It’s no Time to Play Musical Chairs when Push and Shove do the Death Tango

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Feb 14, 2020

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Once again… ONCE AGAIN!!! I have to point out that Materialism gives birth to Insanity and as Materialism intensifies, insanity intensifies. It is happening everywhere now and examples like this are in the multiples every day. In an age where Celebrity trumps the need for talent, more and more individuals with zero qualifications for celebrity are being celebrated and getting crazier by the day! Amber Rose is kind of like Cardi B but she doesn’t have Cardi B’s talent and Cardi B doesn’t have any talent.
There is an invisible force that is PRESSING relentlessly down on the unconscious masses… yearning to be… uh… yearning to be less free with every passing day and this force is generated out of the currency of perverted psychopaths with billions of dollars. You’d probably not heard about this entity until it appeared in that Russia Insider article and you might not have seen that, if you missed my last mention of it or the article itself.
Crazy is now mainstream. Observe that ‘dancing chicken’ Elizabeth Warren, as she announces she is going to vet her choice for Secretary of Education through the perspective of a 9 year old transgender. I was watching the audience as they heard her. They looked like they’d all been introduced to Anton Chigurh’s Captive Bolt Pistol before they arrived. Witness Pete Buttjig, awash in Silicon Valley money, as he proves that one can Literally be all things to all men. He didn’t appear out of nowhere. He’s been groomed for years, in a fashion EERILY similar to Bwak! Obama.
It is getting crazier and crazier and crazier every day. Here is a brief composite on a recent cultural trend. Some of us are relatively immune to this relentless invisible force. This is because we have been through trauma and transformation enough to displace the impact of the force. It can also be due to OUR FAITH in something greater than cultural and peer pressures and it could be simply GRACE that sustains us outside of the whirling hypnotic pull of influences, designed to the end of destroying our sense of self. When your sense of self is not grounded in anything real, it is easily morphed into any one of many many other false presentations of being anchored to nothing.
If you don’t know who you are, someone… or ‘something’ else will inform you of who you are. You will wind up as ‘occupied territory’. There are timeless methods of persuasion available. This is how voting blocs are constructed. This is how armies are created. This is how trends and styles become the shapers of your values. There is a way that so much of this can be seen as relatively harmless, unless you happen to be in that army, or an endangered member of any movement, where the mass of it, is canon fodder for the enforcement of an idea, where collateral damage is simply factored into the cost of doing business. “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.” This was stated by one of histories greatest humanitarians to a member of the establishment elite. He’s the same person who asked how many divisions The Pope has.
For years I wanted to form a community of kindred spirits. Through my work I had met so many good people, it seemed like a fine idea. Each time I was close to accomplishment, some terrible event would occur that would discredit me and set the majority of subscribers fleeing to other shores. I didn’t realize at the time that God was protecting me. I now understand this much better than I did. Even so… I know there is a solid group of solid people ‘out there’ who would love the opportunity for such a sanctuary of fellowship. I know of places where this could be made manifest with a dependable efficacy. I don’t know if that is meant to be but I do now see that the best way of materializing it is to simply allow it to form out of its own mysterious volition.
It comes into my thoughts now and again and… often while I am looking at the day’s latest examples of Crazy. I’ve been a member of several working communities and they flourished. It’s the vetting process that is the most critical feature. You have to be fixed and unrelenting in that regard. All successful ventures of this kind have come about through the efforts of a Core Group. This country was founded through the collective energies of a Core Group. The most telling thing I noticed about each of the ones I was a part of, was that it was ALWAYS ten percent of the members who accounted for 90% of the results. This isn’t something one should whine or argue about. It’s just as it is. The ten percent never concern themselves with any seeming disparities. It is in the nature of the ten percent to effect that percentage of outcome without even thinking about it.
I’ve gratefully resigned myself to the virtual existence of this community. WE ALREADY HAVE THIS. We are united in our hearts and our objectives, at whatever location we are resident in and we act accordingly, within the matrix of our areas of enterprise. Eventually… the mysterious workings of the universe… one of it’s many generally unknown laws, WILL bring us together. If not here, in the hereafter. One of the really hidden mysteries of the universe, is that everything is connected in a sort of, conscious electromagnetic way, so that if you connect to that you can attract and repel at will. All technologies are adaptations on the human body. A good example is plugs and outlets. We are ‘literally’ surrounded by opportunity and possibilities of magical wonder, but our imprisonment in comatose material slumbers, blinds us to the beauty of ourselves, each other and the universe.
I keep bringing up the connection between Materialism-Insanity- Satanism and the end result of this dynamic, as both indicator and warning of where conditions are headed. 1 and 1 is 2. Night follows day. Actions have consequences; good and bad. Destiny is both collective and individual and CAN BE manipulated. Dreams can be choreographed and edited AND ALL OF THIS AND EVERYTHING ELSE can be learned from luminous friends, from The Bright Ones, should you be so inclined as to cultivate a relationship. The Bright Ones have been watching us since time and causation began. They are naturally suspicious, based on what they have seen but THEY CAN BE REACHED and one can achieve both a working accord and communion with them. I KNOW THIS because I HAVE SUCH RELATIONSHIPS.
I strongly recommend seeking to cultivate a ‘conscious relationship’ with Lady Nature via the ‘upper’ reaches of The Devic Realm. Once you have demonstrated your sincerity, you will see results. Any legitimate religious tradition is fine as is none at all, for those, like me, preferring DIRECT CONTACT.
Crazy only ends up so many ways… More Crazy, Dead, or in some institution. When larger numbers of people go crazy, social conditions develop. You do not have to be the victim of any of this. When serious chaos and uproar occur… and all the signs point to this happening in a variety of locations, there MUST BE ALTERNATIVE SCENARIOS OF THE OPPOSITE KIND. This is a LAW OF NATURE.
There are several boltholes I consider to be very attractive (I am not recommending them. I am simply having a conversation here) when Push and Shove start their Death Tango. Varanasi comes to mind, as do the foothills of the Himalayas; NOT all of the foothills of the Himalayas. I will go where I am put but that might not be a working solution for everyone. The benefits of living somewhere like India are several; spiritual climate… pervasive English speaking… cost of living- remarkably cheap… great food and… spiritual climate. Of course there are the perpetually cynical and dissatisfied and I always recommend they pay no attention to me. In the context of what they consider to be real and desirable, my view would prove unsatisfactory.
There will be any number of trustworthy locations in the USA. Generally the rural zones but especially Western States like Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and the like. If you are a fan of The Heartland, there are numerous options. It bears thinking about because conditions on the ground can change surprisingly quickly and the usual Infernal Agents and their associates are stirring up all sorts of hatred and resentment right this minute.
It’s not easy to say what I am trying to say here. I wind up shooting around corners and expecting the reader to draw their own conclusions. That said, this posting concludes.
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