France Quietly Reintroducing the Crime of Blasphemy

Giulio Meotti — Gatestone Institute Feb 9, 2020

  • Today, in France, using freedom of expression to criticize Islam is clearly an extremely dangerous act, even if you, like Mila, are a child.
  • France is rapidly going from laïcité (secularism) to lâcheté (cowardice); from freedom of expression to unconditional surrender. France keeps trying to procrastinate while Islamism thrives on the elites’ rapidly abandoning their Judeo-Christian values.
  • Feminist organizations, so quick to denounce “toxic masculinity” and “patriarchal structures of domination”, were also silent.
  • Today, in France, the country of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, which always sanctified freedom of expression and the right to criticize religion and ideologies, some within the justice system…. are quietly and de facto reintroducing the crime of blasphemy.

Today, in France, the country that always sanctified freedom of expression and the right to criticize religion and ideologies, some within the justice system are quietly and de facto reintroducing the crime of blasphemy. Click to enlarge

France had just come out of the fifth anniversary of the massacre at its satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo than it was plunged into a similar case. On January 18, Mila O., a 16-year-old French girl, made insulting comments about Islam during an Instagram livestream.

“During her livestream, a Muslim boy asked her out in the comments, but she turned him down because she is gay. He responded by accusing her of racism and calling her a ‘dirty lesbian’. In an angry follow-up video, streamed immediately after she was insulted, Mila responded by saying that she ‘hates religion'”.

Mila continued, saying among other things:

“Are you familiar with freedom of expression? I didn’t hesitate to say what I thought. I hate religion. The Koran is a religion of hatred; there is only hatred in it. That’s what I think. I say what I think… Islam is sh*t… I’m not a racist at all. One cannot simply be racist against a religion… I say what I want, I say what I think. Your religion is sh*t. I’d stick a finger up your god’s a**h*le…”

What she said might be considered a bit raw, but does she have the right to say it? After all, Jews are called the descendants of pigs and apes without the speech police having a stroke.

Following her statements, Mila was targeted on social networks, where the video was widely shared; she received numerous death threats, and her name, address and the name of her school were made public. Mila was forced to leave school for her own safety.

Now under police protection, Mila is in such danger that no French school can, for the time being, accommodate her. “I can’t set foot in my high school anymore and I can’t even change schools because the whole of France is out to get me”, she said. For not having understood what is clear to everyone — that Islam is a “religion of peace” — she is threatened with death, rape and having her throat cut.

Are we in France or Pakistan?“, asked French intellectual Jacques Julliard. Welcome to the France of 2020, where magazines run headlines such as: “Mila, 16 years old, threatened with death for criticizing Islam”. Islamism is becoming pervasive among French Muslims. Since France has not fought it, its hold over France can only increase.

“Let’s get to the point: the progressive intelligentsia wants to believe in multicultural living together, even when reality denies it and reveals a society where diversity is translated into social and identity fragmentation”, wrote the Canadian philosopher, Mathieu Bock-Côté. When multiculturalism turns into threats to free speech, multiculturalists dangerously take the side of the Islamists. The case of Mila represents all the cracks in the disintegration of French society. According to the French journalist, Dominique Nora:

“A few weeks after the commemoration of the massacre at Charlie [Hebdo], the ‘Mila affair’ shows the disturbing asymmetry that reigns in France regarding freedom of expression, or more precisely, blasphemy.”

Mila’s story could have ended with the death threats — as the death threats against Salman Rushdie could have ended 31 years ago — if all the state authorities had immediately rushed to support Mila, and if the France as a society had condemned with one voice the barbaric aggression against the schoolgirl. The opposite happened. Avoiding “the stigmatization of Muslims” has become the official excuse used by the politicians to justify abandoning the victims of violent Islamist threats, such as Mila.

Not one, but two investigations were opened, one for the death threats received by Mila and the other against Mila for “provoking religious hatred” (later dismissed). The controversy redoubled when the general delegate of the French Council for Muslim Worship, Abdallah Zekri, said that the girl had “looked for” trouble: “She must bear the consequences of what she said. Who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind”. Islamists are daily testing the resilience of our democratic societies.

Mila’s controversy took on a new dimension when Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet, after having first condemned the death threats received by Mila, declared: “Insulting religion is obviously an attack on freedom of conscience; it is serious.” Unfortunately for Belloubet but fortunately for France, that is not (yet) a crime. Belloubet later admitted her “mistake“. Nonetheless, the damage was immense. Ségolène Royal, a former minister and presidential candidate, piled on, saying that Mila had lacked “respect“.

