White People Are Being Erased

Paul Craig Roberts – Paulcraigroberts.org Feb 13, 2020

White people aren’t supposed to know that they are being demonized by the New York Times, PBS, universities, the Democrat Party’s Identity Politics, and corporations, and if they find out they are not allowed to protest.  If they do protest, they are in even more trouble.

Those Americans empowered by “white privilege” who are still a demographic majority are too scared and too intimidated to open their mouths or use their pocketbooks to protest their demonization and marginalization. Facebook and Twitter will drop them, denying them their virtual existence. Indoctrinated and mindless white friends will shun them as racist, anti-semitic white supremacists.  Twenty-eight US states will fire them if state employed and deny them contracts if their protests have anything to do with Israel. Deserted and isolated on social media, their life will be over.  This is what “white privilege” means.

Throughout the Western world truth is out of favor.  Indeed, truth is objectionable.  It offends Identity Politics, feminism, the Israel Lobby, the military/security complex, Monsanto/Bayer, the extractive industries, the pharmaceutical industry, the “woke people,” the transgendered and every other interest that desires to be unaccountable and free of criticism.

Today it is much more important to be sensitive to “woke people” and the Israel Lobby than it is to tell the truth. Truth has ceased to be a criteria in news reporting and analysis.  Indeed, it is increasingly dangerous to challenge official explanations. It gets you fired and left unemployable in the media, the educational system, and Google.

In Canada and Europe a researcher who challenges the official Holocaust story can be imprisoned regardless of the objectivity of his research. The question should be: is he right or wrong, not has he violated a taboo lobbied into law. Even research that reports massacres of Jews can put a researcher in prison if he doesn’t support the official number of exterminated Jews and official means of extermination. If a researcher finds that two million Jews were machinegunned into open trenches but there were no gas chambers, he is toast if he publishes his findings.

Alternative media websites that favored normalizing relations with Russia found themselves on a PropOrNot list designating them to be “Russian dupes or agents.”  Both myself and Stephen Cohen, the last honest Russian expert in American universities, are on the list of “Russian agents and dupes.”

In other words, if a person supports normal diplomatic relations with a nuclear power capable of terminating life in the United States for eternity, this person is a Russian Agent.  This means that Presidents John. F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan were Russian Agents.

What has gone wrong in American understanding of the world that four Presidents of the United States are considered to be Russian Agents?

Another example of the inability of Americans to think straignt is that Internet sites that warn of dangers of vaccination suffer harassment and denunciation instead of open discussion whether they are correct. There is evidence that vaccinations cause more deaths than they prevent.  This evidence should be carefully investigated, and the results honestly reported.  Is this still possible in the United States?

To tell truth about anything in America or anywhere in the Western World is becoming increasingly difficult and is very costly to truth-tellers. Just consider the threatment of Manning and Julian Assange. Both are in prison, despite the fact that neither of them should be in prison according to law.  But truth-tellers are no longer protected by law or by the truth. Assange is in prison because Washington demands revenge for Wikileaks bringing to light Washington’s war crimes.  Manning is in prison because Manning will not give false testimony against Assange.  A democracy governed by a rule of law cannot produce these results.  Therefore, we know certainly that the United States is definitely not a democracy ruled by a rule of law.

So what is the United States?  A tyranny that is acceptable because its propaganda produces a chauvinistic population that supports at any cost the tyrannical government as long as it advertises “foreign threats”?

As America and the Western World have many lies among their foundations and historical development, indoctrinated people are hostile to truth that disproves the lies that are the foundation of their belief system. Peoples, such as Americans, Canadians, and Europeans, who are accustomed to a diet of lies, are naturally hostile to the truth.

My article, “PBS Assaults White People” ( https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/02/12/pbs-assaults-white-americans/ ) is a statement of fact, not an opinion piece, but some of the websites that traditionally have been eager to repost my articles are now shying away from statements of truth, because the cost of stating truth has risen so hign.

