Amazon pulls books by author who accuses Jews of ‘active role in promoting war’

Introduction – Feb 11, 2020

Anyone who thinks that Hitler is some sort of political Messiah is ignorant, ill-informed or just plain dim. That Hitler was a power-drunk demagogue should be obvious.
Nonetheless, it’s also clear that Zionists have harvested much from Hitler’s legacy. Not only in terms of reparations made to Holocaust survivors and their descendents but also in the form of political influence and leverage.

Israeli Dolphin submarine, capable of firing nuclear armed cruise missiles, one of a number a number of which have been virtually given to Israel by Germany. Click to enlarge

In fact Hitler has probably done more for Zionism than anyone else in history. Indeed, if it hadn’t been for the Nazis modern Israel would probably not exist today and the Zionist state continues to benefit from the Nazi legacy.
A case in point is Germany’s donation of a flotilla of nuclear capable Dolphin submarines to Israel. Regardless of where one stands on the historical details around the event, were it not for the Holocaust Germany is unlikely to have made such a donation.
The Holocaust narrative still has immense power to persuade.
That’s why today, three-quarters of a century later, there are literally hundreds of movies and TV dramas about the Holocaust, and there are still more books and movies in the pipeline.
Paradoxically, there is now more new or forthcoming Holocaust themed films and dramas than there were at the end of WWII. Indeed the production of such films and dramas only began in earnest from the 1960s onwards.
This veritable conveyor belt of Holocaust-themed books, films and dramas has done more than add to Israel’s arsenal though. Crucially, it has also helped reinforce the notion of Jews as a persecuted minority. This is indispensable to Zionist ideology. Without it Washington’s pro-Israeli lobby would be a pale shadow of the political powerhouse it is today.
In addition, the Holocaust narrative has helped distract attention from the ongoing slaughter and persecution in Palestine
Moreover, the Holocaust narrative is also essential in keeping ordinary Jews in line. Individual Jews who might be tempted to stray too far from the flock or question the dictates of Zionism are kept in check with the spectre of anti-Semitism, real or contrived.

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Regardless of ones’ position on the historical details of the Holocaust the following article endorses and justifies censorship. In the process it also dismisses the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ as an “utter fraud” that “has been repeatedly and unequivocally exposed”.
No matter that it goes on to claim that the Protocols has been “discredited as racist, inflammatory and fraudulent”, without offering an ounce of proof. Like all its other claims no quotes or citations or links are provided as confirmation. None whatsoever. When in point of fact recent events have only authenticated the Protocols of Zion as a strategy document.
To quote from the introduction to Victor E. Marden’s translation of the original Russian manuscript:
When the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were first discovered, Freemasons and Zionist Jews everywhere screamed and complained that these 24 Protocols are a hoax, a forgery, even a blood taint against the Jews. But then came the brutal and barbaric Communist Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and its captive republics, led by covert Masonic Jews—Lenin, Trotsky, Kaganovich, and others. The cruel and sinister crimes of the crypto Jew revolutionaries seemed to have jumped off the pages of the Protocols. The Red Terror, with its torturous massacres of innocent people, its monstrous gulag concentration camps, and the setting up of a Jewish dictatorship, also followed the agenda of the Protocols as did the persecution everywhere of Christians and churches. The entire world witnessed horrors that were unquestionably a direct result of the heinous prescriptions laid out earlier in the Protocols. To this day, almost a century later, the sweep of history has proven the Protocols to be genuine, authentic, and a real-life rendering of the most tragic events that have bedeviled mankind. One nation after another has suffered, and now the Zionist psychopaths have targeted the United States and Western Europe. The Protocols continue to ring true and sound the alarm. If we close our eyes and ears and fail to heed this alarm, we will surely find ourselves in great peril. Our very survival depends on our unmasking the agenda set forth in the Protocols of the Zionist and Masonic elite for a Big Brother Police State and a New World Order.
J-Wire continues this tradition of denouncing a one hundred years old document as a forgery, without an ounce of proof. Even though history and events in the real world only confirm its authenticity.

Amazon pulls books by author who accuses Jews of ‘active role in promoting war’

J-Wire – Feb 10, 2020

Following an outrage, Amazon has stopped selling two books by an author who praises Hitler and has accused Jews of “promoting and inciting war,” The Jewish Chronicle reported.