“No, you’re not Mila; you, Mrs. Ségolène Royal, have no courage”, tweeted the philosopher Raphaël Enthoven in response. Martine Aubry, the socialist mayor of Lille, asked Mila to “exercise restraint and avoid this kind of talk, even if the threats are unacceptable”. France is rapidly going from laïcité (secularism) to lâcheté (cowardice); from freedom of expression to unconditional surrender. France keeps trying to procrastinate while Islamism thrives on the elites’ rapidly abandoning their Judeo-Christian values.

There were even those, such as the historian of religion, Oden Vallet, claiming that Mila is “responsible” for future terror attacks.

A former cartoonist at Charlie Hebdo, Delfeil de Ton, after the 2015 massacre of his colleagues, shamefully accused Charlie Hebdos late editor Stéphane Charbonnier of “dragging” the staff into the slaughter by satirizing Mohammed.

Mila’s case resembles that of a French philosopher, Robert Redeker, who in 2006 published an opinion extremely critical of Islam in Le Figaro. Following this, Redeker, who was a teacher in a public high school in Toulouse, began receiving death threats by phone, email and through Al Hesbah, a password-protected forum with ties to Al Qaeda. “I can’t work, I can’t come and go and am obliged to hide”, Redeker said from an undisclosed location. “So in some way, the Islamists have succeeded in punishing me on the territory of the republic as if I were guilty of a crime of opinion”. That was the “fatwa in the country of Voltaire“.

Fifteen years later, Mila’s case shows how greatly the Islamists have indeed succeeded.

There are a few brave writers who have defended Mila. In an article for the Journal du Dimanche, the former Charlie Hebdo lawyer Richard Malka wrote about “Mila’s case or the triumph of fear.”

“There is no reaction from ministers and major feminists or LGBT associations, artists and ‘progressives’. Turn your head, whistle, look at your shoes before choosing fashionable indignations that you will embrace with all the more ardor as long as they don’t expose you to any risk”.

Malka also wrote that “no human rights organizations has protested or expressed solidarity with the girl whose life has suddenly been plunged into hiding”. Feminist organizations, so quick to denounce “toxic masculinity” and “patriarchal structures of domination”, were also silent.

Today there are many countries where people are killed because they dare to criticize Islam. In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a country that punishes blasphemy with death, judges sentenced to death but later absolved Asia Bibi for that “crime”. Today, in France, the country of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, which always sanctified freedom of expression and the right to criticize religion and ideologies, some within the justice system — in the name of a misguided, militant anti-racism — are quietly and de facto reintroducing the crime of blasphemy. “The Mila Affair: Are we pretending to create a crime of blasphemy in French law?” asked an appeal published by Le Figaro.

Today, in France, using freedom of expression to criticize Islam is clearly an extremely dangerous act, even if you, like Mila, are a child. Those who disassociate themselves from Mila wear masks of submission.

Franz-Olivier Giesbert, an influential commentator and former editor of Le Figaro, accused Justice Minister Belloubet of appeasing Islamists, and compared her actions to those of the Vichy regime that collaborated with Hitler. “Is France still France?”, Giesbert asked in an editorial for the news magazine Le Point.

“Some days you wonder. In Islamic republics such as Pakistan or Iran [Belloubet’s comments] would be normal. But they are not normal in France, the country of the Enlightenment where there is a right to blasphemy”.

If you count all the French journalists, cartoonists and writers currently under police protection for criticizing Islam, then, yes, France is turning into the new Pakistan. Éric Zemmour, the author of Le Suicide Français, is followed by two police guards wherever he goes; Charlie Hebdo‘s director, “Riss”, and the remaining cartoonists live under police protection as does Philippe Val, the former director of Charlie Hebdo, who decided to publish the Mohammed cartoons in 2006. The journalist Zineb Rhazaoui is surrounded by six policemen. Already in 2002, two noted authors were forced to stand trial in France for their ideas on Islam, Oriana Fallaci and Michel Houellebecq.

Five major French intellectuals — Elisabeth Badinter, Elisabeth de Fontenay, Marcel Gauchet, Jacques Julliard and Jean-Pierre Le Goff — published a pro-Mila appeal in L’Express, calling out “the cowardice of justice and politics now obsessed with the acrobatics on the subjects of freedom of expression when it comes to Islam. We will pay dearly for this cowardice”.

