employment-based green cards over the next decade. The legislation is a bonus for outsourcing firms such as Cognizant and Infosys, as well as giant tech conglomerates like Amazon and Facebook, as it solidifies a green card system wherein only foreign workers on H-1B visas are able to obtain employment green cards by creating a backlog of seven to eight years for all foreign nationals.

“And so a couple of steps I think would help make [the legal immigration system] better: One is these country caps that exist that create a longer and longer clock on family reunification and other ways to make sure folks can get through that process,” Buttigieg said. “It’s based on numbers that were settled on in the 1980s. It makes no sense. And it has no relationship to our economic reality. So when we have work-based visas, those pathways to come to the country, it should be something that can be revisited and revised every two years in an administrative process instead of literally taking an act of Congress to go clear up.”

This is part of the problem with Charles Murray’s idea that folks should move to small-town America to survive our nation’s collapse.

Though I generally agree with his point, small-town America is being targeted for destruction.

We need real organizations and leadership who will represent our interests and fight back against the forces of prog-globalism instead of submit to it on all fronts as we just saw with the Republicans in South Dakota.



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  1. This is what Varadkar had planed for the ROI and one of the reasons why He was given his P45.

  2. Why? For growth and debt growth, & to water down the discontented masses. How do you get growth and avoid making sheep better off? Immigration.

  3. This very policy is being implemented by the Jewish elite right at this moment!!…..IN NEW ZEALAND.

    As a side comment ….Recently a senior ex politician popped his clogs in NZ.
    Mike Moore….a Labour politician originally…then became president of some world bank outfit.
    After that he was the NZ ambassador to the USA.
    From humble beginnings…it is remarkable what you can achieve with the “right backers”.
    Now here’s the rub.

    Top politicians from all sides were at Moores funeral in a church….Crypto jews like John Key the multimillionaire and corrupt former PM…..and with a close connection to Rothschilds banking…etc.
    Plus the treacherous and corrupt Winston Peter’s…of the NZ First Party….he signed NZ up to the UN global compact on migration….BUT purports to be a nationalist hence the party name…..Peters is now a multimillionaire and is about the same height as,for example,Napoleon….
    Anyway….Peters is pure trash dressed in a suit and the NZ public have finally realised it.
    So what about Mike Moore himself…is he or was he a real Christian,after all he got married in a church….?.
    The answer of course is MOORE is the classic example of a crypto jew…..so too is his wife!!.
    He even had the “right” name for it….MOORE.
    It took the Catholic church in Spain to work this stuff out….which threw up names like “Marrano”,”New Christian” and “Converso”…..
    The Jewish overlords in NZ are driving the final nail into the coffin with this new population policy….a variation of the jew Stalins somewhat more barbaric policies in the USSR.
    The NZ news media in NZ is absolutely appalling….all the prime time newsreaders are Jews.

    The remarkable thing is…no attempts have been made to assassinate the former Blair employee Jacinda Ardern….or if there has been,they have been kept quiet…..

  4. Qwerty

  5. Another propped-up lying political whore… zzzzzzzz….
    Same style as the Obamanation… zzzzzzz….zzzz..

    What’s he promising? Health care for the veterans who served so well…
    Not because “we’re talking about doing anybody a favor, we’re talking about America’s way of keeping its promises made in return and that is to look after you for the rest of your life”.

    And they applaud…So pathetic.

    “What these veterans had in common was the flag on their shoulders…” said Bootyjudge.

    What all these scumbutt lying politicians have in common, is that flag they drag around and shove in your face every time they go on stage and spew their crap for the cameras. Watch the little cocksucker preach the true gospel of kept promises: Americanism!

    The flag waving fag has wrapped himself around their finger and it’s time again for hope and change. This time will be different and the promises will be kept by The Tool On The Hill. Sure. He’s going to make illegal immigration safe for families…

    All promises are kept in the Land of OxyMoronica where Bullshit Baffles Brains and we can always call upon another savior to fool the hard of thinking…

    Kabuki Clown world is loonier than ever.
    New laws proposed my “American lawmakers”:
    Go to 9:46 in the following audio clip for a good laugh or two at new laws in the Moronic States of America.

