Sadiq Khan Reveals “Diversity in Advertising” Winner; Features Zero White People

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit.News Feb 10, 2020

London Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed the winner of an award for “diversity in advertising” which featured, you guessed it, zero white people.

“London’s greatest strength is our diversity, so we challenged advertisers to produce ads that better represented our BAME communities,” tweeted Khan.

The poster features six scantily clad brown and black people advertising Nubian, a company that sells underwear for people with darker skin tones.

Khan said the ad was “empowering, inclusive,” just not very inclusive of white people.

This is yet more confirmation that “diversity” is just a euphemism which means ‘no white people’. The ad didn’t even feature the usual token white.

“How is making everybody black ‘diversity’?” asked black rapper Zuby. “Can’t we all just go back to being normal and get along? People are tired.”

“The judging panel praised Nubian Skin for their bold and empowering campaign – celebrating different body types and skin tones which are underrepresented in advertising,” added Khan.

Respondents pointed out another body type and skin tone that is underrepresented in advertising – attractive white people – since Khan has banned such advertisements from being seen.

Last year, a Volkswagen commercial was also banned in the UK for violating “gender stereotypes” because it showed a woman caring for a baby. She was also white.

Another ad seen on the London Underground that was allowed featured a white character and lectured male commuters not to “manspread”.

Ads promoting the homophobic country of Brunei which stones gay people to death are also fine.

Meanwhile, the only ads featuring all white characters in London appear to be those encouraging white people to sterilize themselves

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8 responses to “Sadiq Khan Reveals “Diversity in Advertising” Winner; Features Zero White People”

  1. what a racist little shit that Sidiq Khan is
    i knew it as the first thing he did when becoming london mayor was to go pay homage
    at a bolocaust memorial

  2. Sure beats niggers on blonds the jews have force feed the brain dead population for two generations now..

  3. The Barbarians are ‘Within The Gates’…

    given the Keys To The Kingdom by (((The Usual Suspects)))

  4. I hate to have to state but the British people, deserve oblivion. They have swallowed the multicultural, multiracial, all people are the same BS from Jews, whole. Their national capital has a Paki mayor, with a 40% indigenous population and the Parliament, within, works for foreign interests and ultimate demise of the indigenous.

    Anyone, who thinks that a nation can survive with the advice mentality is a moron. This is why they destroy nationalism and give people the anti nationalism of modern day socialism, liberalism and conservatism. I wonder what the indigenous populations are of Islamabad, Beijing, Tokyo and Abuja are? You’ll find they’re 99%.

    The problem is, the people will eventually wake up and embrace nationalism, most certainly due to an epidemic of Muslim grooming gangs, taking and murdering their young, but it will be too little too late. These fools fail to see that before the war there was no need for nationalist parties. Whether you were left, right or centre, you lived your country and nation. Back then the left fought for the working class. Today they’re identitarians, fighting for everyone but the British.

  5. TV commercials in the UK are virtually white free already and the majority of couples are mixed race.

    Hitler survived the war and lived in Chile Scotland Argentina and even became a rabbi in israel, we have heard it all
    but these photos show he lived in saxony

  7. Only 3% of Brits are black and only 1.5% are gay. So all ads on tv are extremely discriminatory towards whites and/or straight whites also

  8. Love how the tone of the article is racism, yet the author is a blatant racist!
    The fact that only Black people were in the above advert, shows that whites are not included in diversity?
    So the fact no Asian, Arab, Jewish or otherwise were present must mean also that diversity means no race besides black?
    Pull the other one pathetic excuse of a Man, stoking the already racist public in the UK to be more racist, because of this alleged plot to remove them.

    The fact even NR admits that only 3% of the population is black (even less so for the Asians) provers the lie that people like the arthor of this piece of shit article are promoting.

    Migrants are here to displace whites, ok so since Blacks have been here for over a century, yet make up only 3% of the population, it will take thousands of years until this BS claim is fulfilled, but only probably from white flight, with everyone being told they are losing their country, so whites will continue to flee to Canada, Australia etc…