What I think has happened is that many Americans no longer know the difference between fact and opinion.  They think everyhthing is opinion and the best opinion is the politically correct opinion. A factual statement that is not politically correct is not treated as a factual statement but as a politically incorrect opinion that brings denunciation of the writer.  Whenever I peruse comment sections I encounter this common confusion of truthful fact with disapproved opinion. This is now happening in universities with renowned professors silenced on their subject matter, because the facts are politically incorrect and are objectionable to feminists and people of color, few, if any, of whom have any comprehension of the subject matter.

According to news reports, white professors and administrators at Cambridge University have been individually assigned a person of color to monitor their speech, reading lists, lectures, and university policies for anything that would be offensive to persons of color.  Yet we hear that white people muzzled in this way have “white privilege,” while black professors denounce white people as “racists.” Isn’t this “black privilege” instead of “white privilege?”

The non-white professors at Cambridge don’t have a white monitor to prevent their accusation of racism against whites, or to make certain that hatred of white people—colonialists and the sort—is not featured in their reading list or in their lectures, whereas no white professor can have on his reading list Karl Polanyi’s book, Dahomey and the Slave Trade or Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints.  As Karl Marx has been labeled an anti-semite although he was Jewish, Das Kapital will soon disappear from amazon.com and from university reading lists.  

When my website originated those years ago, the site designer included a comment section.  What happened was that anti-semites, or people pretending to be anti-semites, wrote anti-semitic comments.  Other commentators accused them of trying to get the site labeled an anti-semite website with their comments and advised me to shut the comment section. As I was very critical of George W. Bush’s wars and police state attacks on the Constitution, I think it was the neocons or some elements of the military/security complex trying to limit the influence of my website by using the comment section to cast it as an anti-semitic website.

My latest experience with the unreliability of commentators was my review of one of David Irving’s histories, the highly praised Hitler’s War.  I quoted Irving’s statement that many Jews were massacred, but that he has never been able to find in the documentary records evidence that supports the Zionist version of the holocaust.  His position was, when he wrote the book, that there was a holocaust of a sorts but not the one in the official story.

For quoting this—which was nothing but a reporting job—my Wikipedia biography was rewritten by someone or some persons who attributed Irving’s words to me and labeled me a “Holocaust Denier.”  Corrections to this smear were made many times, but those determined to smear me always “corrected” the corrections.  Pointing out to Wikipedia that I am quoting Irving, not expressing my uninformed views on the Holocaust, a subject I have never studied or written about, had no effect except that the last I looked the bio said that as I allegedly quoted Irving “appreciatively” I must agree. “Appreciatively” is a subjective opinion, and on the basis of this subjective opinion of an unknown person(s), I am labeled a “holocaust denier.”  This is designed to scare off readers from my website.

I suppose we gentile whites, if we had any pride, should regard these labels as badges of honor. We should respond to these labels applied by the Israel Lobby with the statement that yes, “we are all anti-semites” as long as you oppress the Palestinians, cause wars, interfere in our elections, purchase special interest laws that protect you from criticism and boycotts, and slander those of us who tell the truth.

Slander and libel are the ways inconvenient truth-tellers are got rid of. Most Americans have no idea what a “holocaust denier” and an “anti-semite” are, but they know it is dangerous to be identified as one, especially in Canada and Europe where the charge brings a prison sentence, or to be associated with a person so labeled. A tiny handful of people have intimidated hundreds of millons.  So, how strong really are “privileged” white gentiles that they can be so easily swept away?

Are the white ethnicities failing in terms of Darwinian natural selection?

As integrity is no longer a valued virtue in the Western media, it is not safe for a person to quote someone else as he or she will be held accountable for the quoted person’s words or to post a guest column without being held responsible for the guest’s words.

it is certainly not safe for anyone to state a fact that “woke people” can misrepresent as a politically incorrect opinion and brand as “racism,” “anti-semitism,”  “white supremacist,”  “sexism,” “homophobia,” etc.

Based on my experience, comment sections are good for little except to discredit a website’s writers.  This is why comment sections exist on few websites that are not those used to attack Western civilization and to redefine Western civilization as diverse multiculturalism opposed by “white supremacists.”  If you see failure in a Tower of Babel, you are politically incorrect and worse and should be denied the vote.