    The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 1186 – 2020.02.10

    Dr. Eric Karlstrom – The G5: Global Government Gangstalking Genocide Gestapo

  6. How surprising fudge packing queer abomination wants to destroy our communities. Does it dawn on anyone that homos shoud be banned from lawmaking? If you can’t figure out which hole is correct for intercourse maybe you need counseling not votes.

  7. Buttigieg is first of all a Rhodes scholar and therefore a Rothschild cartel man. Secondly he is essentially a globalist, in favor or free trade, and on the socialist side of the equation. Thirdly, he is a homosexual, pro-abortion, and in favor of all LGBT & establishment measures to divert human sexuality from natural family life and procreation.

    Flooding small towns in the US with more immigrants will not stimulate economic growth but likely only serve to make for more slums and welfare dependency. Phonies like him do not seem to get it, that in order to attract manufacturing and industry back to the US or anywhere else in the West, free trade has to go, and trade has to be radically curbed with nations life China. Also, there is no gain for naturalized American people who are jobless and who cannot afford children, simply for the government to import low-cost labor to take all of the jobs even if industries were to return to the US. Furthermore, there is no point at all for anyone settled in our Western nations to import people, industries, jobs or anything else, unless something is done to stop all of the anti-family and anti-God indoctrination from the media, the educational system, and the government, killing procreation and the creation of well adjusted children. Finally, Buttigieg is also a complete shill of the left-wing, socialist, globalist, open-border, corrupt faction of the Catholic bishops in the US which who are getting gobs of money from the US government for the importation of “refugees”, i.e. illegal immigrants. https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/buffalo-arrest-shines-light-on-shady-trafficking-alliance

  8. Check out Bill HR5383 dug out from the manure by Doctor Adrian Krieg
    @24:00 into discussion:

    Proposed Law is preposterous: 12 major points giving illegal aliens a license for all crimes. Not a joke!

    The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 1186 – 2020.02.10

  9. IMO.
    Buttelgeek is going to win.
    He is the perfect candidate for Soros, Rothschild and, BiBibaba the boss of Department Operations of the zionists.

    Buttelgeek if designated to sign all the weapon trxns from US to Israhell (he is then CEO of US Inc.) and in the same breath he will move Congress and Pentagon over to their new HQ in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Capital of Palestine.

    And while Congress might be moved to Jerusalem, the WH is going to “Trump City” on the Golan Heights, on Syrian territory.

    Remains yet the physical fifty states of the American Republic. What to do with it?
    There was or were as Iremember some Congressmen who proposed to nuke the American people who are rebelling against AIPAC Government.
    Well, there you go.

    BS? Not at all. The American nationals in general have no idea and/or understanding what is going on in their state and their Republic.
    MSM is their god and leader.

  10. Yukon,
    I admire your humour, but I also find your essays very interesting. Some ot them are mind blowing, thanks for sharing your insights.

  11. Money For Acting

    The scumbutt Bootyjudge is waving his big flag
    His style is lying sack of Obamanation
    Promises to open big Rothschild money bag
    The little cocksucker preaches buck salvation

    He stole the primary declaring victory
    A perfect Loony Fool for killers on The Hill
    This flaky fag so dull, has nothing in his skull
    A perfect Loony Tool for (((those))) who like to cull

    See the little faggot with the cheering dummy backdrop?
    Yeah buddy, that’s his own hair
    That little faggot got his fingers in the pie
    That little faggot is a millionaire

  12. This man is a poof and known worldwide as ” The Butt plug”
    Nuff said .

  13. Roba, the problem I find with Yukon Jack’s essays is that in the spiritual realm he is homo-spiritus – rebelling against his true father, bowing down and bending over to be screwed by ideas which bear no progeny, and putting his mental thing in the wrong hole all of the time.

  14. Fred B,
    I also read your comment above and I thank you for the relevance and importance of your input. What’s happening in the USA is also happening in Australia, we are being swamped by Africans, Muslims and many other third world useless “homosapiens”, and sexual degeneracy has become the new norm. What is most important to know is who is behind this disastrous apocalyptic mayhem. For me, and I think for you and Yukon it is pretty obvious who “that” is.