London Times Says Embracing Traditional Gender Roles is a Form of ISIS-Style Extremism

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit.News Feb 12, 2020

The London Times has become the latest media outlet to suggest that embracing traditional gender roles is a form of extremism with an article that claims so-called ‘trad wives’ are on a par with “ISIS brides.”

“A growing online community of women are rejecting feminism in favour of submission to men. The techniques used to radicalise them are similar to those used to groom Isis brides,” writes Julia Ebner.

Ebner works for the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a think tank that partners with national governments, Google and others “to counter hate and extremism in the UK.”

Apparently, women who choose to be subservient to men in the framework of a traditional marriage now represent an extremist movement.

This is not the first instance of the ‘trad wife’ narrative being linked with extremism.

Self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” researcher Becca Lewis reacted to a BBC piece about ‘trad wives’ by labeling it “literal white supremacist propaganda.”

The New York Times also published an article asserting that “mommy-vlogging is a virulent strain of white nationalism.”

And while young people are being encouraged to chase a lifetime of vacuous promiscuous sex, mothers are being publicly shamed on national television for wanting to take care of their husbands.

Perhaps the funniest thing about all this hysteria is the fact that ‘trad wives’ is largely just a meme on Twitter.

However, there does exist a tiny minority of people living in the west who want to embrace more traditional faith-based gender roles in order to escape the degenerate hellscape of modernity that has contributed to record high depression and suicide rates amongst young people.

And for that, they are demonized on a par with actual terrorists.

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7 responses to “London Times Says Embracing Traditional Gender Roles is a Form of ISIS-Style Extremism”

  1. We live in a so-called modern world where both men and women have go out to work, look after and care for their children, share household chores and a thousand other tasks, etc., and try to do what’s best for the family. If that’s extremism or white supremacy, I don’t apologise. To me, it’s called trying to survive in a turbulent, stressful world!

  2. They are deathly afraid that white women will want to have more babies and be mothers first. They are also deathly afraid of white people returning to family values and traditional morality as that would nullify the past 60 years of mass media and public education subversion for social fragmentation and population reduction and replacement agendas.

  3. Population reduction agenda. Once you recognise the disease, you can keep verifying the different symptoms. (Depopulated countryside, “rewilding”,shoe-box urban development, “carbon tax”, vaccines, belittlement of motherhood etc…)

  4. My Mum was a Terrorist?

  5. I love my husband, who is my boss. I make him coffee every morning, and I make him breakfast and lunch before he goes to work so he doesn’t have to eat the genetically modified food that fast food places and restaurants offer, then I make dinner when he comes home. I do his laundry and make our bed. I love being his wife. We have a great relationship. Not every one believes and subscribes to the global government agenda for us human beings.


  7. Defined roles within the family (role crossover is perfectly okay), makes a family stronger and much more efficient. Take indoor plants, if one person takes on this role, the plants get watered on a regular basis. If everyone waters the plants, it can be sporadic or they get over watered. They want families to be dysfunctional, just as they want all public services to be dysfunctional. The sheeple have been conditioned to expect failure and accept it as part of life.