If you stand for the solidity of a homogenous ethnicity, you are a white supremacist unless you are Asian, Black, or Israeli with Israel’s apartheid state, an existence that has been denied to white ethnicities. Throughout Europe and the UK, the ethnicities that historically define the countries are placed on the defensive by their own white governments who are forcing them to become “diverse” and “multicultural.”  The result is that in Scandinavia one-third of females are afraid to leave their home.

Entire white national ethnicities are in the process of being erased, and protest against being erased is labeled “racism,” “Nazism,” “white supremacy,” “chauvinistic nationalism.” In Germany and in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe the white populations continue to elect and reelect the governments that have inundated them with immigrant-invaders that have multiplied the crime rate and pushed up the rape rate over 1,000%.

Even Scandinavians accept these humiliations and punishments, Indeed, Scandinavian governments seek them, because they are so weak-minded that they feel guilt even though it has been a millennium since there were Viking colonies in Russia and the north of England.

If the demonization of Jews led to the Holocaust, what will the demonization of White People lead to?  Unlike feisty Jews, mentally and emotionally weak white gentiles, overwhelmed with a false sense of guilt, seem willing to accept their extermination.


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

10 responses to “White People Are Being Erased”

  1. Another good one from PCR, except for the reference to “… their own white governments”.

    They may look like the rest of us, but most, if not all, politicians are either jews themselves or completely controlled by jews in one way or another, be it through bribery or blackmail (think Epstein).

    The jews do NOT consider themselves White, and neither do they think or act like White People. As they themselves maintain, they really are a distinct species which Jesus Christ identified as being “of their father the devil”.

    If Humanity is to survive, we have to end (((their))) control of the world’s money supply.

  2. My father and grandfather fought for the government in 2 world wars for this criminal government,
    it was nothing to do with the people, but they went and fought for what they knew was a criminal government.
    Racist posters on the London Underground said “dont let foreign feet walk on English soil”
    But as soon as the war was over, and the men were being demobbed and desperately looking for work,
    the very Government they fought for, advertised in the West Indies, saying ” Come to the UK bring your families and dependents and do the jobs that Englishmen are too lazy to do”
    There was uproar, Englishmen who had their names down for jobs on British Rail London Transport the Hospitals etc, were cast aside.
    Many pupile leaving UK Schools cannot read or write, dumbing down to make them unemployable
    has been a major hate crime by their own government.
    Only Jewish schools give a proper education.
    In Cambridge there are so many homeless that graves are opened and rough sleepers climb in at night to keep warm, council staff check the Graveyard after each cold spell, seal off both ends to take the bodies away, and every one is a UK citizen, as Migrants get special help.
    I have 4 supermarkets in my area, almost every single employee is a foreign national,
    Government lackeys say migrants work cheaper but they dont as the first thing they do is join the union.
    Then the Government after committing these racist crimes against its own electorate wonder why no one will join their racist army to go abroad and kill brown people in foreign countries.

  3. “If the demonization of Jews led to the Holocaust, what will the demonization of White People lead to? Unlike feisty Jews, mentally and emotionally weak white gentiles, overwhelmed with a false sense of guilt, seem willing to accept their extermination.”

    This paragraph sums up PCR in one. A holocaust believer and utterly ignorant to Judaism and what Jews are really all about. There is nothing feisty about Jews. They are simply people who belong to an ethnocentric, racist, supremacist cult, that sees themselves as the only people who should be on this earth and everyone else either their chattel or ‘gone’.

    You know, it’s really interesting. If a white supremacist was being persecuted and having a really hard time, upon speaking to friends and complaining, no doubt they’d state “well, I think the root cause of your persecution and having a hard time of it, are down to your supremacist and racist views.” However, with Jews, this isn’t mentioned. There’s no difference with Judaism and white supremacism and the reason Jews have been persecuted is very much because of their supremacism. However, they’ve managed to completely brainwash and indoctrinate their enemy into loving them. They’ve lied, continually courtesy of through their control of banking and precious gems, they’ve bought every establishment in the west from politics to the msm, from the film industry to academia, from the music industry to the art’s world, Jews own the lot and have continuously created discord between whites and non whites, while crowing themselves the most persecuted amongst them all, when in fact they are the most privileged.

