LC Vincent – Feb 9, 2020

There is nothing more innocent and vulnerable than a newborn baby.   So is it any wonder that The illuminati would create a vehicle whereby a cultural icon of near legendary purity and virtue would be used as the stalking horse for the mental and spiritual re-programming of the next generation of our children?
The promotional video for Celine Dion’s new line of children’s clothes (Celinununu) starts off with her being tackled by a male and female nurse at midnight in an anonymous maternity ward. As she is slammed to the ground, Celine faces the cameras and says — “It’s OK; it’s OK; I’m Celine Dion…” she re-assures us as well as the security guard who tackled her. Then we immediately see in flashback just why this turn of events has happened.
Celine is seen seated in the back seat of a limousine. At her side is a large, dark bag with a large white plus sign or cross emblazoned on it. Her voice-over starts with ominous words: “Our children… they are really NOT our children…” she solemnly intones, “…as we are all just links in a never ending chain that is life.” An interesting introduction, is it not? The children of our marriage, of our sperm and egg, really do not belong to us! Then who do our children belong to? We shall soon discover that another, outside force has plans for the children we thought were ours!
We then see Celine’s limousine pulls up to a large hospital. Her voice over continues: “But in reality, we are only a fraction of their universe….”  her voice continues as she walks down a hospital maternity corridor, carrying the large black bag with a glowing white cross that resembles a large “plus” sign, while her silver evening gown has somehow been transformed into a solid black outfit. “We may thrust them forward into the future, but their course will always be theirs to choose…” she intones. Ah, but will it really?
Celine then enters the maternity ward and walks past newborn babies in their cribs.  The male infants on her right are on the blue side and they are all dressed in blue; the female infants are on her left, the pink side, and are all dressed in pink. On the boys’ side of the wall is the male symbol found on public bathroom doors; on the girls’ side we see the standard female symbol.
Celine unzips her large black bag and removes a small black box that also has a large white cross or “plus sign” on it. The black box is filled with sparkling black diamond flakes which she scoops in her hands, and then blows them across the room so that the sparkles land upon all the babies, as if casting a spell.
Suddenly, several bolts of lightning flash inside the room, changing the wall decorations from blue/male and pink/female to gray, with TWO large glowing white “plus” signs now on BOTH walls. There are also small black “plus signs” (crosses) suspended above the children in the nursery; and more ominously (if one pauses the video) one can see stuffed black dogs and black voodoo dolls with vacant white eyes are now sharing bed space inside the cribs with the infants. Celine slowly turns and looks around approvingly, pleased with the change her black diamond sparkles have wrought.
The camera now pans downwards, and we see the first baby, now wearing white pajamas with large black five-pointed pentagram stars. On the baby’s head is a white cap with a black “plus sign” on its side.
The next shot is from above, as the camera pans right. We see the same baby, but next to it is a child dressed all in black, wearing a black cap with a white plus sign. The baby is covered in a solid black garment with the phrase ‘NEW ORDER” in bold, white capital letters printed on the front of its jumpsuit.
The male and female security guards then appear and tackle Celine, dragging her out to be arrested. The video ends with the name of Celine’s new clothing line for babies and young children: celinununu.

Exactly what are we to make of all this? If one accepts the superficial explanation of Celine and her handlers, we are told that Celine has always been interested In fashion and she is simply bringing new style to children’s clothing, while also popularizing the idea that infants do not have to be “molded” as male or female from birth; rather, they should be free to “choose” their sexual identity, as if they really could choose to be the opposite sex, or even genderless.
When several Christian observers warned that what they saw in this new line of children’s clothing was a not-so-subtle push in the direction of a gender-fluid Satanic society, they were ridiculed and laughed at as being parochial, “old-school” socially repressive Puritans. The “New Order” script emblazoned on some of the clothes simply was a suggestion for children to think in refreshing, unlimited ways, to encourage them to think new thoughts and achieve new dreams. Nothing mystical or magickal, or occult, they were admonished…. that’s just a “conspiracy theory.”
Would that it were.  But even a cursory examination of the fashion line’s Instagram account reveals the truth of the matter. After doing so, only a truly naive simpleton would not wonder exactly why Celine Dion was promoting Satanism to the children of our world.
The images found at celinununu on Instagram expose young, impressionable minds to language, symbols, patterns and thoughts connected with Satan and The Dark Side, and lead them away from God into a “New World Order” controlled and shepherded by The Illuminati.
By sewing gender uniformity and confusion at the earliest possible stage in a child’s development, the powers behind Celine Dion’s childrens fashions clearly hope to create a “new (world) order” of rootless, gender fluid zombies who are already predisposed to spiritual possession by the darkest forces of God’s eternal adversary.  This IS the Illuminati’s effort to possess our children at the earliest moment of vulnerability to bring about the creation of their “New WORLD Order” thru the mental re-programming of an entire new generation in service to Satan.
