Half of Amsterdam women are intimidated on the street says mayor

Free West Media – Feb 7, 2020

According to Mayor Femke Halsema, girls and young women are being confronted with sexual intimidation or violence in increasing numbers. Therefore, she is announcing measures, Dutch daily De Telegraaf reported.

Research shows that 51 percent of women in Amsterdam have been confronted with street intimidation. For the ages 15 to 34, the percentage is 81 percent. Many reports come especially from the region around the Central Station, by the red-light district, around the Leidseplein, Bijlmer, Jan Evertsenstraat and the Mercatorplein. Also online there has been a large increase in sexual harassment and violence. These areas happen to be populated by immigrants.

Halsema claims that for a smaller group of girls and women the situation in Amsterdam is “really alarming and almost hopeless due to a negative spiral of abuse and violence, sometimes extended over several generations”. The most unsafe place for women is at home; many perpetrators are ex-partners or family members. In Amsterdam, for example, the number of registered violent incidents went up by 7 percent: from 6 183 in 2017 to 6 608 in 2018.

The figures have been a reason for Halsema to launch a campaign, the focus of which is victims of sexual intimidation and violence, on the street or online. One of the aims is to create a greater readiness to report such incidents, so that the police and the Public Prosecution Service can conduct investigations. A personal approach is also being launched for girls who have repeatedly been victims of sexual violence.

Halsema is also entering into talks with the hotel-restaurant and night club industry because personnel are likely to see the practices of pinching, intimidation and abuse. “Most do not count this as one of their responsibilities.”

For victims, safe places to live have become the most sought after, even outside the city. Social workers are also encouraged to work differently. “Social workers and parents often have little control, and there also seems to be a professional inability whereby the problems are not recognized or cases where people do not communicate properly,” says the mayor. In addition, the existing area ban that the mayor proposed on notorious nuisance offenders will also be put in place for people who annoyingly hang around near a shelter for vulnerable girls, or who are demonstrably sexually intrusive on the street.

The causes of sexual intimidation and violence, just like the situations in which the victims find themselves, are diverse, writes Halsema. Along with classical patterns of power inequality, based on tradition or physical strength, in Amsterdam, “reactionary ideas about the equality of men and women have reappeared”.

She refers to a study in which it is alleged that rising religious fundamentalists as well as “secular extreme-right movements” encourage and justify hate toward women. “Under the mask of a restoration of traditional role patterns, whereby women are subordinate to the demands and wishes of men, a woman’s ‘no’ is openly doubted or ignored. With the presence of religious fundamentalism in our local society, there is even talk of the re-entry of age-old and forbidden phenomena such as forced marriages and female circumcision.”

Femke Halsema represents the party GroenLinks, which has never questioned immigration as the only possible reason for the surge of crimes targeting women and girls. Instead, she is trying to blame men in general and in particular conservative men. The irony was not lost on Geert Wilders, who tweeted in response: “How did that happen?” with a picture of Muslim men verbally harassing a Dutch girl.

Halsema writes that almost all woman in Amsterdam have felt unsafe, either in public spaces or in the private domain. “The same goes for LGBHQ people. Walking hand in hand can be risky. Being alone can put your safety and physical integrity at risk. Not only on the street, but also behind closed doors, in houses, hotels and schools, the security and freedom of a portion of Amsterdamers cannot always be guaranteed. This is not only sad, it is also unacceptable.”

Amsterdam earlier introduced a ban on street intimidation, but it is not enforced in the capital city because the court in the Hague earlier ruled that the similar Rotterdam provision is not legally valid. According to the judges, such a ban can only be introduced by the Second and First Chambers of Parliament.


4 responses to “Half of Amsterdam women are intimidated on the street says mayor”

  1. The Police in the North of England took a pasting over allowing the Asian gangs
    to molest rape and in a few cases murder under age girls.
    But Police have to obey the Politicians.
    When Kenneth Newman became chief of the Met Police, we believed what he said that we would be able to quote ” go after all criminals of any colour”
    But the left wing Labourites ham strung him with Marxist Political Correctness.
    As a retired London Police Officer with 25 years service i can tell you that most crimes are Zebra-Crimes
    or Black on White, e g each days there are 300 mobile phone robberies in London alone most by Black gangs, either on bicycles or the little motor scooters that the nancy boys would ride back in the 60s.
    Handbag snatches are also on a massive increase, they want cash mobile phones and IDs.
    Knockout Drop attacks are often part of this, and happens when group of black youth walk past usually an elderly person and suddenly turn and take a swing at them, to try and knock them out before a robbery.
    These black gangs are out of control, all Indian and Chinese restaurants now have internal CCTV
    we a spolice have quotas to fill, we cannot be seen to be nicking more of one colour than another
    as we will be investigated.
    To hear the likes of gangmasters Wayne Dobbs or Winston green on radio telling us why they instigated the London riots makes me sick.
    These crimes are always directed against white folk.
    So if you want to say something about the 1900 under age kiddies who were abused by hundreds of Asian men please direct your anger not at the police but at the politicains who are in charge.
    And remember 1900, is only the number who spoke out, the real numbers of white children abused is much much higher
    Retired serving Officer London Met.

  2. Of course, the jew Geert needs to fill us all in.. Stating the obvious is their special tactic. Introduce the problem, then point to it in surprice.. All the while whites are too stupid to save them selves.

  3. A word of advice to women and girls. Defend yourselves. Do not accept this treatment. Unfortunately, your government has brought these people in and you have no choice. Dress and behave modestly. Do not make eye contact or conversation with them. If anyone harasses you kill them.

  4. The mayor of Amsterdam is seeing “blind” about the real situation in her metropole Amsterdam.
    But what to expect from Greens/Left. Look at Sweden that is the path ordered for Europe by UN Inc.

    The Dutch their famous “hospitality and liberalism” will “kill” their culture, their characteristics.

    After Sweden, Germany and France the Netherlands could be the next “Islamic State of Holland”.
    The Dutch have space within the frame of their national flag for that symbol.
    Like Sweden, Germany and France.

    Hurray, long live EU?