The online retailer has removed Thomas Dalton’s new book, Eternal Strangers: Critical Views of Jews and Judaism Through the Ages, which was released last week, and The Jewish Hand in the World Wars.

The synopsis of the latest book says “Jews are seen as pernicious, conniving, shifty liars; they harbour a deep-seated hatred of humanity; they are at once foolish and arrogant; they are socially disruptive and rebellious; they are ruthless exploiters and parasites; they are master criminals—the list goes on. The persistence of such comments is remarkable and strongly suggests that the cause for such animosity resides in the Jews themselves—in their attitudes, their values, their ethnic traits and their beliefs.”

The Jewish Hand in the World Wars accuses Jews of having “played an exceptionally active role in promoting and inciting war. With their long-notorious influence in government …actively inciting people to hatred.”

Dalton allegedly praises Hitler for developing “an unprecedented vision of national greatness.”

According to anti-Semitism researcher David Collier, the book says, “The path forward is quite narrow as Hitler understood … Jews must be identified, isolated, sanctioned and removed from positions of power.”

Amazon is currently reviewing Hitler on the Jews, another Dalton work available for sale on the site, a spokesperson told The Jewish Chronicle.

Vic Alhadeff, the CEO of The New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies approached Amazon on their availability of The Protocols of Zion.

He said: “If you click on the website, you will be confronted by random reviews from random voices applauding this outrageous book.

A recent review, dated 2019, shockingly states that the book is “highly recommended for anyone with historical interests and how we got to where we are as a society, there really are puppet masters tugging at the strings to shape the future”.

Just in case you weren’t sure.

The book is The Protocols of Zion.

It claims to be the minutes of a 19th-century meeting in which Jewish leaders discussed their goal of global Jewish control — but it has been repeatedly and unequivocally exposed as an utter forgery.

When we were made aware that was selling this appalling publication, we wrote to Amazon Australia. We pointed out that the book has been proven to be a fraud. That its description of a Jewish plan for global domination is a fabrication.

That it continues to be translated, published and distributed around the world, and as a consequence is promoted and absorbed by terrorist groups, conspiracy theorists and Holocaust deniers.

That it has been discredited as racist, inflammatory and fraudulent.

Given the above, we respectfully asked that stop selling it. The response ranged from the appalling to the mind-boggling.

Amazon Australia noted that it has guidelines which point out that it does not sell offensive and controversial products which incite racial or religious hatred, violence or racial, sexual or religious intolerance — but that those guidelines don’t apply to books.

Wait, what?

It claims to “exercise judgment in allowing or prohibiting listings” and it keeps “our global community of cultural differences in mind when making a decision on products”.

It does?

And it readily acknowledges that Protocols is “one of the most infamous, and tragically influential, examples of racist propaganda ever written” and that it blatantly promotes anti-Semitism and persecution of Jews. Having said all that, however, it asserts that providing access to written speech — no matter how hateful or ugly — is important, and “the best remedy for offensive speech is more speech”.

Even if it’s more offensive speech?

Are revisionists at work at Auschwitz? Plaques commemorating deaths at the camp: before and after the total number of deaths were amended. Readers will note that J-Wire puts the total number of deaths at Auschwitz at “1.1 million” while the original plaque at Auschwitz puts the figure at “four million”. That’s a big difference! What happened to the other 2.9 million? Were they just quietly erased from the pages of history? Click to enlarge

Coincidentally, this is happening against the sobering backdrop next Monday of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz — the Nazis’ largest death camp which saw the murder of approximately 1.1 million people — and also against today’s backdrop of an alarming escalation of anti-Semitic incidents worldwide.

By providing a platform for individuals to buy one of the most heinous racist texts of all time, Amazon is contributing to this increase in anti-Semitic incidents which has become a global phenomenon, including here in Australia.

It is self-evident that publishers choose what to sell — and what not to sell.

And it is clear that Amazon is profoundly aware of the inflammatory and fraudulent content of this vile book, which was obviously written with one agenda only — to denigrate the Jewish people.

We urge Amazon to act on principle, remove this listing and publicly take a vitally important stand against the rampant escalation of anti-Semitism.”