    What PCR fails to understand (and he does a hell of a lot of that) is that Jews have no compassion. White people, however do and this is why we’re in the mess we’re in. The gullible whites, have continually been told they’re bad, they’re evil and all the world’s problems are because of them, by the Jews. This, of course, is incredibly ironic because as stated in previous comments, the Jew projects it’s ethos and behaviour onto others, blaming them for what they are. They are deceitful, hateful wretches.

    But PCR asks the question “What will the demonization of white people lead to?” The answer is obvious – the continuing genociding of them. Until PCR wakes the f*ck up and realizes that the problem with this world is and always has been one ideology – JUDAISM, his words are hollow. They mean nothing. When he starts calling out the hook nosed, ‘white’ elephant in the room, wearing the kippah, for the world’s ills, his articles are just going to be more of the same, utter waste of time reading. He’s like Gilad Atzmon, complaining on and on and on about the symptoms but never mentioning what the disease is.

    When you look at how incredibly, pathetically, ignorant and therefore stupid the Europeans are, you ask yourself; why on earth should I stick my neck out to save these ungrateful, ignorant, morons? This is the battle I and no doubt many people who are awake face. Survival of the strongest? Well, you can certainly count out the Europeans. They are a shadow of what they once were, a pathetic people, sadly, who promote sodomy, transgenderism, destruction of freedoms and worship Mammon, chasing the green Manalishi, instead of actually wanting to save and preserve their nation and culture.

    They’ll wake up, certainly they will, but by that time it will be far too little, far too late. Tipping point was passed, certainly 20/30 years ago, maybe longer in fact. Come to think of it, the brainwashed Marxists who came piling out of universities in the 60’s was really probably tipping point, as the change agents had taken complete control of the younger generations by then.

    Again – “know thy enemy, know thyself” Sun Tzu. And of course, not only do people not know themselves, but they haven’t a clue whom their enemy is and when you tell them, they get emotional, angry and violent, calling you out as a hateful, wicked, racist, white supremacist. “It’s not the Jews” is the usual, ignorant retort I receive when I try to inform them of their nation’s impending doom.
    I just now keep myself to myself. The only debate I have on this subject is now online. I’m through with trying to wake people up. I’ve been trying to now for over 20 years and they still never listen.

    Pack your bags. Get out of the dying west. Go to a country where they have pride in their culture and nation. You’ll never be part of their nation or culture and it will most certainly sadden you, to see such unity within, but you’ll get the chance to fight for something. You’ll get to fight for a people who want to live, who want their progeny to be free and live by the culture of their ancestors. That’s far better, in my book, than to live as a slave, amongst a people who have no desire to protect their nation and culture and who really, are nothing more than walking dead, having sung their swan song a long time ago.
    Invest time in people who invest the same amount of time back. Forget about others.

  4. White people and every other people raised in the West are being erased by their own stupidity, selfishness, and greed which is constantly being instilled and sustained in them mainly by the mainstream media whose views and values first reflect those who own and control the media, and who clearly are not representative of the people. Added to this crucial problem is the fact that very few people, in any case, are really interested in connecting the dots on any issue even the one’s concerning their own survival as a culture or a nation.

    Except mainly for the Jews most other cultures appear to be more here-and-now orientated with very little in the way of maintenance, even with regard to existential matters. If most people are not dot connectors and honest, as well as generally being sheep, then the question is how to influence or lead them with respect to issues that ought to concern them. Those who have been brainwashing them mainly through the media and our educational systems know this, and know that fakery with a smattering of fact is all that is needed to herd us around in any direction they want, and even over a cliff if they want.

    When people join populist parties and organizations and get together, connecting the dots and seeing why things are going so terribly wrong, then will a real awakening and change start to occur. Exposure of the issues will do no good by itself. The truth by itself is inert, but whomever picks it up and actually runs with it has a chance of winning the game.

  5. Doesn’t he sound like a loser? Is he a holocaust believer?
    He is playing victim consciousness and it is simply boring. Jews specialize in playing a victim and their result is far more impressive.