After the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, Pope Francis said, “Curse my mother, expect a punch”, and blamed the cartoonists for their own murder. Islamists are winning the ideological battle and we are behaving like cowards. Will 16-year-old Mila have to be murdered to unify people enough so that the cowards can say “Je suis Mila” for 24 hours?

Giulio Meotti, Cultural Editor for Il Foglio, is an Italian journalist and author.


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  1. The satanic elites need Islam in order to slaughter Christians and eradicate Christianity. That is their plan, that is why the promote Islam so blatantly. After Christianity is eradicated, Islam will be eradicated as well. Islam is only a tool to those Satanists.

  2. In freemasonic france, where zze jews rule, muslims are the tools of choise due to their phenomenal stupidity and maneuverability.. Just like the donkey, dangle a carrot infront of them and they run them selves to death.

    There have for a long time been a plan for how to deal with the muslims, after they have obliderated the French population.. they will simply be starved to small enough number to manage.

  3. I stopped reading this narrative after it mentioned the “massacre at Charlie Hebdo”,the satirical mag that was bought by the rothschilds a few months prior to said event. Wasn’t it fortunate that Israeli channel 7 just so happened to be in the vicinity to film selected excerpts of it too. Oh and which religion is exempt from being targeted by this “satirical magazine”? This site is just pedalling the same narrative as the msm now.

  4. I stopped reading after ‘Judeo Christian’ values. Unless ALL THE West embraces nationalism and enforces draconian policy on immigration and repatriation, then it will be an Islamic state simply through procreation. This is not scaremongering just simple demographic projection.

    If the average white is having 1.3 children (that’s those who actually procreate) and Muslims, whether middle Eastern, Indian sub continent or African, are having 5, then you don’t need a math’s degree to work out the answer. All societies need a reproduction rate of 2 in order to sustain themselves, to replace the mother and the father. A procreation rate of 1.5 means that your society is decreasing by 25% every generation. We are below that at 35% with other European countries even lower. Muslims, on the other hand are increasing their population rate by 150%, minimum, every generation.

    Between 1950 and 2010, the UK indigenous population grew by 12%. Pakistan was founded in 1970 and in 30 years, its population grew from 60 million to over 180. A rise of over 300%.

    They will eventually wake up, when it’s far to late, but then, when you have Jewish cultural Marxism heavily indoctrinating children, starting off in nursery through to tertiary, along with the msm and government policy doing the same then they don’t have much chance of waking up. It will take a baptism of fire, something like their daughter being gang raped by non whites, or son getting his head lopped off by yardies, to awaken them, more so when the authorities choose not to prosecute.

    Whether you care to admit it or not, the west is being invaded and has been since the end of WW2. They ramped up the numbers, here in the UK with Blair (read the excellent ‘The Great Immigration Scandal’ by Steve Moxon) to speed up the agenda, but regardless, those already here would have become the majority by the turn of the 22nd century.

    What we’re seeing, with non white advertising is ‘social conditioning’. They want whites to relate to non whites and destroy their own culture and nation. They want to promote inter racial relationships and destroy every last vestige of British identity. And they’re succeeding.
    Nick Griffin gave an interview with Red Ice Creations a couple of years back. It was an excellent interview, excluding the foolish, Jack Sen’s views and stated that the best thing, for white nationalists would be to relocate to countries, fighting against white genocide – Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia etc. He stated, “fuck ’em” to the nation destroying indigenous.

    You can’t stop the destruction of Britain. Tipping point past decades ago and there will never be any ethno nationalist government in the UK. What you have will always be the soft left (Pro LGBTQ, immigration, feminism, equality, multiculturalism, multiracialism) vs the hard left (communism). Don’t be filled by the conservatives. They’re the soft left along with the liberals. The only thing they want to conserve are their rising bank accounts.

    Nick Griffin on Red Ice.

  5. Mila trashed islam and got away with it. The only blasphemy in France protected by the state is questioning the 6 million

  6. A story from Gatestone Institute, huh?
    Interesting Facts-
    Gatestone President is named Rosenwald, VP is Perlman.
    Article pushes the unbelievable, transparent Hebdo narrative over and over like hypnosis.
    And those ‘judaeo cretin values’, oy vay.

  7. Now, after a number of decades in living in a society where just about all of our laws based on traditional morality have been cast aside, out of the chaos and the ashes, and from the same secular establishment which neutralized them, arises a new public morality being imposed on all those who have resisted the changes.