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  1. NZ ” needed” some home grown holocau$t publicity….thus the Jewish dominated NZ media has been celebrating the Oscar winning Taita Waikiki….HE is sold as a Maori……but on closer examination is soon becomes obvious this is just worthless PR.
    His mothers surname is Cohen and his wife is a jew.

    The film he produced and starred in is utter junk and will quickly disappear from theatres.

    Waikiki says he is transferring his activities to Australia…..the NSW premier is a jewess and the Jews control the media there too….so he should do alright.

  2. its so well known that jews make their money from war, even jews admit it.
    Told by the synagogues to get into war supplies munitions food uniforms etc in the early 30s so much money was made by them, that after the war London East end was emptied of them, as they all moved to Ilford Chadwell Heath and Barkingside
    Churchills favourite medium, Joe Benjamin said Churchill deserved a medal for giving the jews all the orders for war supplies and making them rich

  3. The Jewish financiers who funded all sides but Russia in WWI were anything but disinterested. They were all Zionists with an entirely self-serving agenda. If not for them and bringing the US into that war for Balfour and at the same time betraying Germany, which was not any more anti-Semitic than any other Western nation at the time, the war would have been over likely in early 1917. The actual Balfour deal was in 1916 and not in late 1917 as Zio historians say by virtue of a letter after the fact. There would have been no reparations and their would have been no Hitler for anyone to have heard about. However, the Zionist money masters went much further and funded and spawned not only the communist Russian Revolution in 1917 and on, but also the world communist movement which they had been supporting since the late 1800’s all throughout the West and in Russia as well. Without communism which they together with the Masons spawned and spread there would have been no threatening communist take over in Germany or any other European nation which went fascist in reaction to them, and there never would have been a WWII.

    The Zionists boast of their ownership, economic dominance, and all-pervasive power not only in recent decades in running our nations, but also they credit themselves for the use of their power and money in determining the outcome of the two most terrible wars in the history of mankind. Then, on the other hand, when that same power is exposed for actually being most responsible for the continuation of WWI and causing WWII, we hear nothing but lies and denials.

    However, the Zionists cannot be blamed for everything because for every foul deed they committed or participated in they had large swaths of the Western secular establishment as their accomplishes, as they continue to have in more recent times, in operations like 9/11, WMD’s, the Iraq war, the Syrian war, and massive terrorist operations using Al Qaeda and ISIS proxies for their wars in the ME, as well as ME land clearances and massive migrations,. They get the land and we share the oil with them.

  4. “Anyone who thinks that Hitler is some sort of political Messiah is ignorant, ill-informed or just plain dim. That Hitler was a power-drunk demagogue should be obvious.”

    Not a good way to start any article, as you instantly take a political stance, promote your partiality, castigate a large number of people who disagree, with many far more knowledgeable on the subject than you and show you’re not up for a debate.
    Obviously, this was where I stopped reading.

  5. Leave it to Jeff Bezos to hide the truth, he thinks if we try hard enough it will never be found. But everyday he is proven worng as is the holohoax.

  6. Defeated Germany gives free nuclear capable submarines to Israel.

    Israel loads the hull with nuclear tipped cruise missiles they got free from the United States of Hebrew infested Amerika

    Israel targets Germany with the missiles and blackmails Germany into endless surrender.




  8. @Harbinger

    1.Have you read the source of this article?

    Here it is:


    Digital Jewish news daily for Australia and New Zealand”

    Hence, it’s flawed at the beginning, it cannot be different because Jews are the first victims of the Zionist propaganda, they are like parrots, and this is true in the best-case scenario

    2. Anyway, in Italy there is even a
    Jewish journalist, Gad Lerner, who writes that George Soros is a very good guy from any point of view:

    He belongs to the political area of Italian centre- left and he is a fanatic of the multiethnic society and his dream is to make Italy a gigantic chaotic multiethnic country, in few words, a Jewish servant of stateless globalists,

    Anyway, the worst thing is that Italian media mainstream also use this Jewish servant to brainwash Italian people that the their future is only a chaotic multiethnic country and if you say that Italians must be first , that Italy only belongs to Italians, then you are , according to the Italian media mainstream, a fascist, in other words, George Orwell is a sucker compared to them!!

    Best regards.

    Fabrice, greetings from Italy