    Roberts – let me remind you. You live in a continent which is not White. Your ancestors performed genocide there. US soldiers always were barbarians, fighting with Indians, Mexicans, Philippinos, Koreans, Vietnamese, Arabs. Your speciality – barbarian f^ckers – is genocide. You conquered America for this very reason.

    Jews explained you that you won war with Indians because you were smarter. Now you see – Jews were lying. You are not smarter, you won war with Indians because of Jewish support. Now they give their support to others and you play a victim. Loser.


  6. Well folks, PCR has never been particularly smart. This guy became famous for his job in Reagan administration, where his task was to promote tax cuts for ultra rich Jews.

    Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Craig_Roberts):
    In December 1980, along with Alan Greenspan and Herbert Stein, Roberts was one of the three speakers at the two-day National Forum on Jobs, Money and People at the Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Palm Harbor, Florida.[9] Two months later, in 1981, he was appointed by President of the United States Ronald Reagan as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy.

    PCR was suppy side economics believer, together with Greenspan and Stein. This cult justified tax cuts for ultra rich who can invest saved money in economy and create jobs. They did it – I mean they cut taxes for rich Jews: https://www.politico.com/interactives/2017/gop-tax-rate-cut-wealthy/images/share.png

    Did Reagan tax cuts result in growth of work places? Probably only in FIRE sector (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate). This is junk economics PCR was promoting.

    PCR was always just a shabbos goy, useful idiot at best. Once an idiot always na idiot.

  7. According to news reports, white professors and administrators at Cambridge University have been individually assigned a person of color to monitor their speech, reading lists, lectures, and university policies for anything that would be offensive to persons of color.  Yet we hear that white people muzzled in this way have “white privilege,” while black professors denounce white people as “racists.” Isn’t this “black privilege” instead of “white privilege?”

    WHO are your news report sources? And POC = blacks. Translation: Them POC. Don’t need to know what we know.

  8. “If the demonization of Jews led to the Holocaust, what will the demonization of White People lead to?” THIS makes him part of the problem, not part of the solution. What a time wasting stooge. What utter drivel. Whoever pushes this BIGGEST lie of all is a traitor. Watch this https://www.hellstormdocumentary.com/ Oh and thank you for your comment, Harbinger

  9. PCR is right about restricting his comment section, and many of the above commentators are proving his point.

    “My latest experience with the unreliability of commentators”

    PCR is doing good work, and has put himself personally at risk by being a fearless truth teller.

    I call that bravery, especially when our (((friends))) have six ways to Sunday to get at you.

    By the way, white people evolved in small tribes, and later had Kings. It was always a King (Such as King Edward) who expels Jews.

    Democracies dissipate and wither white populations, as the hidden string pullers use their usury to divide and conquer. Democracy today is a country run by Jews.

    It is the money system that Jews exploit, to then fund their nefarious activities.

    I’ve always focused on the Monetary Aspect of Jews, as this is the tap-root. The source of their “energy” to get their way is they money power. The real god of the Jews is Moloch – the god of money.

    Usury has been redefined, and practically removed as a concept from the English language. So, PCR is correct in that white people are not equipped to deal with the sophisticated theft mechanisms and in-group behavior of money-jews. The money Jews have always operated from “international” redoubts, and can move operations when threatened.

    The “international” is falling out of favor world wide, as nationalist populist parties are on the rise everywhere. This is bad news for our Jewish friends. Even in Russia, they are looking to Byzantine history, and Justinian law. Justinian had a very clear legal agenda for limiting Jewish bad behavior.

    Also, many people today are becoming Jew wise. They are onto the Jew’s game. I’ve also always said that if you are not an anti-semite, then you are probably ignorant (lacking in knowledge) or lack in moral fiber. The knowledge is spreading, and making many Jewish leaders freak-out. Their freaking out is one reason for the crack downs, but they cannot continue to rachet up the pressure, it will backfire. The Jew never knows when to quit, because they are not in alignment with the logos.

    PCR is in despair, but there are bright spots in the world, if you know where to look.