    Now that the people have been neutralized and cleansed from all of their church-based morality, the new replacement moral authority which has been manipulating and determining issues and events for the last 100 years can come out of the closet entirely. The hidden hand of the Masonic cabal no longer needs to remain hidden. In their delusion they trust that the views of the majority of the people are no longer “unsafe” or objectionable because their brave new-world morality has been so carefully instilled in them through decades of media and educational brainwashing, with the vestiges any traditional morality gutted just like the remains of Notre Dame cathedral.

    As long as we are bamboozled and deluded into believing that our ideas of right and wrong if they happen to be religious-based, or personally held for any reason, have no place in the public square and the legislative process because someone does not like them or their source, then our views are effectively neutralized and we are disenfranchised. There remains no real democracy, making revolution, therefore, totally justified.

  8. Harbinger is absolutely right. If you study what happened in and during WWII it is clear that those fighting communism which was spawned and spread mainly from the Masonic and Zionist establishment of the West, simply lost the war. Not that to oppose communism on had to be fascist or nazis, but regardless, it is now absolutely clear that that those funding and promoting the insidious Marxist ideology won WWII and every since they have been systematically deconstructing and severing the West from its Christian roots. In the aftermath of that war they quickly enslaved every eastern European nation which assisted Hitler in trying to wipe out the USSR. They also threw their weight and support behind Mao in China, and then spent the next 22 years systematically stripping that nation of any of its spiritual roots and family loyalties and loves, with a totalitarian subservience to a most ruthless and pagan state, equally brutal to anything in the USSR, their other creation.

    In 1958 after the death of Pope Pius XII the surprise Pope John XXIII was slotted in and my church was essentially taken over by Masonic and left-wing elements which have been deconstructing the institution every since. This was at the same time the Vatican started to spout the New World Order crap, and clearly it has been working hidden-hand in glove with the Masons ever since, while caving on every cultural Marxist proposal it could to the extent that the Church-going laity paying their dues could tolerate.
    Conservative prelates in the RC Church continued to preach family values, but since 1962 it was clear that any authority which the Western Masonic establishment would tolerate from the Vatican was its “teaching authority” which was systematically confused and divided by large unchecked injections of prelates preaching theological and moral relativism, which in many respects were more liberal and cultural Marxist than many counterparts in many secular higher-education institutions. The present Pope even chastised a mother a few years back for having six kids, saying that she should not breed like rabbits.

    If the basis and bastion of pro-family values and having kids has been the Church in the West, it has not been in recent times to wage cradle warfare with any other group or religion. Rather those values, desires and strength, at least in my experience, come from the very elements and practice embedded in your faith and worship which are tied into natural law and God’s procreation power where every child is a miracle of God. In that frame of mind and heart you simply and naturally want kids, and it is that faith which practices sustains stable marriages, security for women and children, and any nation’s population. That aspect in my Church except for of remnant families in the affluent West has suffered severe damage and loss, and it is no accident.

    With all of the anti-family, cultural Marxist brainwashing rammed down our throats by the MSM and all of the toadies of the Western cabal running things, one of the greatest crimes I see are all of the women who have wanted children and stable families who cannot find men responsible enough for any kind of lasting commitment, or who are willing to give up material things, life styles, or whatever it takes and have a family and be a good husband and dad. To say you cannot afford kids is a cop out. I know. There is always a way.

    It is the unchecked religion of materialism which is the idolatry of our times and which has mainly destroyed our civilization. However, it is mainly the anti-religious amoral secular establishment which has deliberately destroyed the only check and balance to this crass materialism, which is the only one to allow families and family life to flourish in such a climate, and that is the Christian faith when practiced.

    Because of the grievous errors, or actual diabolic malice, of those who are the power brokers of the West, we now see that not only is Western civilization disappearing overnight, but that “we” are disappearing. To make matters worse we are now sustaining our failing populations with the people of the most intolerant and fear-mongering faith in the world, that of Islam, and which appears always to be waging cradle warfare wherever it goes.

    It was Jefferson who was not religious who said, ” “Sir, no nation has ever yet existed or been governed without religion. Nor can be. The Christian religion is the best religion that has been given to man, and I as chief magistrate of this nation am bound to give it the sanction of my example.”

    Unfortunately, there will be no revival of our nations, or sustaining anything, without a return to that superior faith to give us the strength to right things, which we must do either peacefully or by another revolution.