As anyone who truly understands this world already knows, the most critical information is transmitted to mass consciousness via symbolism.   Occult information and occult propaganda (for that is exactly what this clothing line represents) is transmitted via symbols to the subconscious mind of both the viewer and the wearer of this clothing line. Make no mistake about the creators of this clothing — it was all done with a very distinct, occult purpose—to program not only the children wearing these clothes, but to program their parents as well!
The most repetitive symbol seen throughout the video are the white and black “plus” signs, which some would call crosses. But they really are not religious crosses — they are “plus signs.” Now rotate those “plus” signs 45 degrees, and those “plus” signs become X’s!
It would seem quite logical that they actually represent X chromosomes — the chromosomes that determine sexual identity. Once the transformation in the nursery appears, all we see are black or white crosses — which are actually Xs. Those double X chromosomes are the determinant for the female gender, making the female gender the dominant gene throughout our New WORLD order.  Indeed, the very word used to define the new Celine Dion clothes line is a sexual referent. The Urban Dictionary states that, “nununu” refers to sexual private parts of both sexes.
It should come as no surprise that these new baby and young child designer threads are the product of an Israeli company whose two designers are Jewish Israeli citizens — Tali Milchberg and Iris Adler. According to their press releases, Adler and Milchberg have created “edgy” new designer label “must haves” that the Hollywood elite now covet, and have flocked to dress their children in these daring fashions so that they would be au courant.
When this fashion line was launched in November of 2018, the publication “New Catholic Register” featured an article about this new clothing line for children, stating that Celine Dion had unleashed “….a new demonic force into the world.”  Faux fact checking sites, Snopes (a one person operation that provides cover for the Illuminati and their conspiracies) quickly “debunked” this claim and poo-poohed the idea that there was anything demonic behind the clothing line.  Apparently, “Snopes” never bothered to visit the celinununu Instagram account. Had they done so, they would have seen the following:
–  a child’s face embraced by skeleton hands, with one eye visible
–  a young 5 year old girl wearing a T-shirt with “HO!” printed in huge black letters;
–  two small little girls standing under a neon sign that says: “Let’s Get Physical”;
–  a young girl approximately 6 years old wearing a loose sweatshirt emblazoned with eyes, while her hand sports the All Seeing Eye of The Illuminati;
–  an approximately 3 year old girl with antlers coming out of her head;
–  a baby wearing black stars and a black skull cap with two large devil horns;
–  children wearing black and white animal masks;
–  and just to make sure you really get the message, a young child wearing a goat’s head holding open a book of magic spells clutched to their chest.
There are also multiple images often associated with Project Monarch mind control victims found at the same Instagram account  — faceless humans, dark mirrors, masks that hide identities from the Self — all of these images are a direct link to mind control processes and triggers.
Is Celine Dion oblivious to all this? I would posit that Celine is probably unaware of these ramifications while employed as a “useful idiot”, a celebrity presence to further the market penetration of this product line to make it “hip”, “current”, “cool” and “woke”. Another possibility is that perhaps Celine is also a mind control victim herself.  Consider that her original manager and the man who eventually became her husband, Rene’ Angelil, first meet her when she was only 12, and he was 38!
Yet whether Celine Dion is an unwitting tool or a conscious conspirator in all this, there is no doubt that Tali Milchberg and Iris Adler, the two creators of this fashion line for children aged 0 to14, (and by extension, their parents), are heavily involved in promoting the program of The Illuminati for the rest of humanity.
As their web site states: “Fashion has the power to shape people’s minds, inspire their desires to be free and to find their own individuality thru clothes.” So apparently Nununu is telling babies and their parents that it is OK to go thru life leading a gender neutral lifestyle in service to Satan.
While piously proclaiming that their clothing line “liberates children” and “…frees them from the “role” of a boy or a girl…” it seems obvious that the true intent of this rag house is to promote gender confusion at the earliest age, coupled with cultivating a macabre interest in death, the dark side and black magic.
Of course, Adler and Milchberg protest this line of reasoning, insisting that they are just “…trying to stop sexualizing kids….”.   Really? And they do that by creating a pink T-shirt for little girls emblazoned in huge black letters with the word “HO!” on it?
How can Nununu be selling a clothing line that, on one hand, claims to be promoting “gender neutral” clothing for children, while at the same time all their clothing items are divided between “boy” and “girl” on their web site?
It seems clear that Celinununu’s true intent is to subconsciously program the children of the rich and famous, the media “elite” and those who “aspire” to their vapid pretensions, while acting as the Pied Piper placing their children and parents onto the path of the cabal for One World Government. To fulfill that evil agenda, they are leading everyone — government, military, media and parents — to focus on death, the Black Arts, and the blinding light of Lucifer’s dark message.
LC Vincent